The Best Guide to Rock Your Next Video Assessment Interview

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Two male candidates conducting a video assessment

Do you have a big video assessment coming up, that’s making you feel a bit nervous?

Video assessment interviews are becoming the norm nowadays, especially since the start of Covid19. We’re also aware that they can make some of us feel nervous and excited at the same time. Perhaps you’re not familiar with video assessment interviews and you’re not sure what to expect. Or perhaps you’ve done it before, but you’re still not getting the hang of it. Don’t worry though, we got you covered. We’re going to help you shine in all your upcoming assessments!

Conducting a smooth video assessment interview is easy and all it takes is some good preparation. Which you can effortlessly do with these awesome tips!

Practice and come prepared

A female candidate holding a paper and working on her laptop.

We cannot stress the importance of ‘’preparation is key’’. When you’re well-prepared, you’ll give off an air of confidence in your next video assessment interview. If you’re conducting an exam, training, interview, or medical check, make sure you go over what you might be asked during the video assessment interview. Whether it’s practicing your elevator pitch, reviewing your exam material, or going over some common interview questions, make sure you dedicate enough time to prepare for all of this beforehand. This way, your answers won’t be robotic, but natural and authentic. And don’t forget to also be prepared mentally! Give yourself some time before your big day to get into the right headspace so you can be calm and focused when it’s time to sit and record your videos.

Set up your tech in advance

A male recruiter wearing headsets and working on his laptop.

The last thing you should worry about is whether your camera, microphone or speakers are functioning properly. So give your tech a test drive. Boot up your laptop or PC and test out the audio and video before your video assessment interview starts. Give the technology a quick check and make sure that everything is working as planned. This way, you’ll have all the time you need to troubleshoot any technical difficulties in advance. Make sure you’re connected to a strong internet connection, and that you’ve downloaded and installed everything you need beforehand! If you’re going to use video interviewing software for your video assessment interview, then make sure you learn more about it in advance!

Dress to impress!

A female employee working on her laptop, smiling, and wearing headsets to hear a video assessment.

First impressions count – even when you’re conducting a virtual one way interview. In fact, research suggests that it takes almost 7 – 10 seconds for assessors to formulate a first impression on someone who is conducting a video assessment interview. Many employers and decision-makers expect applicants to show up to the assessments looking smart, neat, and professional. Despite the fact that many companies foster a casual dress code, they still expect applicants to wear business clothes before conducting a professional assessment or a one way interview.

Don’t forget to be authentic

A male recruiter wearing headsets and watching a video assessment on his laptop.

In the midst of the stress of rehearsing your answers and dressing appropriately, you might forget to be yourself. As cliché, as it may sound, being honest and authentic in a video assessment interview is crucially essential. Don’t be afraid to show some enthusiasm and emotion during the assessment process. Being yourself will show employers and decision-makers that you are not embodying a false identity. Rather, you’re being your true self. Even if it means you give a nervous laugh, or stutter a little at first, the point is to show them who you are, and not who you aren’t.

Eliminate all unnecessary distractions

A female employee working on her laptop, while smiling.

If you’re going to take the video assessment interview from home, then make sure you create a distraction-free environment. Let your family know the time you’ll be recording your videos, so they won’t barge in on you in the middle of the process. Close your windows if there’s too much noise outside, and don’t neglect to pay extra attention to the lighting and background. It’s optimal if your background doesn’t include your bed, scattered clothes, family photographs, pets, or soda cans! Employers or decision-makers who are evaluating your videos can be easily distracted by objects found in your background or by unflattering lighting.

Final thoughts

Once you’re well-prepped, you can really hit off your next video assessment interview and put your best foot forward. Video assessments are a brilliant way for you to showcase your skills, capabilities, and elaborate further on your application.
All you need to do is practice, check your tech, dress appropriately, be yourself, and eliminate any distractions.
We hope that these tips can help you unleash your potential and ace your next video assessment!

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Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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