How to Master Your Remote Recruitment Process in 5 Simple Steps

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A female recruiter working on the remote recruitment process

We wish we could tell you that remote recruitment is as easy as posting a job on a great career site and just waiting for a pool of talent to flow in.

In fact, it could be simpler!

The truth is, we simplified the remote recruitment process with a hiring platform that can help you break free from manual tasks and make spreadsheets a distant memory.

Simply put, by optimizing your recruitment process you will watch your productivity skyrocket, take the guesswork out of hiring, and streamline the most complex processes in no time.

Are you ready to see how our hiring platform can help you master your remote recruitment process in the following wonderful ways?


Let’s get to the good stuff.

First and foremost, identify your hiring needs

A talent acquisition team

It’s nearly impossible to dive into recruiting candidates without identifying your hiring goals and needs first. Above all, we encourage you to break down the remote recruitment process into steps, identify your goals, create a hiring plan, and determine what you would like to achieve in each step. Make sure you think through the budget that is at your disposal, evaluate your current necessities, identify the skill sets available in your team, and pinpoint the gaps that you are trying to overcome. Last but not least, we advise you to set short and long term hiring plans that are both realistic and achievable.

Build a strong career page that leaves a lasting impression

A recruiter using a hiring platform

Having a powerful and branded career page on your radar will help you capture the full attention of potential candidates. The content, look and feel of your page will play a huge role in keeping candidates engaged and interested enough to apply to your company. Therefore, it would be wise to showcase who you really are with a branded career page. With our hiring platform, you can create a modern career page that converts. By adding your logo, favicon, perks/benefits, pictures, and videos, you will give candidates a better glimpse and understanding of your company’s culture and team spirit. Once you grab the attention of your candidates with a beautifully branded career page, converting them will become a piece of cake!

Prepare the right talent assessments

A male recruiter video interviewing a candidate

Talent assessments are a great way for you to test a candidate’s eligibility and see if he or she has what it takes to do the job. By adding talent assessments to your remote recruitment process, you will be able to shrink the large sea of candidates into a small qualified group. Talent assessments come in many types. You can either request candidates to submit a work sample, perform job simulations, complete cognitive aptitude tests, or conduct an AI video assessment interview. After selecting your preferred talent assessment, take a moment to evaluate the results. Give your screening process a deeper look. Is it effective? Are there any unfortunate delays in the process? If you notice that the majority of candidates who are moving forward are qualified, then chances are your selection practices and talent assessments are working well.

Give your candidates an experience they won’t forget

A female recruiter using a hiring platform

A poor candidate experience can cost your company a lot, especially since it can stop great candidates from applying. When candidates are delighted with their experience, not only will they convert, but they will also be two times more likely to recommend your company to others. They could even spread positive word of mouth, even if they don’t get the job at your company. Therefore, try your best to make their experience unique and memorable. Personalize communication with them, tailor the process to their needs, give them greater flexibility, and keep them in the loop with timely communication.

Work and collaborate closely with your team

An interviewer using video interviewing software

Remote recruitment is not a one-man show. It takes a lot of things to master your recruitment process, and team collaboration is a crucial factor amongst them! Teamwork can help your recruitment process become a refreshing breeze. We advise you and your team to work unanimously together to achieve your hiring goals. Start by utilizing an intelligent AI hiring platform like ours, which will give you and your team the space to enjoy timely communication, share instant valuable feedback, and make greater decisions together. With the right hiring platform in place, it will allow you to streamline the most complex remote recruitment process and transform it into a smooth, flexible and enjoyable experience.

Final thoughts

Yes, hiring the right person is not easy.
It’s true that the entire remote recruitment process can be time consuming and frustrating to some. It can also make a lot of recruiters weary at times. But the great news is, by following these simple steps you can ensure the success of your remote recruitment process! All you have to do is identify your hiring needs, build a powerful career page, use the right talent assessments, give candidates an exquisite experience, and collaborate closely with your team.

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