5 Amazing Ways an Applicant Tracking System Can Streamline Tasks for HR Managers 

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How many hours, days, or even weeks do you spend searching for, sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding candidates? Hiring and onboarding new staff, as well as managing the hiring process can be challenging and time-consuming.

To make it easier on hiring managers and to keep track of all the candidates’ hiring process an applicant tracking system is needed to centralize all their core HR functions in one place, saving time, effort and money.

This sort of solution is designed to streamline and simplify the hiring process, giving HR managers more time to focus on other tasks that can’t be automated.

Here are 5 ways applicant tracking systems can help HR managers streamline your recruiting process.

Leverage advanced and smart automation

Employee using applicant tracking system

HR managers sometimes juggle many duties at once, especially when hiring new candidates. With so much on their plate, monitoring job portals, reaching out to potential talent, and keeping track of various candidates’ progress might be overwhelming.

On the bright side, an applicant tracking system can put an end to that.

An applicant tracking system can alleviate some of their workload through advanced automation. With our ATS, EVA-REC, you can assign some administrative tasks to the software, saving your recruiters time and effort.

The applicant tracking system automates manual tasks and can free up to 90% of the recruiter’s time.


It allows you to manage and customize pipelines depending on your own requirements. Also, it contributes to the development of automated notifications when moving candidates from one stage to the next.

Through a centralized management

Using smart automation with applicant tracking systemWith the expansion of the internet, recruiters can now easily reach out to job seekers and potential candidates through websites dedicated to job postings. Companies can now create and design their own job portals and pages on their website.

But, with so many job boards to choose from, how can recruiters keep up? It’s simple: through an applicant tracking system.

The dashboard will allow you to effortlessly publish job openings on several job portals, monitor the traffic to your pages or job ads, and keep track of candidates interested in the position. Having a point of reference ensures that goals are aligned not only within the recruiting team or human resource department, but also throughout the company.

Ensure an effective screening process

Screening candidates through applicant tracking system

Drowning in hundreds, if not thousands, of never-ending resumes may already cause a bottleneck in the early stages of the recruiting process. And, more often than not, several candidates are not even qualified for the position!

Using an applicant tracking system will allow recruiters to evaluate resumes more effectively and efficiently. So it finalizes half of the job rapidly and focuses on finding and targeting qualified candidates.

Instead of personally reading and assessing each resume, an ATS like EVA-REC may significantly reduce your listing. It sorts and ranks candidates based on their qualifications. Simply enter the search criteria and keywords into the software and let it handle the rest.

Track the progress and success of your recruitment

hiring manager tracking progress using applicant tracking system

An ATS can primarily assist you in tracking each candidate’s progress during the hiring process. It can help you know if they conducted the interview or if they worked on an assessment you’ve assigned to them. Hence, it helps you know in which hiring stage they are!

Scheduling interviews, managing information, and processing paperwork is no walk in the park. In fact, this could leave great candidates getting overlooked or unqualified candidates slipping through the cracks. So, some candidates might be overlooked and chances may be missed.

The applicant tracking system keeps you updated throughout the process and reminds you of each candidate, their skills, how the interview went, and keeps record of all documents sent.

This will significantly improve and boost the candidate’s experience!

Allows easy communication and collaboration among employees

Employee communicating easily with the team through applicant tracking system

The applicant tracking system is more than simply a tool used for screening, engaging, and tracking potential candidates. It also helps team members to communicate and share their feedback!


Applicant tracking software such as EVA-REC allows all members concerned in the hiring process to view the candidate’s full profile and have live conversation. Team members can exchange their feedback on candidates’ profiles and hire the best fit for the role!

Rather than waiting hours or days to get back other employees’ feedback on the candidate applying, in just a few minutes hiring managers can receive a feedback. This also saves time, efforts and money and keeps candidates satisfied with the fast hiring process!

Keeping it short

Whether you’re sourcing a new candidate, following up with candidates or working on admin work – an applicant tracking system allows HR managers to develop and execute more efficient recruiting workflows.

Use our applicant tracking system, EVA-REC to centralize all of the HR managers’ tasks, save them time, efforts and money while recruiting the best candidates!

EVA-REC is an award-winning ATS that helps small businesses to corporate giants build skillful workforces and hire top talent at scale. With world-class integrations and AI features, EVA-REC helps companies drive merit-based, objective, and fair hiring practices that minimize bias, without dehumanizing the hiring process. Request a free demo and see how our ATS can help you save time and make recruiting painless and hassle-free.

Attract and hire top talent faster

Attract and source candidates, automate manual tasks and streamline the hiring process with our award-winning hiring platform. And never lose top talent to competitors again!
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