14 Secrets That Talent Acquisition Professionals Will Never Tell You

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Talent acquisition professionals will always want the best for you. However, there are many things that talent acquisition teams are not allowed to share with candidates. Some of these things are specific secrets that they may never disclose to you.

Talent acquisition professionals also don’t reveal their insider thoughts, what they think of the hiring process, and what they think you should or shouldn’t do. But getting to know what recruiters are really thinking, will inevitably help you land that job you’ve been dreaming of.

This is why we’re here today to tap into the mind of a talent acquisition professional and tell you what they’re thinking most of the time. This will give you the incentive to work on any gaps you have and ace the interview process next time!

Here are some of the biggest secrets talent acquisition teams keep (and that you should definitely know about!)

Social media can be your best friend or enemy

It takes 90 seconds to decide whether you will stay or pass

A handshake says a lot about your personality

If you’re unemployed, do something with your time

Be original with your interview answers

Don’t accept the job offer straight away, think about it overnight

Raises often depend on timing, and not hard work alone

Avoid mentioning a salary number during the interview process

The content of your CV is more important than you think

Appearance and personal hygiene are crucially important

Don’t ‘’be yourself’’, focus more on your skills and experience

It’s okay to follow up after an interview, just not on a daily basis!

First impressions really count

Don’t use too many buzzwords in your CV


Bottom line

The rise of remote hiring fundamentally changed the HR landscape. And today, acing the interview process is not as easy. Nor is landing your dream job. We hope that by divulging what talent acquisition professionals think most of the time, you can use them to your advantage and work on becoming an outstanding candidate. Getting a handle of what recruiters are thinking during the remote recruitment process, will double your chances of arriving at the interview primed to meet each aspect in your recruiter’s mental checklist.

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