5 Easy Ways to Strengthen The Remote Recruitment Process During Covid19

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Hiring during a pandemic is not easy.

Many of us had to adjust to the new reality of remote work, and build a new remote recruitment process from scratch.

Today, a vast majority of recruiters and employees are working from home due to the lasting effect of Covid19. This left HR departments with no option but to resort to new remote work arrangements.

As a result, recruiters are now looking for innovative and creative ways to improve and enhance the remote recruitment process during these hard times.

So…what are the best ways to strengthen the remote recruitment process?

What a fantastic question!

In this article, we will share with you the best way to strengthen the remote recruitment process during Covid19! 

Adopt an intelligent hiring platform

laptop showing a hiring platform

Without the right direction, tools, or planning, remote hiring can become a tricky process. This is why we encourage businesses who are struggling with remote hiring, to invest in a hiring platform that can automate the entire remote recruitment process from start to finish.

What makes our hiring platform unique is that it utilizes artificial intelligence to help recruiters rank candidates from highest to least fit based on their qualifications. In only seconds the best candidates will appear right before your eyes, and help you turn remote recruitment into a powerful asset!

Shorten the interview stages and recruitment process

talent acquisition specialist

Top talent doesn’t linger around for long. This is why we strongly advise you shorten the interview stages to keep the remote recruitment process brief and effective. We are not suggesting you fly through the interview process like a bullet, but we are proposing that you plan each interview stage smartly to keep candidates engaged all throughout.

Your interview process will reflect a lot about who you are to the candidates. This is why we believe that by conducting interviews in a timely manner, you will be able to intrigue future candidates and boost your entire recruitment efforts with ease.

Ditch the paperwork and make HR work digital

recruiter optimizing the remote recruitment process

It’s time to step aside and move away from piles of paperwork and outdated spreadsheets. Things have changed! There’s a much better way to get things done in this digital age.

To simply put it: remote work environments call for less time consuming processes. With a hiring platform like ours, you will be able to automate the entire pipeline, shortlist candidates in seconds, and send electronic offers to the best candidates with a simple click!

By eliminating the aspect of printing, faxing, scanning, and  sending offers and contracts, you’ll save a beautiful chunk of your time and focus more on what matters; your candidates.

Help new employees get started with the right technology

video interviewing software

Naturally, it could be quite hard for new employees to get started remotely, especially without the right technology. Luckily, our video interviewing software can help all employees get on board easily!

Rather than leaving numerous documents on their desks to read, you can alternatively send them a previously made video assessment by another employee or even yourself!

For instance, if you hired a new Sales Representative, then onboarding and training him/her will become a piece of a cake. Through video assessments, new employees can see with their own eyes what matching keywords they need to use in their sales pitch or any specific body language that they need to work on. Once they’ve completed this personalized and interactive one-on-one training, the onboarding process will become a much more engaging experience!

Keep communication lines open

talent acquisition specialists working together

It’s normal for new hires to feel anxious. They might shy away from asking you any questions about their roles and responsibilities. When employees are onboarded remotely, communication can become a real barrier and only exacerbated for remote employees.

The best way to get around this, is to keep communication lines open and answer all the questions that your new employees are hesitant and afraid to ask. Encourage your team leaders to do a Q&A session with them online, or ask your new hires to jump on a quick call with you whenever they have any questions regarding sick leaves, company policy, a pending task, or a general inquiry.

Takeaway thoughts 

Covid19 undoubtedly changed the way we work, and in ways we would have never imagined. Thankfully, we’re still navigating around it and making our work processes just as efficient. With an AI hiring platform, short interview processes, advanced automation, video interviewing software, and open communications lines, we are able to power remote recruitment and onboarding during this pandemic, and steer your recruitment process towards favorable results!

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