10 Great Ways A Video Assessment Tool Can Grow Your Business

video assessment tool

Assessments aren’t easy.

Or to put it in another way: good assessments aren’t easy to conduct because there’s a lot that goes into a good assessment process.

Assessments are very important to grow your business, which is why we’re here to give you more than just a good assessment process.

As technology grows more advanced, we’re able to create a world-class video assessment tool that will keep you on that competitive edge. An innovative A.I. assessment tool that will take guesswork, inaccuracy, and stress out of your assessments.

Think of it as a protagonist in a story who swoops in to work its magic.

But how can a video assessment tool like EVA-SSESS boost your business?

What an excellent question!

Let’s dive in.

Nobody is looking to waste a large amount of time setting up a new tool for their business. Which is why we made EVA-SSESS very easy to setup. You can literally be up and running in minutes! The best part is, you don’t need to change your system or worry about integration.

Our video assessment tool is user-friendly and can be easily integrated with all of your favorite tools! And the cherry on top – you can customize it to showcase your brand and culture. Which makes applicants feel like they are still within the scope of your brand, even from a distance.

Wouldn’t you love to see your applicant’s personality beyond paper? EVA-SSESS’ innovative A.I. engine can provide you with a personality report for each applicant after they conduct their video-based assessments.

This report is backed by the Five Factor Model science that reveals valuable insights about the applicant’s personality through the following five traits: agreeableness, consciousness, openness, extraversion, and emotional stability.

Which helps you learn more about the applicant’s learning and communication style, programming aptitude, performance in sales, and how they work with customers.

To assess applicants fairly, EVA-SSESS compares your applicants’ answers to your model answer. The model answer is the ideal answer that you expect to hear from the applicants in their video assessments.

Then, once EVA-SSESS compares the answers, it will generate a relevancy percentage for each question, that demonstrates how close and relevant their answers are in comparison to your model answer.

This accurate relevancy percentage saves 90% of your time,  as you don’t need to waste any extra time on  looking for the best applicants. Alternatively, you can spot them with just a glance.

It’s easy like that!

Nobody enjoys making decisions based on guesswork. Decision-making should always be treated as a science. Which is why we decided to add science into the assessment process, because predicting human behavior on your own can be hard and complex.

With EVA-SSESS, you can train the A.I. to assess applicants based on your needs and preferences. Then, by using our data-driven and A.I. personality reports, you can measure your applicant’s traits and skills on an objective scale, rather than through guesswork.

When bias enters the assessment process, it throws credibility and reliability straight out the window. EVA-SSESS brings bias to an end in various ways. As we mentioned, the Five Factor Model (you can scroll back up, I’ll wait) can help you learn more about the applicant’s personality traits and their true self. No façade. No games. Just their true identity. This can help you assess them fairly and objectively from the very first time!

In addition, you can also invite your team members to the video assessments, where you can get their feedback and therefore reduce bias and increase objectivity.

We’ll talk more about that in the next point.

Poor team communication is a plague to many businesses. With EVA-SSESS, we built a different reality. Yes, cross-functional collaboration is real. Yes, team collaboration is a sport. We demolished the barriers.

Get started by engaging your entire team members remotely; whether they’re at home, at the office, or in another continent. Review, evaluate and assess applicants together.

Enjoy timely communication, collaborative evaluation, great feedback, instant notification and sky-rocket engagement.

Let’s reap the benefits of remote work, shall we? What makes our video assessment tool distinctive from other video assessment tools is that you can create a unique and customizable assessment process. With such flexibility at hand, you can cut down the assessment process, and save your precious time.

Results? With everything automated for you online, and all your processes are within the control of your fingertips, you can decrease your time to assess by 90%.

Yes, you read that right.

Assessments aren’t exactly like The Hunger Games. It’s not always about who makes it to the last round. Instead, it’s about focusing on which applicant is qualified, shows potential, and proves to be a great fit.

To turn this into a compelling story, our video assessment tool can help you customize your own competency-based questions, and identify the applicant’s competency gaps, solely from their video assessments.

This can help you instantly unravel potential and see skills gaps. Meaning, you can recommend online courses that will help the applicants fine-tune, develop, or learn new skills.

Sometimes, getting so engrossed with assessments can make you forget about the applicant’s experience. Which is not the best case. With EVA-SSESS, you can design a seamless applicant journey, that focuses on losing lengthy processes, and engaging the applicants themselves.

Applicants can also take the video assessments from their preferred device, by using our simple and intuitive interface. From Arabic, English, French, German and Swedish – create a localized experience where applicants are free to speak in the language that makes them feel at home.

This way, you’ll give them an experience they’ll tell their friends about.

There’s no magic potion to make better decisions.

But there’s EVA-SSESS. Which is kind of the same thing.

Backed by data-driven technology and unique A.I. engines, our video assessment tool will use the assessment results to analyze on your behalf whether your applicants are fit or not. You don’t need to go through extensive measures to make the right decisions or find the right applicants on your own.

EVA-SSESS can increase your decision accuracy by 95%.

How wonderful is that? With just a few clicks you can assess a mass number of applicants remotely, and see the best applicants right before your eyes.

Decisions couldn’t be made any easier.

In conclusion, your business shouldn’t feel stressed out over an assessment process. There’s a better way. By opting for a less chaotic assessment process, your team, business, and processes can get up to speed faster, and closer than ever to greater success.

With our advanced video assessment tool, assessments flow smoothly, resources are saved, bias is eliminated, assessments are customized, decisions are made better, and experiences become memorable.

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