How to Write an Employee Referrals From an External Network Email

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Are you spending too much money on job ads, only to get unqualified candidates pouring into your talent pool?

Do you want to improve your hiring process?

With the help of advanced recruiting solutions and referral programs, the traditional application procedure is now outdated! In other words, with the support of your employees, you can boost employee referrals and increase your hiring efforts.

Employee referrals from external networks are your greatest hope for boosting key hiring variables such as time and cost per hire, quality of hire, and employee retention.

Use the following employee referral email template to notify your team about an available position at your company and request that they suggest a suitable candidate – be sure to customize it before sending it out through recruiting solutions.

What is an employee referral?

employee referral emails sent through recruiting solutions

Employee referral is a strategy of identifying potential candidates through internal or external networks. It is a successful approach used by businesses and organizations to find outstanding individuals by asking current or former employees to recommend candidates from their networks.

The way we recruit employees has now evolved, especially with the development of recruiting solutions.

Candidates today have significantly more power throughout the job hunt than they had just a few years ago. The current employment market is mainly candidate-driven, according to research. Finding and recruiting top candidates using recruiting solutions, particularly those with in-demand skills, has become incredibly difficult, costly, and time-consuming.

So many modern recruiters have begun to involve their current employees while using recruiting solutions in the hiring process.

About employee referrals from external networks

using recruiting solutions to get referrals

As previously stated, referrals can be external or internal. Consider asking for references from business partners, customers, alumni, previous employees, and professional communities when recruiting candidates for open positions from your external network.

Include the following in emails, sent using recruiting solutions, to your external network:

  • The role you’re hiring for, along with key responsibilities and a link to the full job description
  • The main skills and knowledge required
  • A brief description of your company and the benefits associated with the role
  • The referral processes your recipients should follow to refer a candidate
  • A thank-you note to express your gratitude for their help

Employee Referral from an External Network Email Template

recruiter writing an email with the help of recruiting solutions

Customize this template to reflect your company’s culture and send it out through recruiting solutions. Keep the email concise and to the point.

Subject Line: We’re growing our team! / Do you know a great (job title) to be part of our team?

Dear / Hi (Include recipient’s name),

I would like to announce that (company’s name) is looking for a (job title) to join the team!
As you may already know, here at (company’s name), we always want to collaborate with talented people and we’d like your help to find our next team member.

This candidate will be responsible for (mention main responsibilities and link to the job description.) Therefore, (he/she/they) should have (mention any must-have requirements for the position, skills and experience needed for the job position).

It’s a great opportunity for a (job title) who wants to be part of a growing team by joining (name of the company), (e.g. work with high-end technology and work on that will help them develop professionally.)

If you know someone who you think would be a good fit for the job position and fits the company’s culture, it would be great if you could refer them to us by emailing their contact details and resume.

Kindly feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions or need more clarifications.

Thank you,

Last few words

Advanced recruiting solutions like EVA-REC can help you find and recruit external and internal referrals to save valuable time and effort.

Your existing or former employees are the greatest sources for new talent since they not only have amazing connections, but they also understand your company’s culture and values and will find the ideal candidate for the role and the firm.

EVA-REC is a full-fledged hiring platform that does the heavy lifting for you and makes sure your hiring is hassle-free. Think of EVA-REC as the indispensable teammate who can shockingly and easily automate all your hiring processes, streamline your HR functions, and allow you to recruit the right talent today, tomorrow, and every day.

For more email templates and HR resources, visit our HR resources blog where you will find a vast range of useful advice, tips, and resources for you and your HR team! To see our award-winning hiring platform in action, book a free one-on-one demo here!

Streamline your recruitment process today

See how our hiring platform can help you create a fully optimized and streamlined recruitment process so that you can source, attract, and hire the right candidates for the job – every time.
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