4 Powerful Lessons We Learned From Covid19 on Remote Hiring During a Pandemic

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If Covid19 taught us anything, it’s that normalcy shouldn’t be taken for granted. It also unleashed a few valuable lessons in life – especially when it comes to remote hiring and recruiting in a pandemic.

We know that this pandemic aroused unexpected upheaval in various industries. From the simplest pleasure of grabbing your favorite cup of coffee, to managing complex tasks at work– Covid19 not only significantly changed the way we live – but the way we hire and recruit!

In this article, we will share with you every valuable lesson we learned about remote hiring and recruiting during Covid19.

Let’s dive right in.

Understanding and embracing the “Hiring freeze”

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A hiring freeze occurs when a company stops hiring candidates for certain company positions. Instead, companies start hiring for roles that are deemed essential. When the hiring freeze ends, companies return to hiring for all non-essential roles. What Covid19 taught us, is that a hiring freeze is sometimes the only option, since resources are scarce, budget cuts are sharp, and economic impacts are strong.

Typically, a hiring freeze could make employees uneasy and restless. What we learned though, is how to be open, honest, understanding, and transparent. The first step is to nurture your employer brand; because it will help you stand out as a desired place to work, even in the midst of a remote hiring freeze.

Second of all, retain your top employees by enhancing perks and benefits, and implementing rewards and appraisals. Third of all, take a good dive into your recruiting metrics and figure out how to allocate resources to optimize your remote recruitment process.

Where we work doesn’t always matter

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Covid19 certainly taught us that the ‘’show must go on’’ whether we’re working from the office or remotely. Businesses are now embracing remote work, even after quite some struggle in the early stages of the pandemic. Today, work processes can be done remotely, especially when it comes to hiring and recruiting.

Businesses are leveraging recruitment software to source, screen, filter, and shortlist tens of thousands of candidates in a matter of seconds. What’s more, recruiters can keep the candidate’s journey user-friendly, memorable and very distinguished – even when working remotely.

This is done by automating and personalizing emails that make communication fun, responsive and personal. All while keeping candidates in the loop regarding their application status!

Communicate better with future employees

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We all know that candidates love communication, and Covid19 made that quite of a challenge. So if there’s anything we learned, it’s that communicating better with employees remotely, goes a long way.

Keeping them ‘’warm’’ is crucial. It will speak volumes of your employer brand. In these uncertain times, we learned that all candidates should experience a warm and personalized remote hiring process.

This will build their interest in the company and make them feel more welcomed once hired. By keeping future employees warm, your organization will stand out in these uncertain times and give you a competitive advantage.

The best way to do that is to provide virtual check-ins, embrace timely communication, connect on LinkedIn, and maintain a strong relationship.

Embrace virtual video interviews. Lights, camera, action!

A recruiter using video interviewing software

Prior to Covid19, recruitment was still no walk in the park. And it only got more complicated after this pandemic. The good news is: nothing is impossible with AI and virtual interviews. Covid19 taught us that geographical barriers are no longer a barrier, even when the candidates have to conduct interviews with candidates who are thousands of miles away.

In fact, virtual interviews and AI can save talent acquisition teams valuable time and effort and set the tone for a positive candidate experience! This stands true since candidates can conduct their video interviews from the comfort of their own homes, and at a time and place that suits their convenience.

Wrapping it up

Covid19 and remote work has been an awakening experience for recruiters and the HR industry. In fact, it gave us all the opportunity to create a ‘’new normal’’ and leverage AI tools to facilitate the recruitment process in these shaky times. Covid19 also taught us to not throw away what we have already established.

Rather, it showed us that we enhance and optimize what we already have by accepting the hiring freeze, embracing remote work, enhancing communication, leveraging recruitment software, and conducting virtual interviews.

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