5 Great Things Your Remote Recruitment Process and Candidate Experience Say About Your Company Culture

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A group of recruiters sitting on the floor, using their laptops, trying to create an awesome company culture and remote recruitment process for candidates.

We’re all aware of how tough the recruitment market is out there. There’s a heavy strain on companies to stand out to candidates from all the competition. And what’s the best way to do that? By fostering a strong company culture and a powerful remote recruitment process.

Candidates are customers too, and they are shopping for a work experience that is unlike any other. They want to grow and thrive in the company they decide to join. But the truth is, many companies pay so little attention to the candidate experience, that they forget it speaks volumes of their company’s culture.

So what do your remote recruitment process and candidate experience tell candidates about your company culture?

Let’s take a look at the following points together.

If they can grow in your company

All candidates seek professional development. They aspire to grow and become excellent at what they do. In fact, the reason why so many employees leave their jobs is because of this particular reason: the lack of professional development.

But let’s take a step back and look at how your remote recruitment process is impacting the candidate experience. Does it speak loud and clear that your company promotes growth? Does it show candidates that you tend to nurture their skills and help them climb up the career ladder?

Every company aims to position itself as a dynamic, fun, and distinguished place to work, even when they’re working remotely. But if they don’t work hard on backing up these words with actions, then they’ll fail at attracting top talent. If your candidate experience shows your vested interest, gives credence to your claims, and promotes growth and learning – then candidates will see your company culture as an excellent place to professionally grow.

If your company cares about employees

While benefits, perks, and salary remain king factors to luring in candidates, there are other things that candidates also care about; such as employee well-being.

If your remote recruitment process leaves candidates in the dark, questioning their application status, then their candidate experience will tell them that your company doesn’t truly care about their employees. It’s going to be a lot easier to sell that your company cares about their employees’ wellbeing if you treat candidates with care and respect throughout the remote recruitment process.

Candidates also rely on word-of-mouth to get some valuable insights into your company. Especially when your company is embracing remote recruitment. So if candidates hear that previous employees or candidates were neglected and treated poorly, then they will get the idea that your company culture doesn’t empathize or look after their employees’ well-being.

If they will be respected

One of the most important factors that tarnish candidate experience, is when candidates have no idea where they stand in the remote recruitment process. With little to no communication, candidates will feel like your company culture doesn’t value or respect the employee’s time. The first step to combat this issue is to communicate with candidates in a timely manner across all touchpoints and channels.

The great news is, is that AI recruitment software help recruiters provide a candidate-centric experience by instantly updating candidates on their application status and personalize communication with them. With more timely updates, candidates will start seeing your company culture in a more positive light, and as one that values and appreciates their employees’ time and effort.

If you’ll invest in them as employees

Candidates don’t want to feel like they will be cast aside once hired. They want to become part of a company culture that continuously invests in them. Whether it’s by investing and prioritizing their career growth, work-life balance, compensation, training, or incentives – candidates are looking for a candidate experience that goes above and beyond to invest in their overall satisfaction throughout the remote recruitment process. Once candidates feel like you are investing in them, building trust, and keeping them in the loop, you will boost the overall candidate sentiment and employer branding.

If you’ll give them the space to make a difference

Candidates want to join companies that encourage them to do their best and become part of the greater good. They also want to feel like you are looking for someone who will contribute to the team’s success, and not only to fill a job vacancy.

Top recruiters have to leave candidates with the impression that they are looking for someone who will contribute to the company’s success and purpose. Therefore, a recruiter can ask candidates for their ideas and insights, and ask them what they can bring to the table once they are hired. This way, candidates will feel more gravitated towards the company culture because it fosters employee empowerment, and allows them to feel like their work is impactful and valued.

Bottom line

A successful candidate experience can turn your company into a talent magnet. It significantly improves the quality of candidates and helps you attract top talent without exerting a monumental amount of effort. But most importantly, it reveals a lot about your company culture and remote recruitment process. As a result, it gives candidates the drive and desire to stay put in the hiring process. Even better, they’ll love your employer brand and it will ultimately reinforce their eagerness to join your talented team.

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