5 Great Tools That Every Manager Needs to Evaluate Employees When Working Remotely

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Thanks to technology, employee evaluations are no longer tethered to a location, even when you’re working remotely.

As we have seen, remote work became the new reality in 2020, and we all had to follow suit. But with so much distance and space between us, being able to effectively and remotely evaluate employees can be quite of a challenge.

The good news is: rather than sticking to the traditional ways of evaluating employees, this digital era has placed some innovative evaluation tools at our fingertips that have made the process much easier.

Here are the best 5 tools that you will need to smoothly evaluate your employees when working remotely.

Lets explore them together!

EVA-SSESS is a video interviewing software that allows you to assess, manage and evaluate your teams remotely. By assessing employees through videos, you can easily track performance progress, explore blind spots in how your team operates, and instantly identify skill gaps.

You can also use your model answer as a benchmark when comparing answers, and get a relevancy percentage that dictates how well your team performed in their video responses!

Additionally, our video interviewing software can also help you turn data-driven insights into actions. This way, you can easily understand the metrics behind your team’s performance, evaluate employees smoothly, and make the evaluation process easier than ever!

DeskTime is a fully automatic time tracking tool that analyzes and tracks your team’s productivity. By allowing you to monitor their activities, it helps you track employee performance by sorting through the different applications that you and your employees use.

DeskTime also divides the applications into categories such as “productive”, “unproductive” or “neutral”. This can help you get a bird’s eye view on how your employees spend their time online and offline. This way, you can be more aware of how your team is performing on a daily basis. DeskTime makes the concept of evaluation a breeze, as it places all the insights you need to evaluate your employees right at your fingertips!

Reviewsnap is a fully automated performance management platform that provides managers with online performance management tools, that help get reviews done on time. Therefore, it significantly simplifies employee evaluations.

With 360-degree reviews from peers, subordinates, and managers, your team can get instant and constant feedback that will considerably help them improve their skills. Reviewsnap also provides managers with automatic notifications and real-time feedback that facilitate employee evaluations and enhance the quality of reviews.

UltiPro is an advanced SaaS based human capital management tool that provides powerful insights on your workforce and offers a superior employee experience.  With this tool, you can seamlessly enhance employee learning, create a paperless system, measure engagement, optimize performance, and much more.

UltiPro helps managers gain one overall comprehensive view of all their employees and centralize their employee data in one place. This can help you evaluate employees and optimize workforce productivity simultaneously, all while automating and scaling work processes.

Impraise is a multi-faceted employee management tool that builds high performing teams and boosts professional growth. This helps managers structure goal alignment, drive feedback loops, create fairer reviews, and provide actionable feedback.

Impraise can help managers focus more on their employees to drive greater success. With light-weight check-ins and 360-degree insights, managers can create more touchpoints with their employees throughout the year, and make employee evaluations a useful learning experience and the starting point for growth.


With the right evaluation tools managers can run objective, fast, and accurate evaluations that assess performance holistically and fairly. In this day and age, technology is constantly providing us with various tools that have significantly made our everyday lives, and employee evaluations a refreshing process. Evaluating your employees when working remotely will empower them to drive their own development path. Especially when the tools used in the workplace will allow them to feel more engaged, and encourage them to perform better on a daily basis.

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Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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