Recruiting Online? Ask These 6 Great Analytical Questions

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Are you looking to assess a candidate’s analytical skills? Would you like to discover how top talent approaches complex situations when recruiting online? If so, you’ll need to ask candidates a set of analytical interview questions to gauge these skills!

But first, you need to what analytical skills are.

Analytical skills are the ability to collect and analyze information, solve issues and make logical decisions. This is a great skill set to look for in candidates when recruiting online because they help companies overcome challenges before they get out of hand. It also helps in enhancing overall productivity and success. 

Analytical questions are among other common interview questions that recruiters ask to identify if a candidate is ideal for a role or not. Usually, when looking for candidates online, recruiters look for people who use clear, methodical, or creative angles to achieve certain objectives.

When Recruiting Online, The Following Interview Questions Will Help You See If Candidates: 

A recruiter conducting a video assessment while recruiting online
  1. Can collect information from multiple sources
  2. Can apply critical thinking to evaluate information
  3. Can communicate the results of their research to team members
  4. Can make assessments that help the company

You can combine these questions with other questions based on problem-solving and critical thinking to get a complete understanding of how potential hires gauge complicated situations that may occur on the job.

Potential Analytical Skills Interview Questions You Can Ask While Recruiting Online

  1. Tell me about a problem you solved where you lacked important questions. What did you do?
  2. How do you analyze the pros and cons before making a decision?
  3. If you had to choose between two to three options, what would your thought process be in deciding one?  (e.g. pricing, performance, evaluation systems, training)
  4. Describe the most stressful situation you have had to deal with and how you handled it.
  5. What are the metrics that you track on a daily basis? ( e.g. conversion rate, number of new clients, expenditure)
  6. Tell us about a situation where you took a risk to achieve a goal. What was the outcome?

Ways You Can Assess Analytic Skills In Interviews When Recruiting Online

  1. You can come up with hypothetical scenarios related to the job to test how candidates think. It’s important you know if they consider all the important factors.
  2. Give the candidate enough time to think about their answer. Questions like these require oneself in certain situations and assess the facts present.
  3. Look for candidates that have the ability to prioritize vital information and ignore irrelevant information.
  4. Candidates that are not unnerved by challenges are likely to handle complex situations better. Keep a lookout for candidates who do not give up straight away when confronted with a problem while recruiting online, even if they can’t find a solution immediately.

Warning Signs

  • Candidates Give Pre-rehearsed Answers. Interview candidates will describe themselves as highly analytical, and organized with an eye for detail in their resumes. But, if they can’t give examples of these skills from real-life work experiences, they are not being honest.
  • Candidates Only Just Touch The Surface. Candidates that don’t ask for more information usually draw over-hasty conclusions or overlook important details when faced with a question.
  • Candidates Can’t Communicate Properly. Communication skills are important with analytical skills because they allow you to share ideas with colleagues, managers, and customers. Candidates that can’t explain technical terms like rates in simple terms also can’t work efficiently in their roles.
  • Candidates Make Their Own Assumptions. Analytical skills go together with critical thinking. This means that candidates that take facts as presented without rechecking them usually make more superficial decisions.


Analytical skills are important in every position. These skills are indispensable to ensure that daily business runs smoothly and candidates that lack these skills will ultimately cause the company to suffer. Luckily, we have the perfect product to ask candidates these analytical interview questions and sail through the assessment process fast! 

Introducing EVA-SSESS, a next-generation video interviewing software that enables businesses to pinpoint top talent faster and build diverse workforces. It uses modern science and AI to help employers and recruiters pinpoint top performers in a fraction of time – through unbiased, reliable, and secure video assessment interviews. 

Identify top talent faster‏

Assessing remotely? Keep your pipeline moving with video assessment interviews, a premium and advanced one-way screening tool from Elevatus.
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