Remote Recruitment: 6 Proven Techniques to Ace It

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remote recruitment

Today’s recruitment atmosphere has never been more challenging. In a world that is characterized by the rise of AI and technology, the ever-growing need to automate the remote recruitment process is only increasing.

Not only are talent acquisition teams required to find, engage, and hire top candidates, but they’re also required to manage and optimize the remote recruitment process from acquire to hire. Top HR teams know that remote work is not the future. It’s the now. So what are the tools that are needed to achieve recruitment success?

We loaded this article with the 6 proven techniques that can help you and your team ace the remote recruitment process with ease.

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Determine what you’re looking for

talent acquisition specialist

Ah, bringing new people to your team. We have to admit, it’s an exciting yet scary prospect. So prior to diving deep into remote recruitment, take a moment to carefully map out what you’re looking for in a candidate. What skill sets should the ideal candidate possess? Also, think about how you plan on evaluating candidates. Is it by cultural fit, self-motivation, communication skills, or time management?

In fact, to make it even easier for you and your team, you can go the extra mile and create a rubric that you can all follow when evaluating candidates. This shared rubric will help you all focus on the core competencies that make an awesome remote employee. As a quick tip, try to look for candidates who are strongly disciplined, have great organizational skills, communicate effectively, and can work in a remote environment. This way, you’ll be hiring employees who can still be productive and efficient, even while working remotely.

Leverage a hiring platform

laptop showing hiring platform

It truly makes us sad to see candidate sourcing taking so much time and effort from HR departments. There really is a better way out there – one that eliminates time-consuming tasks and dreary manual processes. We like to call it an awesome hiring platform.

All too often, the hiring journey can be a bit too slow. But in this digital age, hiring platforms are revolutionizing everything about hiring. In fact, our hiring platform uses AI, cutting-edge technology, and machine learning to relentlessly help recruiters optimize, automate, and improve the remote recruitment process.

By leveraging a hiring platform, you can lean on the AI to help you rapidly find the best talent, match candidates to the right jobs, rank candidates, amplify your reach, manage all talent pools in one place, and create an exquisite candidate experience. As a result, recruiters can make decisions with 90% accuracy, reduce hiring costs by up to 96% and improve the candidate experience by 70%!

Create excellent remote job ads

recruiter using a hiring platform

The point of writing detailed and great job ads is to give candidates a holistic understanding of the job position and what the remote job entails. Our advice? Make sure you keep your job ads short, brief, engaging, and attention-grabbing.

Now you may ask, what should you include in an awesome job ad?

It’s simple. A remote job ad should include a short brief about the company and an accurate job title that resonates with the role. To attract the right candidates, make sure you’re also using the right keywords (our hiring platform can help with that!), and be sure to include the key responsibilities for the job. There’s no need to write an essay. Be specific and only include the required information.

When you’re done crafting your job ads, start promoting them on renowned job boards. Did you know that our hiring platform can help you post your jobs on  +10,000 job boards? Yes, you read that right! 10,000. This way, you can expand your reach and get to the best talent faster than the competition.

Make the most out of video interviewing

Laptop showing video interviewing software

We cannot emphasize enough that video interviewing candidates should be a fundamental part of remote recruitment. Given the fact that the majority of talent acquisition teams are still working remotely, indulging in in-person interviews has become nearly impossible for many. That’s why video interviewing software is carving a way out. Video interviewing software like ours can help you pick out nonverbal cues and put a face to the candidate.

They can also offer game-changing insights that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to attain from face-to-face interviews alone. EVA-SSESS can generate AI-powered psychometric reports that offer in-depth insights into the candidate’s communication style, learning style, programming aptitude, performance in sales, and how they work with customers.

Moreover, video interviewing improves the candidate’s engagement with your brand, reduces no-shows, abolishes bias, eliminates scheduling headaches, and won’t have you wasting time on unqualified candidates.

Can it get any better than this?! We think not.

Get the whole team involved

Laptop showing video assessment interview

In today’s hustle and bustle, not being on the same page with your teammates can turn into a major disaster. When no one knows what’s happening, you can bet that your remote recruitment process will have a slim chance of surviving.

The great news is, when you leverage a hiring platform, you can get your entire team on board and turn remote recruitment into a hiring sport. That’s because you can invite them to the platform, and everyone can share their feedback, ratings, and opinions. All in one place! This means that you can make decisions ultra-fast, and with great accuracy.

However, if you still haven’t leveraged a hiring platform, there are still various other ways that you can collaborate more with your team. Start by conducting meetings where you discuss your short-term and long-term hiring goals. Make it a habit to track and manage the remote recruitment process and get each other’s feedback in a timely manner.

Follow up with candidates

Talent acquisition team

No candidate likes to be left in the dark. Hearing crickets. Wondering what happened to their application and if they made the cut.
So make sure you follow up with candidates often. Whether it’s by sending them automated follow-up emails with a hiring platform or contacting them by phone to keep them in the loop.

Make it a habit to follow up with candidates after an interview so you can close the loop, be more transparent, and provide more clarity. Last but not least, be prompt with your answers. Don’t leave candidates waiting for days or weeks for a simple reply. Remote recruitment should be all about communication. Make sure you do that by showing candidates that you respect their invested time and effort, by answering their questions as soon as you can.

A final thought

There you have it; our 6 awesome tips that can help you become great at remote hiring. Keep in mind, that in times like these, a great remote recruitment process can help you stay afloat and keep your hiring efforts at par. If you have the chance to invite candidates to the office, do so. However, if you’re operating remotely, make sure to be agile and innovative in recruiting. How? Implement these tips one by one and you’ll get there!

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