6 Easy Ways Video Assessment Interviews Boost Your Hiring Hit-Rate

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A female recruiter wearing a tie, glasses, and lifting her arms up, ready to boost the hiring hit-rate for video assessments.

You’ve probably heard time and time again how video assessment interviews are paving the way for a seamless hiring and assessment process

There’s no denying that video assessment interviews are inevitably improving the hiring hit rate with innovative technologies and modern ground-breaking features. Maybe you now feel ready to add video assessment interviews to your remote recruitment process, so you can reap their incredible benefits and easily hire global talent. Wherever they are in the world!

So are you ready to dive deep into the world of video assessment interviews and profitably boost your hiring hit rate and strategy?

Great! Today is a great day to get started. This article will be your baseline to see how video assessment interviews can help you pivot towards hiring success.

Use the right technology

A female recruiter using EVA-SSESS to assess applicants remotely.

First things first, to make all the magic happen, you’re going to need video interviewing software that provides asynchronous, one-way, and two-way video interviews. This technology simply requires applicants to answer pre-set questions at their own time, and submit their responses via video assessment interviews.

A video interviewing software like EVA-SSESS won’t leave applicants waiting 15 minutes because the connection keeps dropping out, and everything is out of sync. Instead, applicants can smoothly take their assessments in a few minutes’ time, submit them when they feel ready, and recruiters can evaluate the applicants at their own convenience. With greater flexibility in the process, recruiters can assess thousands of applicants in a day or two, immensely reduce time-to-hire, and save 90% of their time.

Communicate the process with applicants

An employee using EVA-SSESS to watch a video assessment on a tablet device.

Keep in mind that not all applicants are aware of the benefits of video assessment interviews. Many might fear the notion of video recording themselves and sending their responses to complete strangers. In order for you to boost your hiring hit rate, you’re going to have to do your part and show applicants why video assessment interviews are their best shot at landing the job.

Create an attractive proposition through your job descriptions so you can give them a reason to continue through the process. Thoroughly walk applicants through the process and show them that it won’t take more than a few minutes of their time. Elaborate on how it can support them in the selection process and help HR professionals learn more about the applicants and improve their chances of being selected for another interview.

Screen a mass number of applicants with automation

A laptop screen that shows customized hiring pipelines.

One way video assessment interviews are proven to be an awesome screening tool. They’re also preferably used in the early phases of the recruitment process. As a general rule of thumb, you want as many applicants to submit their video assessment interviews the soonest date possible. But doing that manually is nearly impossible. Therefore, resorting to automation is your best option. Our video interviewing software can help you assess a large pool of applicants with just a few clicks, reduce the assessment time by up to 30 days, and successfully boost the applicants’ engagement rate. What’s more, it also automates every step of the assessment process and magnificently personalizes the experience simultaneously.

Choose the right questions to ask

An assessor watching an applicant's video assessment on EVA-SSESS.

To simply put it: the type of questions you ask applicants, can either make or break your hit rate. For instance, try to avoid irrelevant questions at all costs. If you’re asking applicants what kind of animal would they want to be, you might rub them off in a negative way! Although you might want to show them that you’re a hip and quirky organization, asking valueless questions is not the best way to go about it. Rather, take the time to come up with an awesome bank of video assessment interview questions. To further enrich your process, you can even opt to add a video that sells your company culture and work environment prior to the video assessment.

Eliminate bias from the assessment process

A laptop screen that shows an AI psychometric report.

When you choose to subjectively evaluate applicants, it leaves room for unconscious bias. An assessment process that is ingrained with bias usually discourages applicants and negatively impacts the hiring process. Luckily, a video interviewing software like ours eliminates bias in numerous ways. To start off, the AI in our video interviewing software generates a personality report for each applicant after each video assessment. This report is backed by the Five-Factor Model science that reveals valuable insights into the applicants’ personalities based on the following five traits: agreeableness, consciousness, openness, extraversion, and emotional stability. This report also helps businesses learn more about the applicants behind the screen, such as how they learn, communicate, conduct sales, and their programming aptitude. With EVA-SSESS, businesses will always have a database and reference for the applicants’ video assessment interviews. This means that they can always refer back to them at any time, to eliminate any risk of bias.

Keep the assessments straight to the point

A male applicant sitting crossed leg on the floor, lifting his thumbs up.

Lengthy and tedious assessment processes can bore top applicants and leave you trying to reinforce their interest. Therefore, keeping the assessment process short and simple is key. Too many questions will make applicants feel bombarded and too few questions will not give you the insights you need to accurately assess applicants. Therefore, opt for keeping assessment questions no more than 5 questions.

Where you can create a mix of two warmup questions, a cultural fit question, two attribute-related questions, and a final question that wraps everything up. This way, when you keep assessments short and simple, the applicants will find a better way to sell themselves for a certain position, which in tow, can help you hire the right applicants faster and boost your hiring hit rate.


2021 opened a new door with new methods for assessing applicants. To build a robust, efficient, and optimized assessment process, you’re going to have to do a test pilot to see what works and what doesn’t work for your organization. To ensure the seamless integration of video assessment interviews into your hiring process, make sure you’re using an innovative video interviewing software, communicate effectively with candidates, screen a mass number of applicants with automation, choose the right questions to ask, eliminate bias from the process, and keep the assessments straight to the point.

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