10 Things I Really Wish My Talent Acquisition Manager Knew

A recruiter and talent acquisition manager who appear to be struggling with their work

A day in the life of a talent acquisition specialst is not easy.

Sometimes, when you have a hiring process that is not optimized or streamlined, finding top talent can put a heavy strain on you. It’s normal to feel like there are a few things you wish your talent acquisition manager knew about the struggles you and your teammates are facing.

If your hiring process is outdated, doesn’t place candidates first, and isn’t supporting your company’s employer brand, then don’t hesitate to communicate your thoughts to your talent acquisition manager! Chances are, they might not be aware of your struggles.

Here are the 10 things that you probably wish your talent acquisition manager knew!

I have no control over candidates bailing out

I really miss having a lunch break

Manual tasks are driving me crazy

We (HR team) really need a hiring platform to save us

Our hiring process need a little revamping

I’d love to learn some hiring tips and tricks from you

Screening resumes and finding top talent is really hard

I’m struggling to meet my recruitment KPIs

Resumes alone are no longer enough to gain valuable insights

We need to leverage AI because it’s reinventing the HR landscape

Final thoughts

Recruitment is challenging. Our sign off message to anyone who is in talent acquisition, and is struggling with their daily tasks or the recruitment process itself, make sure that communication lines are open between you and your manager, and that you are asking for help when you need it.

To all the recruiters who are struggling to attract the right talent, engage qualified candidates, create an efficient recruitment process, and hire faster – look no further. Our hiring platform is designed for recruiters like yourself, who are looking for a simple solution to their complex problems!

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