5 Powerful Reasons You Need to Switch Your Applicant Tracking System

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A recruiter using an applicant tracking system

Are you starting to doubt the real potential of your current applicant tracking system?

Were you promised that your HR department will flourish, your recruiters will be happier, and the candidates you’ll hire will be a cultural fit?

If you’re starting to feel like your team’s productivity, morale, and efficiency are significantly decreasing and causing a real strain in your hiring process, then it’s evidentially time to make a change. Your applicant tracking system should do more than just track your candidates. It should actively help you expand your HR capabilities, hire top talent, and boost every aspect of your recruitment process.

In this article we will show you the signs that indicate you’re using an outdated applicant tracking system and that it’s time to switch it!

Your ATS doesn’t actively support candidate sourcing

A talent acquisition specialist holding up a help sign

Do you feel like you’re just not attracting top talent, despite how hard everyone is trying or the methods you’re using? Recruiters are drowning in resumes, everyone is head deep in data entry, and yet still candidates are not responding to any outreach. This should be your first red flag.

A modern and advanced applicant tracking system can help you nurture the right candidates by eliminating manual tasks, manual entry, and lengthy processes – so you can spend more time with the right talent, and less time on mundane work. For instance, our applicant tracking system can help you automate and customize pipelines, stages and email follow-ups. You can also push openings from your ATS to +10,000 job boards!

What’s more, you can easily filter through resumes in several ways. Either by specific keywords that you’re looking for, or by a selection of criteria such as the desired career level, job title, skills or industry. This can immensely help you find qualified candidates with a single click!

Your team productivity is relatively low

Team members who look tired with their outdated ATS

If you feel like your applicant tracking system is hampering your talent acquisition team’s productivity, then they will be tied up with frustratingly slow tasks that prevent them from focusing on the hiring strategy and candidate experience. With an outdated system, teams will collaborate less, and they will spend more time completing tedious tasks rather than working together to hire the best talent for the company.

With a modern ATS like ours, you can work with your teammates to achieve greater results and amplify employee engagement. You can also share instant feedback, comments, ratings and engage in conversations that flow in real time. This way, your team can boost their productivity by 90% and focus on what really matters: winning over the talent that will help your company grow.

You’re finding it hard to hire, retain, and engage candidates

A recruiter who looks tired

Are you struggling to fill positions at your company? Is your company struggling with vacancy costs that are leading to a loss of productivity and ROI? If your current applicant tracking system is giving you more headaches than qualified candidates, then it’s time to change it!

Chances are, its not giving your candidates the awesome experience that they’re looking for. And let’s be real, top talent doesn’t last around for long, so you have to make sure to attract and convert them with a memorable candidate experience.

Our ATS can help you spot bottlenecks in your remote hiring process, so you can watch where your candidates are losing interest or getting stuck in the pipeline. You can also communicate the right way with your candidates, such as with automated emails and ready-to-send emails templates. This will make their candidate experience engaging, personalized and distinctive.

Recruiters don’t like using the ATS

A female talent acquisition specialist who looks frustrated

If recruiters are constantly missing interviews, or showing up unprepared because they misplaced a resume and everything is disorganized – chances are they dislike using the ATS all together. If its not helping them manage their time wisely, and they’re missing out on valuable time, then it’s time to change your current applicant tracking system.

With an innovative ATS like ours, recruiters can source, screen, filter, and shortlist tens of thousands of candidates in a matter of seconds only. They can also match resumes with job descriptions or existing job posts and get candidates automatically ranked from highest to lowest match.

By the simply making their lives easier, recruiters will love signing in to use the ATS every morning, as all the information they need will be centralized in one place only.

You want to integrate with the tools that you love

A recruiter using video interviewing software

Are you jumping from one tab to another, just to schedule or conduct an interview with a candidate? If your current ATS doesn’t integrate with the tools you need to make your hiring process smoother, then it’s time to change it! With our ATS, you can instantly integrate with the industry’s best tools such as LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor, Zoom, Google Meet, and DocuSign.

This way, you can find, attract, filter, shortlist, and screen candidates from ONE place only. In addition, our applicant tracking system allows you to integrate and post your jobs to over 10,000 job boards, which will substantially help you attract more candidates, increase traffic to your career page, and give your job vacancy more exposure!

Bottom line

In today’s competitive HR landscape, you’re going to need more than just an applicant tracking system to put your best foot forward. You’re going to need as advanced and modern ATS that can allow you to transform and optimize the way you hire. If your current ATS doesn’t make it easier for you to attract top talent, centralize your database, source candidates, or boost team collaboration, then it’s time you start looking for an applicant tracking system that can innovatively enhance your HR processes, reduce time to hire, and help you ease up the workload of all your recruiters.

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