4 Big Myths About Video Assessment Interviews Busted

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video assessment interviews

Video assessments interviews sometimes get a bad rap. Most businesses struggle in leveraging them well. Others are hesitant to adopt them. Whereas some applicants aren’t sure of what they are.

It’s a mess.

Millions of assessment-related decisions are made in the workplace on a daily basis. Some businesses nowadays are still clinging tenaciously to ‘traditional’ assessment methods that are outdated and very slow. Which can negatively impact their assessment-related decisions.

Many myths are also circulating around about video assessment interviews, even though they have proven to be an exquisite way to assess potential, choose the perfect fit, test knowledge, and measure performance.

For this reason, we are going to add some clarity in the air and debunk four myths about video assessment interviews, that your businesses could stand to rethink.

Are you ready? Let’s take a look at them together.

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Video assessment interviews are actually used for various purposes, not only for hiring. Our video interviewing software EVA-SSESS, uses AI to proactively and remotely assess, train, survey, educate, engage, and hire applicants.


For example, it allows businesses to train their teams remotely. Where they can evaluate their employees after training or during a repositioning period. This will help in tracking improvements or identifying gaps in their performance or skills.

Students on the other hand, can utilize video assessment interviews during exams. Where teachers can assess their true understanding of any particular subject. Patients are also able utilize our video interviewing software to convey their symptoms or ask medical practitioners for advice or prescriptions.

Moral of the story? EVA-SSESS has been designed to tap into various functions, all while optimizing the assessment process and keeping applicants engaged all throughout!

We’re human, and we’re all wired to feel nervous at times. However, our video interviewing software allows all applicants to take their assessments from a comfortable setting and at a time that suits them best.

Applicants can also take the assessments in their native language. From Arabic, English, French, German and Swedish – which creates a localized experience that allows applicants to speak in the language that makes them feel at home.

In fact, there’s more!

Businesses utilizing video assessment interviews can give their applicants all the time they need to properly prepare themselves for the assessment. Where they can also specify the number of retakes allowed.

Retakes allow applicants to retake their videos if they feel like they didn’t do so well the first time. This helps applicants feel more relaxed and comfortable during their video assessment interviews!

Many businesses are under the impression that video-based assessments are one-sided. Where the applicant sits down, records their assessment, sends it, and that’s it.

Well that’s not exactly the case!

When applicants conduct assessments with our video interviewing software, they’re first greeted with an employer video which serves to warmly welcome them to the video assessment interview. After the assessment, applicants are always kept in the loop on their application status through instant automated emails and notifications.

This way, applicants are never left in the dark. Hearing crickets. Wondering what happened to their video assessment interviews.

Instead, you can keep applicants notified throughout the entire process with timely communication.

Sometimes an applicant’s true identity cannot be revealed from a resume or application alone. To know applicants better, you need deeper insights about them.


Our video interviewing software can help you figure out whether the applicant is fit or not, by simply assessing their behavioral traits and knowledge through videos.

For instance, when applicants submit their video assessment interviews, our AI engine will compare their answers to your model answer. A model answer is the ideal answer that you expect to hear from your applicants.

After each assessment, you will get a precise relevancy score for each applicant, that represents how relevant their answers are to your model answer. Therefore, making it easier for you to spot the best applicants in only a glance, a click, and a second.

In conclusion, video assessment interviews are a valuable asset to every business! By debunking these myths, we acknowledge that video assessments are not only used for hiring. For instance, our video interviewing software can be used to evaluate employees, educate students, assess patients, and much more.

Video assessment interviews are not a scary experience, because our friendly video interviewing software can provide applicants with a unique and memorable experience. Video assessment interviews aren’t particularly one-sided, because our video interviewing software engages applicants right from the beginning and straight to the end. Last but not least, video assessment interviews don’t only measure potential, but they can also offer valuable insights that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Now that we’ve debunked the myths surrounding assessments, you’re armed with all of the reasons why your business should be using an advanced video interviewing software!

From improving efficiency to boosting results, EVA-SSESS is helping hundreds of businesses worldwide create personalized, engaging, and fun assessment processes that motivate everyone involved to produce greater results.

You deserve that too.


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Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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