4 Reasons Why a Video Assessment Tool is the Best Way to Screen Applicants

A picture of a recruiter screening applicants with a video assessment tool

Sometimes, it can be hard to learn more about applicants from their applications alone.

In fact, relying solely on resumes and applications to assess applicants, is not enough. Luckily, video assessment tools have made the assessment process simpler and more insightful than ever before.

Now, you may be wondering…

Can a video assessment tool help you screen applicants faster?

The answer is yes!

A video assessment tool like ours can help you remotely assess, screen, and evaluate applicants with greater speed. It can also help you gain actionable insights that will boost the efficiency of your assessment process all together.

In this article, we’re sharing with you the 5 main reasons why a video assessment tool is the best way to screen applicants!

Let’s dig in.

It creates a flexible process

A picture of a recruiter wearing headphones and using a video assessment tool

With a video assessment tool, processes become much faster. Applicants have the freedom to choose the time and place that suits them best to record their answers. Whether it’s from the comfort of their own homes, or their favorite coffee shops, applicants will have the “home-field” advantage.

In addition, with our video assessment tool, there’s no need to schedule or be present during the video assessments. Hundreds of assessments can be dispatched in a click, and businesses can assess the applicants at any time or place!

Therefore, applicants don’t have to wait too long for their assessments to take place. Instead, businesses can assess and screen their applicants at a time that suits their convenience. Giving applicants more control, can significantly help you improve their experience and appeal to top talent.

It helps you maintain consistency

A picture of a recruiter working on a career branding page with the  video assessment tool EVA-SSESS

Brand identity is everything. Your brand identity is one of the first things that applicants will notice during their video assessments. However, when recruiters use different screening processes, interview details and your brand identity can be lost. To showcase who you really are, you have to incorporate your brand identity consistently throughout the applicant’s journey.

The good news is: a video assessment tool like ours can help you maintain that consistency you’re looking for! It  allows you to assess all applicants uniformly all while reflecting your brand identity at every stage. Results? Consistency boosts team collaboration, and team collaboration enhances decision-making!

Besides, with our video assessment tool you can customize your invitation messages and emails to applicants. You can also pair each assessment with a welcoming employer video. This video will welcome applicants to the assessment process, bring hospitality to your brand, and evoke a genuine emotional connection with your applicants!

It reduces ambiguity and confusion

A picture of a candidate that looks confused in a video assessment

Nothing ruins your applicant’s experience more than confusion. When applicants are left in the dark, they tend to lose interest in your company. Especially when the process is extremely disorganized and excessively long.

Remember, applicants aren’t the only ones who feel confused when the assessment process draws out for too long. Team members will also tend to feel washed away with uncertainty and confusion as well.

By utilizing our video assessment tool, you will be able to effortlessly streamline the entire assessment process with ease. This way, team members can easily collaborate, share their feedback and enjoy timely communication. Therefore significantly reduces ambiguity when screening applicants.

What’s more, applicants will be instantly notified about the status of their applications with automated and personalized emails. This reduces confusion, because everyone will be kept in the loop.

It strengthens team collaboration

Team collaboration is a sport. The more team members work tightly together, the better the chances are of attracting top talent. A video assessment tool helps teammates assess applicants faster, because teammates can share their drawn conclusions, start fruitful discussions, and offer their input on the applicants’ assessments.

Furthermore, with our video assessment tool, team members can share their feedback about applicants, leave comments on assessments, complete tasks, and engage in timely discussions, all in ONE place. This way, team members can explore collaborative ways to assess together, make more informed decisions together, and screen applicants in a shorter amount of time.

Bottom line

All applicants are looking for a company that values their time and effort.
With our video assessment tool, your team can efficiently tailor and alter the process to fit their needs, culture, style, and busy schedules.
It can also help you screen applicants faster, as they can take assessments automatically from any device. This gives you and your team the flexibility to conduct  assessments at a time and place that suits everyone’s convenience, all while enhancing the screening process like never before!


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