6 Big Considerations to Keep in Mind Before Using TikTok Resumes for Talent Acquisition

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Remember last year when TikTok exploded in popularity? It went from an app where 15-year olds would lip sync to Britney Spears songs – to a worldwide phenomenon of 1 billion active users.

Today, TikTok is no longer just about celebrities doing dance routines and teenagers sharing their daily vlogs. TikTok has officially slid into the talent acquisition scene. Where candidates are using TikTok clips to showcase their skillsets and experiences by using the #TikTokResumes hashtag.

From Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat, companies have experimented with social media as a place to attract and recruit top talent. And now, we can add TikTok to the list.

But not so fast, experts say.

As exciting as it may be, TikTok may elicit a few concerns for talent acquisition specialists. While some may think it’s an exciting way for candidates to stand out, some experts deem that it could adversely affect other generations and negatively impact inclusivity in the hiring process.

So before you label it as a recruitment phenomenon or a half-baked fad, here are a few considerations to keep in mind before leveraging TikTok Resumes for talent acquisition.

It’s mainly used by Gen Z candidates

candidate taking a video resume

Hands down, Gen Z is the heart and soul of taking videos.

So if your goal is to attract candidates under the age of 25, then TikTok would be a great choice.
It’s a more natural way for the younger generation to present themselves – and they’re the largest user base on TikTok. Talent acquisition teams need to keep in mind that for Gen Z, making a short video on TikTok is far more fun, familiar and less time consuming than writing a CV. But the pitfall here is that talent acquisition teams will be limited with a Gen Z talent pool and box out other potential candidates. Such as the older generation and those who work in regimented industries.

Unlike Gen Z candidates, other candidates might be experts at analyzing complex data, but novices at creating promotional (and dazzling) videos of themselves.

It’s not really a resume

talent acquisition specialist

First and foremost, candidates who take TikTok Resumes are not exactly reading out their resumes aloud. Instead, these videos are more like video introductions. And still, the candidate must then go through the talent acquisition process and upload the written resume to the applicant tracking system.

While TikTok Resumes do help candidates stand out, they can’t exactly replace a resume. It’s a more personal pitch that cannot entirely replace the whole application. One cannot disregard the experience, educational background, or volunteer work. In fact, there are privacy concerns tethered to these videos as well. When candidates post a public video on their job search, it could pose as a sensitive issue for current employers. And when making that video light hearted and unprofessional, it may rub a potential employer in the wrong way. Which is exactly why TikTik Resumes cannot replace actual resumes. Especially when they don’t include detailed information that are necessary to create better opportunities for candidates.

It can open the doors to discrimination

Generation Z candidates

Talent acquisition teams who use TikTok for recruiting may run a few risks when evaluating candidates. These risks include overlooking strong candidates (that aren’t tech savvy) and succumbing to bias. Simply because TikTok Resumes include the candidate’s profile which may reveal their age, race, weight, and other factors that are hidden in a resume. Plus, talent acquisition teams will be able to view the candidate’s feed which may divulge political views, religious affiliations and other aspects that may elicit bias throughout the hiring process.

Users don’t always use TikTok to look for jobs

Despite the fact that TikTok Resumes has exciting potential, it doesn’t particularly reach out to the right candidates. Candidates who are actively looking for jobs might not be TikTok users. Which means, talent acquisition teams won’t be able to discover incredible talent that are accessible on leading job boards and niche channels. In fact, studies have shown that 60% of college students think it’s awkward to be approached on TikTok for a job opportunity, and prefer to be approached on platforms like LinkedIn.

For a more targeted approach, we suggest talent acquisition teams to use a hiring platform like EVA-REC to post their jobs on 2,000+ job boards. This way, recruiters can seamlessly get their positions filled faster and make volume hiring as efficient as possible. All while posting their jobs to the right places and in front of the right people. This makes cross posting on different channels easy and hassle-free. Instead of logging in and out of each platform, you can alternatively attract candidates from all around the world with a single click. You can also choose to post on renowned channels, niche websites and social media. Such as Careerjet, Monster, Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, Facebook – and thousands more.

Not all candidates enjoy taking videos of themselves

candidates reading job descriptions

By using TikTok Resumes, you might overlook talented yet introverted candidates who don’t like taking videos of themselves. These candidates may not be social media fanatics, but are well qualified for the job. In fact, this might encourage the practice of hiring candidates who act like themselves, and echoes this point to introverted candidates. Not only will this alienate candidates, but it will also impair your employer brand.

Many company also seem to worry that TikTik Resumes will benefit candidates who represent the ‘’influencer’’ type and cast away shy candidates. One thing to bear in mind is that candidates who like to share their lives publicly are different than people who are more private. Which means, it can put talent acquisition specialists at the risk of overlooking top talent, simply because they’re not extroverted enough. This leads to diversity and inclusion concerns, simply because this platform may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and just a crux of their discomfort.

TikTok Resumes aren’t ideal for every position

senior candidate applying to a job

If you’re looking to recruit a C-level candidate, or a senior manager, then TikTok Resumes is definitely not the best approach. Considering how some jobs may naturally be a better fit for an older demographic, it would be preferable to look for these candidates in the right places. For example, candidates over the age of 40 tend to use LinkedIn and job boards like Monster and Indeed. It’s very rare to find a 40 year old candidate using TikTok to find a new job opportunity.
So before advertising your jobs on TikTok, you want to consider if this opportunity is a good fit for all candidates. Otherwise you’ll be wasting your time and resources promoting it on TikTok.

The verdict

Is TikTok Resumes worth it?

Our take? Maybe. At least with the right resources and tools.
But as TikTok begins to cascade into the world of recruitment, talent acquisition teams have a few things to take into consideration before starting to use it. We always encourage candidates to unleash their creativity, and we think that there are other essential abilities that cannot be gauged from TikTok videos alone.

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Make the right hires faster with Elevatus ‏

Our end-to-end hiring platform can give your talent acquisition a boom with AI-powered features and advanced automation. Two things TikTok Resumes doesn't have.
Post jobs for free ‏

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