Writing an Employee Warning Notice Email With Recruiting Solutions

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It’s not uncommon to have employees become demotivated or engage in misbehavior at the office. Employees go from outperforming and achieving goals to continuously arriving at work and creating problems at the workplace.

Every business has the right to expect professional conduct performance from its employees. Unfortunately, there are times when there is a lack; and ignoring this is never a good idea especially when using recruiting solutions.

Therefore, what actions should you take to discipline an employee? Is a warning notice helpful?

We understand that no HR wants to send a warning notice, but it is often unavoidable. In fact, you should aim to be straightforward and inform the employee of their misbehavior with the help of recruiting solutions.

When an employee commits a major violation of the company’s policy, it is best to avoid the verbal warning and send a warning letter notice instead. Writing a warning notice using recruiting solutions is easy and simple.

Here’s how you can make sending warning emails a breeze through recruiting solutions!

Your guide to write a professional warning letter email

writing an warning notice email using recruiting solutions

A warning notice is a formal way of notifying employees of their misbehavior. Misconduct can be about the completion of employment tasks, difficulties with attendance, a violation of the policy, or other forms of misdemeanors. In case of major violations such as harassment or fraud, the employee may face suspension or termination.

If you face such an issue, you can start with a verbal notice and take advice from the HR manager on how to improve the employee’s conduct. If they fail to meet your company’s standards, you can send them a formal warning notice using recruiting solutions to explain what will happen if they persist.

How helpful are warning letter emails?

A recruiter using recruiting solutions to send emails

The warning notice email sent through recruiting solutions aims to assist employees in realizing how their misconduct affects the firm and their performance, what the consequences are, and how they can self-discipline themselves to avoid this issue from escalating out of control.

Employee warning notices sent by email using recruiting solutions, also help HR in keeping track of actions done before deciding to terminate an employee’s contract.

If this is the first warning notice email you send to an employee through recruiting solutions, invite them to a meeting at your office to further discuss the problem and suggest solutions. Also, be clear if this is the last warning before termination.

Employee warning letter email template

writing an email through recruiting solutions

Use the employee warning notice email template below and customize it based on the type of violation. Include examples that demonstrate how or when the employee made a mistake at work and how this violated your company’s regulations.

Subject line: Warning notice for (reason) / Final warning notice

Dear (Employee’s name),

As I previously mentioned, your (mention reason) is negatively affecting both your individual performance at work and your team’s productivity. We take (example: attendance at work) seriously and we expect all our employees to abide with our company’s policy.

Unfortunately, you have violated the policy several times despite warning you about it before. More specifically, (mention what happened recently that led to sending this email.) We do understand that unexpected issues may arise occasionally and we (are flexible and very understanding.) Yet, we still expect our employees to be professional and act in our company’s best interest.

We expect you to correct your behavior and (request time off in advance and in a formal way (e.g. via email to your manager or through our HRIS.) Otherwise, we will have to take further disciplinary action.
I’m available to discuss any problems you face that cause your (misconduct, absence – depending on the case.)

Please, contact me directly if there’s any way I can help you or to discuss it further.


Closing thoughts

While warning notice emails sent using recruiting solutions can be threatening, the work connection and relationship must remain strong. Warning notice emails help employees improve their job performance while also providing evidence of bad performance if the employee is fired.

So, to avoid any issues and ensure that the email sent through recruiting solutions is well received and understood, make your warning letters informative and convincing.

Did you find this email template helpful? For more email templates and HR resources, visit our HR resources blog where you will find a vast range of useful advice, tips, and resources for you and your HR team! And if you’d like to try our award-winning hiring platform, book a free one-on-one demo here!

Ready to achieve talent acquisition success?

With our end-to-end hiring platform, build a fast, friendly, and exceptional talent acquisition process. Hire top talent at scale and see how getting started couldn’t be any easier.
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