The Excellent A to Z Guide For Remote Recruitment Success

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A recruiter working on a remote hiring process

Thanks to Covid19, the future of hiring is here, and we have the proof.

Remote recruitment is no longer just an HR buzzword. It’s the new norm. Companies worldwide, big or small, are championing a recruitment process that is now fully remote.

There’s a reason why remote hiring is taking off – and it’s because the majority of recruiters are now leveraging AI hiring platforms to take remote recruitment up a notch, and to a completely new level.

Remote recruitment is the simple process of sourcing, assessing, shortlisting, screening, and filtering candidates with automation, online sourcing methods, video assessments, and an innovative AI hiring platform. It’s no different from hiring. The only difference is that it’s done in full remote mode!

To help you make remote hiring a breeze, we pulled together a comprehensive step-by-step guide that is guaranteed to make your remote recruitment process more optimized!

Step 1: Post, promote, and promote!

You’re ready to hire some awesome talent for your awesome company and you’re also ready to shout it out from the rooftops. And by that, we mean the best job boards! But before, you’re going to have to write stellar job descriptions that convert. Our hiring platform can help you write job descriptions, where our AI engine will autofill the skills section based on the newest job requirements that are emerging in the marketplace. Therefore, allowing you to post accurate job posts that will help you attract the right candidates for the job. Afterward, you can post your job vacancy to over 10,000 job boards and on your branded career page!

Step 2: Screen candidates innovatively

There’s an influx of awesome talent out there, and screening them remotely can be quite a hassle. This is why video interviewing significantly came to the rescue. To find out if candidates fit your needs and will mold perfectly into the job, you can send them a video assessment with our video interviewing software, EVA-SSESS. This way, you will be able to get to know your candidates better, before even meeting them! You can also ask them baseline questions that can help you see if their skill sets match the job requirements.

What’s more, If you are looking for candidates with specific career levels, majors, or job titles, you can simply provide our hiring solution with certain keywords that you expect to see in the candidates’ resumes. Consequently, it will help you filter through these resumes to find the best candidates. To make it even easier, it will then consequently rank candidates from highest to lowest match, and provide a matching percentage that dictates how relative the candidates’ profile is to the job description. This can help you instantly spot the best candidates and make the right hiring decision effortlessly, without the need to second guess yourself!

Step 3: Conduct interviews and communicate with ease

Remote recruitment is still all about keeping the process as human as possible. To rock your remote hiring process, you must make it easier for candidates to schedule and conduct their interviews! Where they have the freedom to choose the time and place they want to conduct their interviews, even if it means that place is their favorite sofa.

Our hiring platform EVA-REC is integrated with our video interviewing software. EVA-SSESS can help you conduct a one-way video interview with candidates or schedule a live interview through our integration with Google Meet and Zoom.

What’s more, our hiring platform can help you personalize communication and automate emails and reminders. With automated emails and ready-to-send email templates, you can make communication fun, responsive and personal. This way, candidates will never feel left out in the dark, wondering about their application status.

Step 4: Evaluate and assess candidates

Evaluating candidates demands team effort. To make the process as slick as possible, you’re going to have to use your time wisely. With our hiring platform, you can invite your teammates to help you out in evaluating and assessing candidates. Where you can share comments, ratings, and feedback regarding candidates from one place only. This can help you effortlessly streamline communication and gain valuable insights from your teammates to help you in making accurate hiring decisions.

To make the evaluation process even easier, our hiring platform allows you to allocate weights of importance to the criteria that are most important to you. The criteria can be related to location, skills, gender, willingness to travel, experience or industry – and much more.

After you allocate the weights of importance, our hiring platform will filter through the candidates and handpick the best candidates that match the designated job requirements the most. Therefore, our hiring solution can help you reduce the cost per screening by 80% and improving the quality of hires by 90%!

Step 5: Follow up and keep candidates in the loop

The recruitment process doesn’t end once you hire your dream candidate. Every recruiter should keep candidates in the loop, tie up all loose ends and give candidates a wonderful experience, even the ones who didn’t make it to the end of the hiring round. If a certain candidate didn’t make the cut, our hiring platform can help you send them a quick automated email! With customized pipelines and actions, candidates will get automated emails once moved from one stage to another in the hiring process.

Got a couple of candidates that wowed you? Build a talent pipeline that can help you get access to qualified candidates for other roles that you will need in the future. Our hiring solution can help you build a strong talent pool from which you can instantly pull out candidates once you begin hiring for a vacancy again.

Bottom line

With an AI hiring solution, you can effortlessly modernize your remote hiring process and find new innovative ways to engage and hire candidates that will grow your business.
So, if you’re looking for a creative way to flip turn and enhance your existing hiring process then don’t miss out on giving our AI recruitment software a try. Get to see for yourself how modernizing your hiring process will forever revolutionize the way you hire!

Become a leader in hiring today!

Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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