Great Ways To Manage Video Interview Bloopers When Working Remotely in 2021

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Video interview bloopers are real.

As much as we try to make the interview process as smooth as possible, embarrassing situations can happen when you’re working remotely. And that’s completely normal.

Whether you forgot to mute your mic, fix your background, or heard a gas truck playing piano music in the background – bloopers are inevitable.

But the real question is…can we take control over these awkward situations when we’re working remotely?

The answer is….of course!

Unexpected things happen to everyone. But it’s the way we manage them that’s most important.

This is why today; we’re going to share with you the best way to manage video interview bloopers when you’re working remotely!

When home-invasions take over

A talent acquisition specialist working remotely

Parenting is not easy. Working remotely is not easy either. So can you imagine what happens when you blend these two together? It can be quite embarrassing for many recruiters when their kids barge into the room in the middle of a very important video interview. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way!

First and foremost, accept the fact that since you’re working remotely, creating a fine boundary between your personal and professional life is a whole other challenge. If you’re already caught in the middle of both, then we suggest you start the interview with an icebreaker. Icebreakers usually help you open interviews with a casual discussion, so you can then create a light transition to the tougher interview questions.

For example, you can start the interview by sharing a funny story when your little kids interrupted you while you were video interviewing another candidate. When candidates hear your part of the story, they will most likely share their video assessment interview bloopers as well.

This way, you won’t only break the ice, but you will also boost their experience by making them feel more at ease. Keep in mind that when you break the ice this way, candidates will know that a potential home invasion is imminent, and they won’t be caught off guard when it happens.

So, what should you do when a home invasion takes place when you work from home?

If your child, spouse, or cat walk in, invite them to say hello to the candidate. Try to normalize the situation instead of panicking about it. However, if the situation gets out of hand, kindly ask for the candidate’s understanding and if they don’t mind rescheduling the interview. Send an email apologizing for the home invasion and emphasize that you truly value the candidate’s time.

Bear in mind that video interview bloopers can happen from the candidate’s side as well. So remember to keep an open heart and mind and show some understanding. Suggest rescheduling the interview to another time and tell the candidate that these things happen and that’s perfectly fine.

When unexpected visitors show up

A recruiter who is receiving a package

If you’re working remotely, it’s normal to think and act proactively prior to video interviewing candidates. You might ask your family members not to disturb you in certain hours, or you might brief them about your schedule just to avoid any sneaky interruptions.

But we know that things don’t always go as planned, no matter how hard we try.

So what should you do when an unexpected visitor shows up?

The next time your doorbell rings and it’s Aramex delivering your long-awaited package, don’t hesitate to open up to the candidate and keep a light sense of humor. These things are normal when you’re working remotely. So ask the candidate if it’s okay that you pause the interview for a few minutes to open the door. And don’t forget to make up for the time lost!

Okay…but what if your pet makes an appearance?

If you find your pet lingering in the background, jumping on your laptop, purring or barking right next to you, feel free to break the ice and introduce them to the candidate. Ask them if they have a pet as well and try to engage in a side conversation before jumping straight back into video interviewing them.

When technical difficulties arise

A recruiter who is working remotely on the laptop

We all know that technical difficulties can derail the process of video interviewing candidates, especially when you’re working remotely. Whether your mic stops working, your speakers stop functioning, or the Wi-Fi connection starts playing games – we know how frustrating it could get.

So what should you do when technical difficulties arise?

If you anticipate any of these technical difficulties to arise during the video interview, make sure you point them out to the candidate beforehand. Apologize in advance if any technical difficulties arise. Share a funny story when you forgot to mute your mic during a team meeting or share an incident where you encountered a technical difficulty.

What if you forget to change your interview background?

To make video interviewing less distracting and more fun, recruiters like to change the background of their interview in Google Meet. So what if you encounter a technical difficulty and the candidate sees you conducting the video assessment interview in your kitchen?

Well, don’t be afraid to laugh it off! Chances are you just made the candidate’s interview a very memorable one, even when you’re working remotely. Sharing personal and funny moments with candidates while you are video interviewing them, will instantly bring you closer to them and improve their overall experience. It might even loosen up their nerves and allow them to feel more comfortable to unleash their full potential during the video interview. You probably did them a favor, without even knowing it!

Final thoughts

We’re all human, and we all make mistakes.

But it’s all about the perspective we choose to foster when we handle these mistakes. If we choose to reprimand ourselves for these unintentional mistakes, then we won’t exactly make the situation any easier for us or the candidates.

So take a deep breath, and find the humor in managing these bloopers when working remotely.

Never underestimate the power of a good laugh or giggle. The next time you experience a blooper when you’re working remotely, don’t hesitate to show your human side to the candidate. You never know, you might just make their video assessment interview a very, very, memorable one.


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