8 Promising Tips You Need to Master to Grow and Succeed with an Applicant Tracking System

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A female recruiter sitting on her desk, and using an applicant tracking system.

Do you sometimes wish that you can get a better handle on your recruitment process? Attract the finest talent from all around the world with an awesome applicant tracking system?

Here’s a little secret: all those things are achievable.

All you have to do is simply master several aspects of the recruitment process. And when you do, you will instantly feel empowered to take ownership of your hiring and help your company grow and succeed. To help you demystify the process, we’re going to share the 8 focal areas that you need to focus on today, to pivot towards hiring success.

A truly effective remote recruitment process involves your team, an applicant tracking system, and these awesome tips!

Use a modern applicant tracking system

In the old world of recruitment, HR departments would use recruiting technologies that are outdated, lack innovation, and don’t provide fruitful insights. Today, there are modern applicant tracking systems that are brilliantly revolutionizing the recruitment process. To simply put it: an applicant tracking system brings crystal clear visibility to your recruitment process. It fruitfully helps you create a branded career page, automate administrative hiring tasks, customize your workflows, fill your positions quickly, filter candidates, and shrink your shortlist down to the winning candidate!

Encourage employee referrals

Employees can sometimes be the best hiring tool. In fact, employee referrals are one of the most effective hiring and candidate selection strategies. Through employee referrals, you can hire the most amazing people you know and encourage employees to bring in their most talented friends. By giving employees a voice in the remote recruitment process, they can reach out to experienced people in their network, and help you build momentum. In tow, employee referrals significantly improve company culture, build the foundation of trust, and instill positive energy within the current employees.

Have an awesome off-boarding process

You may be surprised to know that the off-boarding process is crucially important yet often overlooked by companies. In truth, it may sound counter-intuitive but an off-boarding process is a vital part of the recruitment process. In the same way we mentioned that current employees can recommend star candidates, past employees can do the same. Former employees who genuinely loved working at your company and had a smooth and friendly off-boarding experience, are more likely to return, spread positive word of mouth, and recommend candidates to apply to your job vacancies. So opt to throw a warm farewell party for departing employees, get their honest feedback, make amendments to unresolved conflicts, and show them appreciation for their hard work.

Give priority to the candidate experience

The ingredients for a stellar candidate experience are simple. You just need a dash of engagement and a handful of timely communication. And of course, an applicant tracking system. A well-designed candidate experience will show top talent that your company truly cares about its people! So if a referred candidate undergoes an exceptional candidate experience, current employees will stick their neck out for your company and refer even more qualified candidates, out of mere loyalty and pride.

To carve out a great candidate journey, simply remember to show up on time, come prepared, give candidates your undivided attention, exchange feedback when necessary, and personalize communication at every step. An applicant tracking system can help you customize and personalize communication with candidates effortlessly. Once candidates move from one stage to another, they will instantly receive an automated email that keeps them in the loop on their application status, and joyously improves their candidate experience.

Nurture your company culture

If you’re on the lookout to hire top talent, then you must keep in mind that you’re also shaping the future culture of your company. Meaning, although it may be essential to hire the best candidates, it’s also important to hire the people who share your values and can thrive in your company culture. So when recruiting candidates, keep important elements like transparency, inclusivity, and your mission in mind. In fact, by asking the right interview questions, you can easily assess candidates for cultural fit. Always opt to ask behavioral and situational questions to further assess whether the candidate can grow and become part of your blooming work culture.

Embrace collaborative hiring

Team hiring is a sport. Collaborating with your talent acquisition team can actually boost your recruiting efforts and help you and your team make a lasting impact. Your new hires will undeniably play a huge role in impacting the work of those around them. Therefore, involving your teammates in the recruitment process will help you gather fruitful insights. An applicant tracking system like ours allows teams to offer feedback, give ratings, and discuss candidates with their fellow teammates – all in one place. What’s more, HR professionals can grant their teammates specific permissions on the hiring platform, such as allowing them to move candidates between stages in the pipeline. With seamless collaboration, communication channels are open across all teams, and hiring objectives will be achieved faster with an applicant tracking system.

Write unique and engaging job descriptions

If you’re looking to impress your candidates, then your job descriptions are your initial shot. If you’re not writing accurate and precise job descriptions, then you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage from the very beginning. At worst, you’ll end up hiring a qualified candidate who will, later on, discover that their job description doesn’t truly represent the job, and will leave your company sooner or later.

Avert this dilemma with an applicant tracking system like EVA-REC.
EVA-REC can assist HR professionals in writing job posts by suggesting relevant skill sets, career levels, and the expected degree or major associated with the job role. It can also predict and recommend the specific courses that the candidate needs to take based on any missing or required skills that are necessary for the job. Therefore, our applicant tracking system can suggest specific keywords that would help HR teams fill out clear job descriptions, even if they don’t know really what the job requirements are!

Pursue and embrace diversity

Nowadays, all companies are looking to stand out from the crowd and build an awesome competitive advantage. Building a diverse workplace is definitely a great place to start. When you promote diversity, you show candidates that your recruitment process is not biased. We live in an era that fosters innovation, everywhere. So when you cultivate diversity and nurture diverse candidates, you bring a wealth of new experiences, perspectives, and skillsets to the workplace. This way, your company can easily identify opportunities and explore solutions. With this innovative approach, you can build a recruitment process that is inclusive and fair.

In summary

At the end of the day, you want to build a powerful recruitment process with a proven and innovative approach – from hello to hire! With these tips and an advanced applicant tracking system, you can foster an intelligent way to work and hire top performers for your company. And with top performers, your company can grow, succeed and reach new heights. Building a foolproof recruitment process is not easy, but with these tips, you should get off on a wonderful start!

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