10 Useful Productivity Tips That Help Employees When Working Remotely

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an employee working remotely

Plenty of employees dream about working remotely.

Forgoing their daily commute, getting extra time to sleep, wearing comfortable clothes, and working from their own couches.

Workplace habits have significantly changed, and staying productive at home isn’t always easy. Not all employees feel as productive at home as they do at the office.

This paradigm shift is now the ”new normal”, and the best way to make sure your employees are making the most of it, is to help them stay productive even when working remotely. 


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First and foremost, to ensure that your team is working efficiently you must provide the tools that will make working remotely a breeze. In this digital era, advanced tools are redefining the way teams are working remotely. Streamlining communication on various channels of communication such as Slack, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Elevatus – can help teams unleash their full potential and stay on the same page.

Transitioning from face-to-face to virtual check-ins is no longer a hassle in this day and age. The surprising truth is that establishing virtual daily check-ins via phone calls, instant messaging, and video calls can undoubtedly foster a deeper connection with your team and create a sense of routine and normalcy.

Working remotely and adapting to a new working environment can definitely contribute to loneliness and unhealthy habits. Many employees today are struggling with negative emotions that are clearly impacting their productivity levels. The best way to combat this setback is to show your human side, create a calm and upbeat virtual presence, set a flexible schedule, encourage self-care and provide instant support when needed.

Keeping team-building alive can go a long way. Your culture should not be tied to the office alone. It should be extended to the virtual world as well. Never underestimate a good laugh or virtual team building activities. The best way to do that is to find fun ways to keep employees engaged, happy, and in high spirits. Consider giving virtual shout-outs, interactive conference calls, and organizing exciting virtual work activities.

Time management and goal setting come hand in hand. To be clear, setting the right goals isn’t just about setting objectives or managing your time wisely. Setting realistic and achievable goals for your virtual team each quarter, will work wonders for your business! The key to keep your employees on a productivity roll is to set short-term and long-term goals that are aligned with their qualifications. Once employees start ticking off all their accomplished goals, they will tend to feel more productive and motivated.

It’s easy to get carried away and invoke a sense of authority when dealing with a remote team. Usually, working remotely can make many employees feel disconnected and demotivated. In this case, it would be optimal to collect their feedback and see what they have to say about the designated workload and the nature of work. Are they able to catch up with their tasks? Are they drowning in a deep ocean of sorrow? You’ll never know unless you give your employees a say.

It goes without saying that when you stop learning, you stop growing. The best way to invest in your team, is to continuously help them grow their skills to reach new heights. Start off by recommending online courses, suggest ways to upgrade their skill sets, mentor them remotely, offer fruitful advice, and discuss potential career paths.

Working remotely can make teamwork a bit challenging. Remote collaboration is crucially important for boosting productivity. Without physical interaction, virtual collaboration can be done by leveraging digital platforms like Slack to share ideas, tasks, feedback, work files, and to communicate in real-time. This way, team members can make the best out of their work and won’t feel like they’re left in the dark.

Building a great culture of feedback can make remote work and productivity a breeze. The surest way to keep things moving forward is to encourage regular feedback. Setting up virtual one-on-ones with your team can help you track their goal progress and performance. Don’t forget to make positive feedback a habit too. Share impressive progress with your team, and notice how the positive feedback will help them double their productivity in half the time.

Remote work hustle is real, and we all know that a simple thank you will suffice, especially after a long and hectic day. All employees really want is recognition for their hard work. Employees tend to deliver their best work once they acknowledge that their efforts have not gone unnoticed. A personalized email, a quick call, or even a thumbs up emoji can help employees feel recognized and appreciated. Reward them with a day off, a paid-for lunch, vouchers, or workspace upgrades.


Despite the difficulties of working remotely, ensuring that your team is happy and productive can manifest into great results. With the right tools, collaboration, feedback, goals and support – nothing is impossible.  Empower your team to thrive while working remotely and watch how they will be motivated to produce their best work, even from home.

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Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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