Investing in a Hiring Platform…What’s in it for Me?

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A group of recruiters thinking of investing in a hiring platform

In this ever-evolving job market, the recruitment process never ends.

Talent acquisition teams will always be on the lookout to hire top talent, find more qualified candidates, and speed up their processes with a hiring platform. It’s not easy though. With spreadsheets, piles of papers, and outdated software – optimizing the recruitment process is becoming a faint dream for many recruiters.

The truth is, recruiting is becoming hugely competitive, especially in this era of technology. And if you’re not using the right tools, resources, or solution – the right talent will slip through your fingers.

You’ve probably heard a lot about hiring platforms. How they can automate every aspect of the hiring process, speed up your tasks, and help you make the right hiring decisions. And you might be wondering “All of those things sound great. So how can I make that happen for me?”

If you’d like to know how a hiring platform can make your life easier as a recruiter…then keep on reading!

It incredibly improves your productivity and performance

A talent acquisition team lifting their hands up

It’s hard to keep your productivity high when you’re still using traditional recruitment methods, stuck in the office, and drowning in paperwork. A hiring platform often includes cloud technology, which means that you can track all your candidates, manage applications and connect with candidates on the go – wherever you are.

You can also seamlessly analyze how many job positions you successfully filled, and how many candidates, unfortunately, got rejected. A hiring platform will help you manage everything related to the recruitment process in ONE place only, which means that your performance and productivity will effortlessly skyrocket.

It innovatively connects you to the right talent

a recruiter using a hiring platform

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that finding and attracting top talent is every recruiter’s top priority. So what happens when you’re struggling to find eligible candidates that will fit right into your company? You’ll get a headache, for starters. With a hiring platform can help you find the right talent quickly, without the need to waste time searching for them.

For instance, with our hiring platform, you can create a branded career page that converts and post jobs to over 2,000 job boards. This will help you attract and convert top talent easily, and start driving applications to your open role.

Then, our hiring platform will automatically rank candidates from highest to least qualified for you, so you can instantly spot the most qualified ones. This means that you can save at least 13 hours of work a week!

Allows you to successfully grow and centralize your database

A picture of a recruiter working on the hiring platform

Are you tired of filtering through piles of papers and endless folders to store resumes? There’s no need for that hassle anymore. With our hiring platform, you can instantly turn your offline database into a centralized and searchable one.

All you have to do is simply drag and drop all the resumes you have into our applicant tracking system, and it will automatically create a profile for each candidate. Then, you’ll notice that all the candidates’ information will be immediately parsed from their resumes, and you can easily view their resumes through our portal.

This way, you can have access to your database in ONE place only!

Helps you get rid of boring and manual tasks

A talent acquisition team celebrating hiring success

Manual tasks are not only debilitating, but they also steal a lot of valuable time. If you have a long list of tasks that never seem to end, then a hiring platform will definitely put an end to that. A hiring platform like ours can automate these pesky tasks, and give you an extra degree of control. It can also free up your schedule so you can focus more on high-level tasks and most importantly; your next big hire.

By automating every aspect of the remote recruitment process, you no longer have to fill up forms, paperwork, or spreadsheets. You can seamlessly automate and customize job postings, emails, pipelines, sending offers, invitations – and everything else!

Not only saving 90% of your time but also boosting the candidates’ experience by keeping them in the loop.

Improves the way you collaborate with your team

A recruiter watching video assessment interviews

If you’re still working with outdated software, you probably aren’t communicating effectively with your teammates. Especially if you’re all drowning in manual tasks that are robbing you from even taking a lunch break.

A hiring platform like ours makes team collaboration a sport. Remember how we said that our hiring platform can free up your time and help you save at least 13 hours of work a week? In one place only, you and your team can evaluate candidates, share feedback, leave comments, communicate in real-time, and make better hiring decisions together.

This means that you and your team can use your time wisely and improve your recruiting efforts!

You’re just a click away from hiring success!

If you’re a busy recruiter who’s struggling with the recruitment process, we understand the challenges you’re facing. Our hiring platform has been designed to offer recruiters like yourself a plethora of benefits. From posting jobs, attracting qualified candidates, streamlining the recruitment process to hiring top-notch talent – we got you covered.

If you’d like to transform your life as a recruiter, then take our hiring platform for a whirl, and see what’s in it for you!


Attract and hire top talent at top speed‏

Learn how our award-winning hiring platform can help you use AI and automation to save time, eliminate manual tasks, and become great at hiring.
Start sourcing for free‏

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