How Elevatus A.I Technology is Meeting Saudi Vision 2030

2030 marks a transformative year of pinnacle change for Saudi Arabia. Tackling the pressing issue of youth unemployment, and aiming to boost less robust industries, Saudi Arabia intends to be more responsive to the people’s needs. By focusing on the large-scale implementation of transformative digital solutions such as A.I, automation and virtual reality, Saudi Arabia aims to create new opportunities for its people with a crisp new vision.

The massive digital disruption that will take place in the KSA region by 2030 will play a crucial role in shaping GCC economies, with Saudi Arabia in the forefront. The digital transformation in Saudi Arabia will constitute a vast portion of their national plans, which aims to scale a digital revolution.

As it has successfully helped businesses worldwide, and in various industries, alter their core business processes. In line with the Vision 2030, Elevatus aims to increase process efficiency through A.I and emerging technologies.

Saudi Arabia has been emphasizing on eliminating malpractice in the workplace, particularly when it comes to nepotism and cronyism. At Elevatus, bias is reduced and mitigated in all of the business processes. For instance, ZuReccer, is a recommendation engine that matches applicants to the right job, application, or training, based on a company’s preference and qualifications. ZuReccer dulls the error stemming from any spelling errors, abbreviations or unknown words, therefore it does not penalize the applicant or the company. Consequently, ZuReccer supports businesses in their decision-making process by automatically helping them find their best applicants – with no bias whatsoever.

Online learning is democratizing education in the world that we know today. YoshiGraph, the advanced autofill predictor, meets Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation of education, as it can recommend online courses based on relevant and required skillsets that are in demand in the industry.

Digital transformation and the adoption of remote and digital technologies are deeply sought after in Saudi Arabia. As a result, Elevatus’ video assessment provides businesses with an interface through which one can view and design various different assessments for applicants in any field.

In light of Saudi Arabia’s vision to lower youth unemployment, Deep Archetype can help young Saudi nationals eliminate biased first impressions. These impressions are usually generated from interviews, and might not reflect the applicant’s true self, therefore hindering them from leveraging future opportunities. Deep Archetype attempts to measure how people score on the Five Factor Model, by simply and accurately analyzing their personality traits from videos. This analysis can be done by accounting for three modalities such language, tone, and facial features to eliminate bad first impressions once and for all.

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