How an ATS Solves the Most Common Recruitment Challenges and Solutions

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The HR department is the heart of every organization. It plays a vital role in attracting top talent, managing records, creating policies, nurturing the company culture, and leveraging an advanced ATS.

But all too often, the department also faces many recruitment challenges and solutions as they carry out the responsibilities attached to the department.

This article will discuss the common recruiting challenges and solutions that HR departments face – and how they can be tackled with an ATS.

Attracting the right candidates

Recruiter interacting with qualified candidate

You might discover that your options are limited when you have to pick the right candidate from a pool of unqualified talent. In this case, you will be left with the option of picking the best person available at the time – who might not be the best fit for the job. However, it is not always about the multiple applications you receive. The best way to find the best fit for a job opening is to hire the right people from a smaller pipeline of more qualified talent.

Solution: To find the best candidate, always be clear about the requirements in your job ads by giving a concise view of the role. With an ATS, you can create a short application form with knock-out questions, to quickly rule out candidates that aren’t a good fit for the role.

Effective and timely engagement

Recruiter engaging with candidates in a timely manner via an ATS

Most of the time, candidates with hard-to-find skills are often considering many job offers at the same time. Recruiters regularly contact them and this can make it harder for you to elicit some engagement. All in all, you will need to put extra effort into persuading them to choose you over other competitors.

Solution: To stand out from your competitors, you might want to research what motivates the prospective candidate and what makes them happy. With this knowledge, you will be able to personalize your sourcing emails using an ATS, to better describe your offer. This will ultimately give you an edge over your competitors, and keep candidates in the loop at all times.

Improved candidate experience

Smiling candidate satisfied with candidate experience

The way candidates are treated during the recruitment process mirrors how they will be treated when they are hired. If they have a bad experience, they will likely not accept the job offer.

Conversely, when candidates are given a good candidate experience, it will enhance your employer brand and convince more good candidates to apply and accept your job offers.

Solution: Good candidate experience counts from the little things like setting expectations for communication and telling candidates when they should expect to hear from you. Using an ATS makes it easier to achieve this with automated emails and reminders to follow through with your promise.

Data-driven recruitment

Recruiter using ATS to get data about candidates

Recruitment data and metrics are one of the proven ways to improve the recruitment process and make more informed decisions. However, collecting and processing data can be a hassle, especially when you are tracking it through a spreadsheet. This will ultimately result in more grunt work and errors on your end.

Solution: An ATS has can be used to track recruitment metrics that will be helpful in the improvement of your recruitment process. Therefore, allowing you to spot bottlenecks and find areas that need improvement.

Creating an efficient recruiting process

Increased recreased process efficiency with the use of ATS

Many of the failures of a recruitment process or strategy come from inconsistencies and a lack of coordination from the hiring team. Recruiters need to communicate and collaborate fast, evaluate candidates, and know the progress of every recruitment process. Often, the hiring team is tasked with coordinating these steps through effective communication and collaboration. But, it is not always a breeze.

Solution: It’s crucially important to create one collaboration hub for your recruiters. An ATS will help your team recruit, assess, and evaluate candidates in one single place. Where they can leave comments, rate profiles, discuss candidates and solicit feedback faster than ever before.

To wrap it up

An AI-powered ATS can help you obliterate all your core recruitment challenges and streamline the entire process for you with ease. Where you can create an efficient recruiting process, foster data-driven recruitment, improve the candidate experience, and make the right hires every time.

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Let’s build a candidate-centric culture

See how our award-winning ATS can help you deepen your talent pool and fill positions faster by building an immersive and modern candidate experience.
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