7 Huge Mistakes HR Departments Are Making in Talent Acquisition

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The world of talent acquisition is changing. From a ruthless pandemic, remote recruitment, to AI technology – things are no longer the same. In the midst of all these changes that are taking place, HR teams might be finding it hard to get a good grasp on their talent acquisition process.

So…what does that leave us with?

A few hasty mistakes that occur here and there.

Hiring top talent is already a tough process. So imagine how much more complicated it gets when HR professionals make a few mistakes that force them to start all over again, and lose a bundle of time, effort, and resources.

Today, we’re going to share the common mistakes HR departments make in talent acquisition, and how to overcome them!

Not investing in the right recruitment software

Recruitment software being used on an iPad

Choosing the right recruitment software for your company is sadly not as easy as choosing a decadent birthday cake. There’s a lot to consider. This software is set to change the course of talent acquisition, forever.

Therefore, when HR departments aren’t leveraging the recruitment software that automates functions such as candidate sourcing, job posting, filtering candidates, advanced analytics, and applicant tracking – mistakes are only prone to occur sooner or later.

This is where we get to the icing on the cake: an AI recruitment software allows HR departments to hire on the move and streamline every aspect of the recruitment process. How, you may ask?

An AI recruitment software like EVA-REC uses modern science, AI, and machine learning to help create a desk-free hiring future, by simply automating the recruitment process. From creating branded career pages, posting jobs to over 2,000 job boards, filtering resumes, shortlisting candidates, arranging interviews, and centralizing communication amongst team members. This way, you can save your time, mitigate mistakes, integrate with all your favorite tools, and keep remote recruitment moving forward.

Lacking a structured recruitment process

Talent acquisition team collaborating together

Recruiting top talent demands foresight. HR departments are required to know what the company aims to accomplish in the next five or ten years, and how they plan on using employees to accomplish their goals. When HR teams lack a structured recruitment process, they’ll tend to feel pressured to recruit fast. Instead of recruiting smart. They’ll also feel the need to fill roles quickly, rather than take a good minute to evaluate the decision.

To hire strategically and eliminate the mistake of hiring wrongly-fitted candidates, some sort of structure needs to take place first. Talent acquisition teams need to lay out responsibilities in advance, unanimously agree on goals, set a plan, collaborate smoothly, implement the right strategies, and move forward in the talent acquisition process with full confidence and efficiency.

Relying too much on the interview

A recruiter reading a personality report for a candidate

It’s easy to be falsely impressed during the interview process. HR teams heavily lean on the interview to make their final decisions. However, the problem is, interviews have their limitations.

Let’s say you’re interviewing a candidate face-to-face. The candidate shows up looking sharp, their resume is polished, their body language is on point, and their answers seem to be straight out of the book. Everything seems pristine clear – you just found the perfect candidate. Only to find a month later that the candidate who wowed you in the interview has nothing to do with the employee you know now.

What went wrong?

It’s simple. Interviews don’t always show a candidate’s real side. It’s easy for candidates to overly exaggerate their resumes, experiences, and answers.

This is why we highly encourage talent acquisition teams to use video interviewing software like EVA-SSESS to assess candidates. AI-powered video interviewing software can help talent acquisition teams get data-driven insights and powerful personality reports that offer game-changing insights. They can discover aspects of of the candidate’s personality that they can’t unravel from face-to-face interviews or resumes alone. Which can undeniably help them predict job performance and success in a span of minutes!

Not involving team members

Talent acquisition team collaborating together

Team work is more than just a fantastic idea. It delivers real and powerful results. When talent acquisition teams work together, they tend to stick to their tasks longer, feel less fatigued, more engaged, and highly motivated to do their best. Team work doesn’t only make the dream work; it makes talent acquisition work! As a result, wrong decisions will cease to exist, and hiring efforts will multiply in magnitude.

Utilizing recruitment software like EVA-REC gives talent acquisition teams a place to collaborate, communicate and make decisions together. Where in one place only they can share their feedback on candidates, rate applications, and leave their comments. Talent acquisition teams can also collectively make decisions together, based on the advanced analytics that our recruitment software offers. This way, they can make decisions with full confidence, rather than rely on their intuition only.

Underselling the company culture

A recruiter designing a career page on recruitment software

One of the first things that spark the candidate’s concern is your company culture. They want to know if they can thrive, grow, and enjoy working in your company. Sadly, some HR departments might undersell the company culture and neglect its importance in the talent acquisition process. This may disengage and demotivate candidates to move forward in the process.

Alternatively, talent acquisition teams can use a branded career page to tout the benefits and company culture. They can add the enticing perks and benefits that the company has to offer, pictures and videos of teammates, and a brief description of the working environment. Once candidates get a good grasp of what the company culture is truly like, they’ll be less hesitant and more inclined to click on the “Apply” button.

Writing vague job descriptions

A recruiter writing a job description on a recruitment software

Talent acquisition teams are well aware of the fact that job descriptions have the inevitable power to make or break the hiring process. Writing and posting job descriptions is no longer a walk in the park. With new skills and jobs rolling into the market, it can be quite hard to constantly keep a heads up.

In fact, the impact of writing unclear and inaccurate job descriptions is far more drastic than you can imagine. Candidates are often hired under the false pretense of job descriptions, only to feel deceived and mislead after they’re hired. This consequently leads to negative word of mouth and a tarnished employer brand. Luckily, there’s nothing AI and hiring technology can’t do.

Our innovative recruitment software can assist talent acquisition teams in crafting accurate job descriptions by suggesting relevant skill sets, career levels, and the expected degree or major associated with the job role. Therefore, EVA-REC can suggest particular words to HR professionals, that would help them in filling out clear job descriptions, even if they don’t know what the job requirements are!

Looking for candidates in the same old places

A talent acquisition posting jobs on job boards

One of the most common mistakes that HR professionals make in talent acquisition, is looking for candidates in the same places, and posting their job vacancies on the same job boards. Even when it’s no longer yielding lucrative results. It might seem like an affordable and easy option, but it won’t have top talent magically appear into your pipelines.

The best way to get started is by posting your jobs on a branded career site and on other renowned job boards. You can also use recruitment software like EVA-REC to post your jobs to over 2,000 boards and successfully expand your reach! Sometimes, talent acquisition teams need to think outside the box as well, and look for candidates in other hidden gems!

In a nutshell

Making mistakes in talent acquisition is easy, but with these top tips avoiding them will be even easier! By simply leveraging recruitment software, cutting-edge technology, and the right tactics, the hiring process will simply fall into place. Automating, structuring, and optimizing your processes will create a cost-effective, efficient, and brilliant talent acquisition process that leaves no room for making mistakes. In fact, you’ll start to see that all your decisions, tasks, efforts, and processes are well-aligned and more streamlined than ever before.

Optimize and improve your talent acquisition today!‏

With our end-to-end hiring platform, build a fast, friendly, and exceptional talent acquisition process. Hire top talent at scale and see how getting started couldn’t be any easier.
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