5 Best Practices For a Smoother Video Interviewing Process

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candidate conducting a video interviewing process

Top talent is hard to find nowadays. The majority of interviews are now being conducted remotely, and the recruitment scene has fundamentally changed over the past year.

So, what changed?

The recruitment process has fully shifted online. Video interviewing is becoming the new norm, and attracting remote talent became a fundamental priority.

This drove many recruiters and employers to look for tips, tricks, and hacks on how to ace and master their interviews.

Well, we all know that the only way to hire remote talent nowadays, is through live video interviews.

Fortunately, if you’re looking for a better way to conduct the video interviewing process, then you came to the right place! In this article we’re going to cover some of the best practices for live video interviews.

Familiarize yourself with your video technology

A picture of a recruiter conducting a live interview

You might have just recently transitioned to a fully remote working environment and things are hard. We feel your pain. Whether you’re using Google Hangouts, Zoom or our video interviewing software to conduct your live interviews, it may be all be new to you. Whatever the case is, spend some time familiarizing yourself with the tool. Learn more about its unique features, and how to send remote invitations to candidates. Finally, discover the various ways you can fully make use of its various functionalities. Don’t resist asking for help, requesting a demo, or reading a few helpful blogs!

Help your candidates get ready for the assessment

video interviewing

It may not come as a surprise to you that video interviews are still a foreign concept to many candidates. Not all candidates are brave enough to conduct live video interviews in front of a camera. Some may feel intimidated. Others might shy away. As an interviewer, we strongly recommend you prepare your candidates for the interview and tell them what to expect. Feel free to share some best practices, a blog post, or a YouTube video that might incredibly boost their experience.

Take full advantage of every branding opportunity

laptop showing video interviewing software

When it comes to the video interviewing process, we cannot stress the candidate’s experience enough. When you strive to hire top talent, you must paint a positive picture for your company.

But how?

Make sure your branding stands out during the interview process. Once candidates see your logo, and the colors that represent your brand, they’ll never forget your organization. Also, video interviewing allows you to get more personal in your approach and establish a strong brand identity. By taking advantage of every branding opportunity, you are showing your candidates that you are a tech savvy, creative and innovative organization.

Write down useful feedback straightaway

recruiter using video interviewing software

With in-person interviews, a short informal chat as you walk candidates out the door, can help make the interview somewhat memorable.
However, if you’re conducting a large number of back-to-back live video interviews in a day, then it’s only natural for you lose track, mix up or get confused between candidates. As a best practice for video interviews, try to take notes and write down your feedback straight away once you’re done with a video interview.

Give your candidates the proper chance to shine

candidate conducting video interview

Naturally, every candidate wants to put their best foot forward, and leave a lasting impression. Unfortunately, when doing it over camera, it can be hard. Therefore, try to share your questions with them in advance, and elaborate further on the overall direction and context of the live video interview.

For instance, give them a heads up and tell them “In this interview, I’d like to discuss the role in more detail, and learn more about why you’d make a great fit for this job.”

This way, candidates won’t feel caught off guard. Instead, they will be able to properly devise richer answers that allow them to shine and stand out.

Final thoughts

A well-executed video interviewing process can help you create a stellar candidate experience that effectively engages the candidates throughout the entire process.
As a talent acquisition professional, mastering the interview process will also help you make it more interactive and convenient for both your candidates and your company. All it takes are a few best practices to ensure that you’re keeping top talent at the edge of their seats, eager to join your company.

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