Recruiting Solutions: Ask These 16 Amazing Sales Interview Questions

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Do you constantly struggle to hire talented sales representatives?

Hiring sales candidates is no doubt a challenging task. But despite that, HR managers using recruiting solutions still need to be extra careful when recruiting salespeople.

Sales teams play a significant role in increasing a company’s profitability. A sales consultant, regional sales manager, and sales executive all have the same sales goals. In addition to promoting the company’s products and services, salespeople must meet sales quotas and find new markets.

So, use these interview questions to evaluate candidates’ skills and hire top salespeople with the help of recruiting solutions.

What to look for in potential sales candidates?

recruiting sales candidates through recruiting solutions

Sales candidates usually come from different academic and professional backgrounds. So, when assessing them with the help of recruiting solutions, it’s crucially important to consider specific tangible soft skills such as negotiation and communication skills.

This is why evaluating salespeople only based on their resumes and qualifications can be misleading and tricky. So, always opt to meet with candidates, learn about their professional interests and strengths, and see how they’d react in certain scenarios.

Plus, recruiting solutions like EVA-SSESS allow you to gauge the true potential and fit of these candidates. Where you can easily discover whether the candidate has the skills, know-how, and personality to thrive in this position. Therefore saving you time, money, and headspace.

What type of interview questions should recruiters ask salespeople?

interviewing candidates with the help of recruiting solutions

It’s critical to identify candidates with strong relationship, organizational, and persuasive skills when using recruiting solutions. To identify people with these skills, you must first understand what to look for.

Technical, situational, and general interview questions about their experience and knowledge come in handy to find top talent!

No matter the position, sales interview questions can help you identify candidates with excellent communication, collaboration skills, and a strong drive to succeed. When shortlisting candidates with these core qualities, tailor your interview questions through recruiting solutions to help you easily discover the perfect fit for the role.

So, consider how well they understand their duties and whether they have a can-do attitude.

Top sales interview questions to ask for different positions

Recruiter interviewing candidates through recruiting solutions

To hire the most qualified talent with recruiting solutions like EVA-SSESS, we gathered the most common sales interview questions for you. We also categorized them by seniority level and position to help you pinpoint top performers for this role.

For all sales positions

  • Have you used CRM software before? If so, which one is it?
  • What details do you need before speaking with a client?
  • Tell me about a time you fell short of a sales target. What happened, and what did you learn from it?
  • Which one is a priority to you: meeting quotas or keeping customers happy?
  • When and why do you stop pursuing a customer?
  • What are some of the most common challenges you face in this position? How do you deal with them?

For junior sales representative positions

  • How do you keep up to date with sales industry trends?
  • How do you build a connection with your customers?
  • What should you do if sales are down?
  • If company goals change, how would you assist your team?

For account management positions

  • How would you approach a client who said they liked our product but thought it was too expensive?
  • Tell me about a sale you’re particularly proud of.
  • What is your track record for meeting revenue targets and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction?

For senior-level sales positions

  • How do you approach an underperforming sales representative?
  • What is your sales forecasting experience? Tell me about the software you use.
  • Tell me about a time when your team failed to meet sales targets. What role did you play in that experience? What did you learn, and how can you approach the targets differently?

In short

As part of a sales team, a candidate hired by your company will work towards long-term, big-picture company goals, not just selling products. If you want to understand a sales candidate’s capabilities and how they will act as a team member, make sure to ask these specific questions when interviewing them!

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Sail through the screening process fast with video assessment interviews that help you identify and secure top talent in less time.
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