Investing in a Great Applicant Tracking System: What’s in It For You?

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Think of the best apps you use on a daily basis at work. Now ask yourself how many hours you could have saved, had you known or started using them earlier.

Now think of your daily tasks as a recruiter. Are you making the same mistakes by not investing in an applicant tracking system?

We know. You’ve probably read hundreds of blog posts lamenting the importance of using an applicant tracking system.

So how is this blog post any different?

Well, for starters, we’re going to highlight the most fundamental and valid reasons your company needs an ATS. We’re also going to tell you what’s in it for you!

Ready to unravel the wonderful reasons why you need an applicant tracking system?

Grab your snorkelers and get ready to dive deep into this blog!

Sources and shortlists candidates fast

If you’re still relying on billboards, outdated job boards, word of mouth, and flyers to recruit candidates – we hate to break it to you but your sourcing methods are still stuck in the 90s. Add to that the number of resumes stacking up on your desk, and you just got yourself a hectic week of manual work ahead.

Today’s candidates are tech-savvy, modern, and incredibly creative. This means that they expect the hiring process to be just the same.

So what if we told you that an applicant tracking system can help you source and shortlist top talent in a couple of clicks only?

We get it, you probably find that hard to believe.

But check this out: an applicant tracking system like EVA-REC allows you to take your sourcing strategy to the next level by posting your jobs to 2,000+ job boards in a single click. Where you will have quick access to a global portfolio of job boards that target job ads based on industry, job function, region, and job title. Not only that, but you can even get useful job board recommendations that support you in posting your jobs in the right places.

Then, once the candidates start pouring into your pipeline, you can seamlessly rank them in order of qualification and shortlist top performers with a single click!

Helps your company save money

As a recruiter, you must have heard your employer or manager talk about budgetary control every once in a while. Okay, maybe on a daily basis.

Now, you’re being asked to do more with less. It was already a challenge to hire with all the tools you had at your disposal. Now you’ve got to do all that without them?

This is specifically why you need an applicant tracking system.

An applicant tracking system not only allows you to centralize all your core HR processes in one single place – but it can also help your company save up to 96% in recruiting costs.

Given the fact that an applicant tracking system automates the entire recruitment process, it will have you spend less time on administrative tasks. This way, you can focus more on what’s important. Such as building connections with candidates, improving the recruitment strategy, and hiring the right people for your company.

By making the right hires every time, you’ll be saving your company over $4,000 that would be otherwise spent on wrong hires. Plus, by shortening time-to-fill you can recruit top talent in a fraction of the time and save up to $23,000 per every unfilled position.

Pulls valuable data and provides deeper insights

Do you remember the last time your manager asked you for a detailed report of your recruitment metrics? Perhaps you panicked, whipped out a calculator, and typed into Google “how to calculate time-to-hire”.

Truth be told, an applicant tracking system won’t have you worrying about crunching numbers on your own. Nor will you have to spend endless days or weeks writing a detailed recruitment report. With an applicant tracking system by your side, you can say goodbye to guesswork, intuition, and manual work.

For example, an applicant tracking system like EVA-REC intelligently breaks down your recruitment metrics and presents them to you in one single dashboard.

Where in seconds you can instantly view all the data related to your jobs, vacancies, candidates, and team members. You can even track and get an overview of candidate sources, the total number of candidates disqualified and the candidates hired. With advanced recruitment reports at your fingertips, you can easily spot bottlenecks, gaps, and areas that need improvement.

Improves efficiency and team collaboration

Chances are, you are not the only busy bee at the office. Your fellow recruiters must be swamped with work as well. This means that collaborating and working together is no walk in the park.

On the bright side, investing in an applicant tracking system will put collaboration at the heart of your hiring process.

No more waiting outside your manager’s door, waiting for a suitable time to chat. No more chasing your teammates for feedback. No more endless email threads that are clogging your inbox.

An applicant tracking system allows you to invite all your teammates to support you in the hiring process. Where you can all leave comments, evaluate candidates, share feedback, rate applications, and engage in discussions in real-time. Even if you’re all oceans apart, an applicant tracking system allows you all to collaborate under one single tab. The applicant tracking allows you and your team to access it at any time or place, and seamlessly review all previous conversations with the candidates.

What’s more, an applicant tracking system allows collaboration to extend on two different fronts. For example, recruiters can work together in one single interface that keeps everyone up to date and in the loop. And, on an external level, managers can collaborate and communicate with recruitment agencies to guarantee the process of recruiting top-notch talent.

All in all, an applicant tracking system allows recruiters to become more efficient, productive, and motivated to do their best work!

Partner with the best

Knowing what an applicant tracking system can do for your business is like staring at a big slice of the pie, wondering what it would taste like. And the minute you have it, you will be savoring every moment and wondering why you didn’t reach out for it sooner.

In the same way, if you’re on the fence about leveraging an applicant tracking system – make sure you leverage the best.

EVA-REC is an on-demand ATS that automates and improves the hiring process with AI technology. From small businesses to industry giants – we aim to offer fully customizable, world-class features that help create a rich and immersive hiring experience for recruiters and candidates. With EVA-REC, companies can drive merit-based, objective, and fair hiring practices that minimize bias and humanize the hiring process. Request a free demo today and see how EVA-REC can help you become a hiring leader!

Recruit top performers at scale‏

Need to mass hire in a short time? Elevatus’ award-winning ATS can quickly set you up for rapid hiring by identifying and securing top talent fast.
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