How Innovative Hiring Can Extremely Improve the Candidate Experience

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recruiters improving the candidate experience

Employers know that succeeding in this tough talent market isn’t easy. They also know that it all comes down to the candidate experience if they want to truly stand out to candidates. So how can they create a candidate experience that gives them that competitive edge, and helps them hire top performers who will add great value to their company?

Two words: innovative hiring!

Innovation isn’t rare in HR today. With all the technological advancements we see around us, it’s hard not to add a touch of creativitty and a splash of innovation to the recruitment process. Innovative hiring means that you’re leveraging modern technology and AI, to develop HR strategies that build a winning candidate experience.

This is why we made a list of how innovative hiring can wonderfully help you improve the candidate experience! Let’s check them out together.


Clearer job descriptions convert top talent

Laptop showing a job description

When candidates apply to jobs, they don’t always land on your homepage first. Their first touchpoint is usually the job description they read on LinkedIn or any other job board. And if the job description isn’t robust, engaging, or transparent – employers can risk losing top talent from the very first few seconds.

This is why its critically important to fill job descriptions with all the information that candidates need to know. Pay extra attention to your job description’s tone. You don’t want to come off as too aggressive or demanding and risk scaring candidates away. This will negatively impair the candidate experience. You also don’t want to go freestyle and create job descriptions that are inaccurate and irrelevant to the role. This is why leveraging a hiring platform like EVA-REC is key.

EVA-REC can assist recruiters in writing job descriptions by suggesting the skill sets that are relevant to the job role. It can also predict and recommend the specific courses that candidates need to take to improve their skill sets. As a result, our hiring platform will suggest particular keywords to the recruiters, which will help them create accurate job descriptions!

A branded career page shows candidates what to expect

Laptop showing a hiring platform

We can’t overstate this enough; your career page is a central hub for reinforcing your employer brand. When you create a modern career page that showcases who you truly are, and create content that is easily digestible, candidates will be more enticed to apply to your jobs. At the end of the day, you don’t want to come off as too strong and bold on your career page. The whole point is to offer candidates with a purposeful page that leaves a great first impression.

You want to showcase your friendly work environment, your awesome perks and benefits, and your warm company culture. Your career page should be informative, insightful, and shows candidates what to expect if they join your company. Now, to build a beautiful career page, you don’t need to hire a whole group of graphic designers and developers. You just need a hiring platform like EVA-REC, to build a branded career page in a few minutes only.

Where you can customize the colors that represent your brand, adjust the signup requirements for candidates, add pictures and videos of your company, and change the layout of your career page by simply dragging and dropping sections. This way, you won’t only wow candidates with your page but you’ll also demonstrate innovation, which candidates will see in high regard.

Timely communication keeps candidates in the loop

Talent acquisition specialist

Candidates don’t like to be left in the dark. It negatively affects the candidate experience. You can spend hours, days, or even weeks trying to hire the perfect candidate, only to find out that they’ve been scooped up by the competition. Why? The problem could be with communication.

When candidates invest a significant amount of time applying and interviewing for a job, they expect to be kept in the loop. So let’s dig deeper into why innovative hiring enhances timely communication. By leveraging video interviewing software or a hiring platform, you will be able to follow up and communicate with candidates much faster. Simply because everything is centralized for you in one place.

Meaning, you don’t need to spend hours shuffling through your old notepads trying to find the candidate’s number or email. Nor do you need to get a headache just trying to keep track of each and every application. So with our hiring platform, for example, you can automate follow-up emails. Let’s say you move a candidate from the first interview stage to the second interview stage. They’ll immediately get an email informing them of the next step. This will not only help you build a better candidate experience, but you’ll also get some great word of mouth.

A faster application process boosts satisfaction

Talent acquisition team

Life is already tough, and the last thing candidates need is a tough application process. When it comes to the application process, candidates will most definitely drop out if it takes them 45 minutes just to fill a form.  In fact, studies have shown that 20 percent of candidates are willing to drop out if the application takes them 10 minutes to fill. This issue ceases to exist with innovative hiring though.

For example, an applicant tracking system can help you provide a simple, fast, and efficient mobile-friendly candidate experience. Where candidates can apply to jobs directly from their phones and with only a few clicks. This way, when your application process is fast, intuitive, and smooth you can effortlessly prevent and minimize dropouts. And therefore boost the candidate experience.

Bottom line? Make it easier for candidates to apply. Here at Elevatus, the job application is extremely fast and easy to use, and it doesn’t take more than a few clicks! Job posts and descriptions are also easily navigable and locatable to candidates on all devices. Also, with a hiring platform like ours, you can reduce the time to apply from 15 minutes to a few minutes only, which means you are most likely to save 28% on media costs!

Innovative technology engages candidates

Laptop showing video assessment interview

When candidates are unnecessarily stressed, their engagement and performance incredibly increases. And what does this lead to? A poor candidate experience. This is why innovative hiring moves candidates smoothly through the process all while keeping them at ease.  Did you know that one-third of HR professionals don’t have the time to engage with candidates properly? Luckily, using hiring technology saves the recruiter’s time and allows them to give candidates the time and effort they deserve. Since they will be able to spend more time with candidates (even remotely). You will also significantly reduce time-to-hire because you’re not losing viable and qualified candidates to competitors with a lengthy and disengaging process.

What’s more, when video interviewing candidates with video interviewing software, a recruiter can boost engagement with candidates by simply allowing them to take their assessments or interviews at a time and place that suits their convenience. With more flexibility at hand, candidates will feel more satisfied, content, and more engaged throughout the hiring process. Which will help you craft a stellar candidate experience.

Personalization breeds stronger relationships

Candidate reading an email

By personalizing communication with the candidates, recruiters will make candidates feel valued and special. However, many HR professionals seem to underestimate the importance of creating, cultivating, and monitoring long-term relationships with potential candidates.

With innovative hiring though, personalizing communication with ALL candidates solidifies the candidate experience. Simply because it humanizes the remote recruitment process and builds trust from the start. So a hiring platform like EVA-REC gives recruiters the chance to personalize communication with candidates and create a better end-to-end candidate experience. This is because candidates – qualified or unqualified – will feel more respected, valued, and important. And remember, you can always offer candidates career advice, interview guidance, and resume tips to further strengthen the relationship and bond. This will leave all candidates with only positive things to say about your company. Whether they made the final cut or not.

In short    

The new world of hiring isn’t challenging. It’s just a bit different. And to adapt to the new norm, you must fully embrace innovative hiring if you want to create an exquisite candidate experience. And remember, sometimes you need to zoom out to see the bigger picture. Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes. Are you happy with the experience? Is the recruitment process a smooth sailing one? If not, then it’s time to find a better way to boost engagement with candidates. And what better way to do that than a hiring platform! Leverage one today, and see how you can exceptionally improve the candidate experience.

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Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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