6 Talent Acquisition Tips to Build Awesome Relationships with Remote New Hires

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Building an awesome relationship with remote new hires is a total system of success and happiness for talent acquisition professionals. But let’s be honest, it’s no easy task. Onboarding and getting to know new hires is trickier than ever in 2021.

Since the rise of Covid19, many HR departments are working remotely, and many of them are trying to find the secret recipe to building virtually good relationships with new hires.

In order to prevent new hires from feeling distant, disconnected, and left out, talent acquisition professionals should focus on these tips to help onboard and connect to them with ease throughout the remote recruitment process!

Remember what it’s like to be a new employee

New hires usually don’t know much about the company’s culture, policies, and procedures. When new hires start working remotely, they don’t have the privilege of asking someone in the office any questions about the company. This is why recruiters should make new hires feel well acquainted and welcomed to the office. Therefore, HR should go the extra mile and consider creating FAQs and helpful documents to send out to remote new hires. They can also virtually introduce them to their teammates, create a buddy program, and leave all communication lines open. In addition, talent acquisition professionals can also use AI recruitment software like EVA-REC and their branded career page as a gateway to introduce candidates and new hires to their company culture and work environment.

Show them that you’re always available

We know that talent acquisition professionals have a lot going on in their day-to-day and they have a plate full of responsibilities. So onboarding a new employee just shrinks their time even shorter. Therefore, recruiters can leverage hiring technology to keep in touch with new hires in a timely manner. They can take the extra initiative to check in on them at certain times during the day, and make sure that they have everything they need to get their work done. Until the new hire settles in remotely, try to show them that you’re available and can spare the time to listen to their needs, remarks, or questions.

Understand their learning and communication style

We know that people like to learn in various ways, and all new hires have a certain learning and communication style. Some are visual learners, auditory learners, and practical learners. So take a moment to ask your new hires what learning method they prefer, and make sure their managers can accommodate their styles. This way, new hires won’t get lost in translation, struggle with training, or feel like they’re failing at their jobs from the start.

Set up clear expectations in advance

All new hires are looking for guidance and direction when they first start working remotely. Therefore, make sure you clearly inform them on how you expect their work to be accomplished and how it will be evaluated as a result. Keep them in the loop and let their managers schedule one-on-one virtual meetings to assess their performance and give them feedback. Brief them on how their work performance correlates to the business’ success and how the designated performance standards will be used in their evaluations.

Be consistent in offering recognition

Although performance evaluations are crucially important, one cannot forget that recognition is just as important. When a new hire is doing something right, talent acquisition professionals should encourage the new hire’s manager to recognize and reward his or her performance. Reinforce the good things they’re doing, and stop and correct them when their work isn’t up to standards. New hires will find it much easier to build stronger relationships with their teammates and managers once they feel like their hard work and effort are being appreciated, and not overlooked.

Show them trust and respect

Talent acquisition professionals should ensure that delivering correct guidance is not being mistaken for being too upfront and mean. New hires who are still trying to establish solid ground in the company, are prone to making mistakes sometimes. In fact, that’s how we all learn. Therefore, the way managers offer feedback and appraisals is crucially important as well. Talent acquisition professionals should make sure that managers are well-trained in giving feedback and show new hires that they can trust them by treating them with full respect.

To recap

New hires deserve our undivided attention. Talent acquisition professionals should strive to help new hires get on the right foot and start their careers on a positive note. They should also keep in mind that by making sure new hires are settled in and comfortable in their new workplace, they can irrevocably set up the new hires to succeed. Even better, once new hires feel like they are part of the company, they will consciously work harder and better, to help the company achieve its goals and targets.

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