6 Useful Ways Video Interviewing Software Builds Engagement With Applicants

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A group of candidates using video interviewing software.

It’s no secret that we all love using intelligent video interviewing software. Not only does it pave the way for a wonderful applicant experience, but it can also help talent acquisition professionals identify top performers at scale.

Organizations, on the other hand, are finding it quite challenging to build a real connection with candidates through videos. Where in reality, video assessment interviews offer a unique array of opportunities to build and engage with applicants remotely. Innovative video interviewing software can also help you kick the boring out of assessments and interviews, and get a better handle on your interview process. With video interviewing software, engaging applicants becomes a breeze. In fact, you’ll get a new level of control!

In this article, we will share with you the awesome ways you can use video interviewing software to surpass the applicants’ expectations and build engagement effortlessly through videos.

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Personalize communication, don’t just be an email address

A recruiter using EVA-SSESS, the video interviewing software.

There’s no denying that technology has significantly made our lives easier. We can now literally do everything from our phones, tablets, or laptops. With just a single click, and maybe a few taps, we can get our work done remotely.

While automation is exceptionally saving our time, it can also make us feel lazy at times. While sending applicants automated and generic emails might spare us minutes of our time – it will also make them feel like they’re talking to a machine or robot. Whereas, if you personalize your email templates with a video interviewing software like EVA-SSESS, you can instantaneously build a connection with applicants remotely.

So how can you do that?

Add a few personal touches to your emails. Use their names, make references to details in their resumes, include your professional contact information, and try your best to individualize the content of your email. In fact, you can even go the extra mile and add a headshot with your email signature, to help applicants put a face to your name. Once applicants feel like they are speaking to a human (and not just an email address), you will immediately be able to excite and engage applicants throughout every stage of the assessment or interview process.

Introduce your teammates, and give them a face

A recruiter adding tips and best practices on video interviewing.

Video interviewing software irrevocably helps HR teams collaborate and evaluate applicants faster. However, with video interviews, the majority of team members are absent. And what does this yield? Applicants who are left wondering what their potential coworkers look and act like. Given the fact that applicants might not be able to meet them at the office, strike up a conversation in the elevator, or meet other teammates during the video assessment interview, it can be quite hard for them to get a clear picture of what your company culture is like. The great news is though; video interviewing software like EVA-SSESS gives you the chance to show them.


Introduce your teammates with an introduction video. For instance, EVA-SSESS allows you to add an introduction prior to the applicant’s one way interview or assessment. Where your teammates can introduce themselves to the applicant and share more information about their positions and why they love their jobs. Another great way to introduce your teammates can be through a virtual employee and buddy program. The idea here is to connect and engage with potential applicants, answer their questions, and give them some useful tips and advice.

Give applicants tips and advice, not just stress

An applicant watching an introduction video on EVA-SSESS.

To build a strong bond with applicants and boost their engagement level, simply show them that you care about their success. That could also mean giving them tips and advice on the hiring process or their career – even if they won’t be joining your company.

Prior to any interview or assessment process, give applicants some guidance. Walk them thoroughly through the process and recommend a few things that they can do to rock their next video interview. For instance, with video interviewing software, you can add some useful tips with the introduction video or email. This way they can keep these tips in mind, unleash their full potential, and eliminate their pre-interview jitters.

Ask the right kind of questions, not just the basic ones

A talent acquisition specialist watching video assessment interviews.

Video interviews aren’t exactly like face-to-face interviews. But asking the right set of interview questions will help you get to know applicants earlier in the process. Simply learn what is unique about each applicant, ask questions that assess for cultural fit, and standardize the questions for all. However, when crafting your interview questions, make sure you ask questions that allow applicants to thoroughly elaborate on their skills and expertise.

For instance, with video interviewing software, you can opt to ask applicants a selection of warm-up, behavioral, and technical interview questions. What’s more, make sure that the questions are also somewhat related to each other and don’t have a specific answer. Instead, ask questions that further probe into specific past events and relate to the skills that are valuable for the role. To get inspired, check out these awesome cut-to-the-chase interview questions.

Provide applicants with the convenience they’re looking for

A female recruiter working from home with her son.

Given the dire impact of Covid19, many applicants can’t afford to travel for an interview. The beautiful thing about video interviewing software though, is that interviews can be carried out in bulks, in only one day, and from any device.
Rather than driving all the way across the country or hopping on a plane in these uncertain pandemic times, applicants are spared from all the geographical barriers by conducting remote interviews.

With our video interviewing software, applicants get to choose the time and place that suit them best. They can record their interviews or assessments remotely, after working hours and throughout weekends, instead of taking time off from their current jobs. As a result, this significantly boosts the applicant’s engagement, respect, and loyalty towards your company.

Keep them in the loop, and don’t lurk in the darkness

A recruiter using EVA-SSESS, the video interviewing software.

Applicants don’t like to be left in the dark. Wondering about the status of their applications, contemplating whether they made the cut or not, and pondering on the next step in the hiring process. With video interviewing software, you can automate communication with applicants, and keep notifications flowing in real-time.

For instance, with EVA-SSESS you can also link the stages of your interview, assessment, or hiring process with a call to action. This call to action can be a questionnaire, video assessment, or email. As a result, applicants will consequently receive the assigned action once you move them from one stage to another in the pipeline. For example, if you choose the stage action to be an email, you can choose to write your own email templates or select a pre-existing email template that you can edit and customize before sending out to applicants. This way, applicants will instantly be notified once they move from one stage to another, allowing them to get a grip of where they stand and what’s coming next.

To conclude

Creating a strong connection and bond with remote applicants is completely possible with the right video interviewing software. By boosting their engagement and experience in the process, you can easily turn these potential applicants into long-term and loyal employees. All you have to do is simply personalize communication with them, introduce them to your teammates, ask the right questions, give them useful tips and advice, grant them the convenience they’re looking for, and keep them in the loop.

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