Hiring Platform: 7 Big Myths About HR Automation Debunked

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A recruiter in a suit, debunking myths about HR automation in a hiring platform.

There’s no doubt that AI, hiring platforms, and automation are now total game changers in the HR industry. In fact, they’re becoming buzzwords that are getting a whole lot of attention in today’s HR landscape.

Despite the fact that HR automation has proven to exponentially improve the performance of HR professionals and streamline the hiring process nimbly, questions are still looming in the air around the potential impact of automation on HR. Myths and fears are becoming persistent in discussions about automation. In truth, HR automation is eliciting both fear and excitement about its implications in the world of human resources.

And here’s our version of Myth Busters! In this article, we’re going to clarify some misconceptions about HR automation by talking more about hiring platforms and dispelling the truth behind them. 

Myth 1: Automation is just the same as AI

Artificial Intelligence

This one has been a hot topic for years. Are AI and automation really the same thing? The short answer is no. The long answer is that automation is different because it helps HR professionals handle repetitive tasks, whereas AI helps them handle the non-repetitive ones.

Let’s dig in a bit further.

Automation is the technology that allows HR departments to streamline their manual tasks, which are time-consuming and rob them from spending their time on high-level tasks. However, not all automation is powered by AI.
AI has human-like technology. Unlike HR automation that has no interaction with humans, because it works on instructions and carries out routine jobs. For example, candidates scheduling their own interviews, from a list of times selected by the recruiter, is something that can be automated. Whereas AI technology, such as an AI recruitment software, helps HR departments analyze data, make better decisions, and gain accurate data-driven insights.

Myth 2: Automation will obliterate all HR challenges

A recruiter using the hiring platform EVA-REC on the laptop

Undoubtedly, automation makes the lives of HR departments much easier. From allowing them to sift through thousands of resumes in milliseconds to impeccably reducing time to hire. The list of benefits are endless. However, it’s worthy to note that automation alone can’t obliterate all HR challenges. It needs a little nudge and help from AI. Dispatching hundreds of automated emails to candidates might seem like it will save time, but it might appear as spamming candidates. AI adds a little personal touch to the hiring process.

For instance,  AI hiring platforms like EVA-REC can automate and personalize communication with candidates in the remote recruitment process. Where it can easily allow HR professionals to create a personalized candidate experience, engage in conversations that flow in real-time, customize communication, and keep candidates in the loop on their application status. What’s more, candidates will also get automated and personalized emails once moved from one stage to another in the hiring process (which are drafted by humans, rather than robots).

Myth 3: Automation will take over jobs

Three employees working and engaging together

This misconception is widely common. Many people hold on to the notion that automation technology is only set to eliminate jobs. When in reality, HR automation is actually streamlining repetitive tasks to ensure that humans, such as recruiters, have more time to focus on important tasks such as connecting and building great bonds with candidates. What’s more, HR automation serves to improve engagement amongst team members, improve the recruiter’s efficiency, and helps HR departments make sure that their goals are achieved at the earliest time possible. So in a nutshell, automation is not designed to rob employees away from their jobs. Instead, it will make sure that their day-to-day activities are handled to make their jobs easier and more satisfying.

Myth 4: Testing automation efficiency is hard

Some employees are under the impression that it’s nearly impossible to really measure the effectiveness of HR automation tools. When in reality, it’s relatively easy for HR professionals to test and find out whether it’s helping them achieve their goals and KPIs. For example, they might identify a remarkable increase in their time-to-hire once they start incorporating automated video interviewing software into their hiring process. This way, HR professionals can easily gain access to data-driven insights and spot any bottlenecks. Therefore, testing automation efficiency becomes a piece of cake, once you take a good look at your recruitment metrics. Was your department able to successfully reduce the cost to hire by 70%? Were you able to increase the time to hire by 80%? The numbers behind your recruitment metrics can provide you with the insights you need on the value and efficiency of your automation technology.

Myth 5: Automation and AI are all about chatbots

A candidate engaging with a chatbot on the Elevatus website

There’s no denying that automated and AI-based chatbots are becoming more and more dominant in the hiring process. But chatbots are just the icing on the cake. Automation and AI have more applications in HR than one can imagine. To simply put it, they have an uncanny ability to transform the hiring process once paired together. Let’s take our AI hiring platform as an example. It helps HR departments automate and customize their hiring pipelines, according to their own preferences.

Through these pipelines, HR professionals can use our hiring platform to easily move candidates between stages and send them automated emails that update them on their application status. In addition, our AI hiring platform can inevitably help them successfully dwindle down the time required to sift through resumes, and power through lengthy and inefficient interviewing processes. Our hiring platform’s AI technology and automation gives HR professionals the time they deserve to center their focus on finding the perfect fit, rather than draining their energy on the tasks that are needed to make it happen.

Myth 6: Automation makes the hiring process less human-centric

A recruiter using the hiring platform EVA-REC on the laptop

We’ve already established that automation helps make the hiring process a breeze. But can they make it more human-centric? The answer is yes!

One cannot argue that all HR automation technologies are the same. But the most innovative and efficient ones revolve around humanizing the hiring process throughout every step. For example, EVA-REC is a hiring platform with a heart. Not only does it personalize communication with candidates, but it also recommends online courses to candidates via Coursera and Udemy. Where it can predict and recommend the specific courses that the candidates need to take based on any missing or required skills that they need for a job. This way candidates can fine-tune, enhance, or learn new skill sets to improve their chances of landing a job! Not only will this boost the candidates’ experience, but they won’t feel like they are part of a monotonous process, because these recommendations are personalized to each candidate.

Myth 7: Just a few companies are leveraging automation in HR

A group of recruiters using EVA-REC, the hiring platform.

Let’s be clear about this: AI and automation have officially submerged themselves into our daily lives at an unprecedented rate. And today, more and more businesses are leveraging their benefits, at an unprecedented rate as well. Automation tools have been around for quite some time now, and businesses are increasingly investing in them to boost the overall efficiency of their HR teams. Companies worldwide are seeing the stellar impact that cutting-edge technology, automation, and AI recruitment software have on turbocharging the hiring process. And data doesn’t lie. In the past, workplaces were struggling to pull through traditional administrative tasks, analyze complex data, manage lengthy assessments, and keep up with digital trends. But today, businesses are looking for a crystal ball that can sweep away all of these struggles and setbacks. And that crystal ball is automation!

The verdict

We hope that by busting these myths, you’ll see that automation isn’t as scary as it may seem. It’s time that we finally realize that HR automation is already all around us, in so many different forms. Contrary to popular belief, automation and AI will always augment HR professionals, but they won’t replace them. In fact, AI hiring platforms have a lot to bring to the table, especially for HR departments.

When recruiters feel like they are powered by the best HR technologies, they will feel invincible. Rather than spending the majority of their time in reactive backfilling, or being overshadowed by piles of paper at their desks, recruiters can allow a hiring platform like EVA-REC to rustle through the candidates and find the most suitable fit. In the meantime, recruiters can divert their attention to other tasks, enjoy higher productivity rates, and effortlessly optimize the hiring process with ease.

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