Talent Acquisition: How to Hire Remote Employees That Are The Perfect Cultural Fit

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We live in a fast-paced world, and everyone in talent acquisition is seeking to become a hiring pro nowadays.

We’re all looking for the best way to get our talent acquisition in shape. But we’re also looking for the perfect cultural fit that will mold flawlessly into our company!

So how can you find the perfect fit when you’re working from home, on your couch, and away from your team?

These talent acquisition tips will show you the best way to hire remote employees that fit perfectly with your work culture.

We won’t keep you for long. Let dig in together!

Define your company culture

Before you start hiring for cultural fit, take a moment to define your own company culture. Do you have a learning culture? An innovative culture? A market culture? Or a clan culture?

Creating a winning corporate culture will not only boost your talent acquisition efforts, but also lead to higher retention rates. Once you’ve defined your company culture, it will become easier to spot the best cultural fit through an applicant tracking system.

An applicant tracking system can help you filter, shortlist, and interview the applicants that prove to be a cultural fit for your company. For instance, with our ATS, you can simply allocate weights of importance to the applicant’s criteria that are most important to you. Then, you will be able to hire the most suitable applicants with a single click! 

Update your career page

If you offer perks and benefits that 99% of job seekers are looking for, then be a little louder about it. Share it on your career page and reflect your company’s culture and team spirit to the applicants. Write standout job descriptions that clearly illustrate your remarkable remote work policy.

Be crystal clear from the start, and let your applicants know what your company culture really stands for and how your team operates in a remote work environment. Applicants who will resonate with your culture, will most likely be the first to apply.

Unravel valuable personality insights

CVs only put titles and skills forward.

But do they unravel unique personality traits?


Can they show you whether an applicant is the perfect cultural fit?


When you can’t shake your applicant’s hands in person, a virtual video assessment is the next best thing!

If you’d really like to know your applicants beyond paper, we highly suggest you invest video interviewing software that can help you reveal accurate behavioral and personality insights that are hard to crack from CVs alone. 

Also, our video assessment tool can provide you with a personality report after each video assessment. Through this report, you can get a deeper look at the applicant’s personality and decide whether or not they’d be a great cultural fit for your company.

Collaborate with your team members

If you’re operating in a culture of high performance, then you and your talent acquisitioin team are most likely on the same boat. Which means that everyone at the office shares the same culture, and is well familiar with the dynamics of the office. When hiring remote employees, it would be optimal to collaborate with your teammates and share collective feedback. This way, you can all contribute to finding the employee that will best fit your culture and company. 

As we mentioned above, video interviewing software can significantly help you make easier decisions with your team. You can simply invite your talent acquisition teammates to any video assessment, so you can get their feedback, comments or ratings towards any applicant. This way, you can make communication as open as possible and decision-making as breezy as possible!

In summary

Your company culture places your team in the right direction and fosters mutual understanding.

Luring the best cultural fit isn’t hard in talent acquisition. All you need to do is define your company culture, update your career page, unravel valuable personality insights, and collaborate with your team members. Hiring applicants who mold perfectly into your organization will most definitely improve productivity, morale, and team spirit.

If you apply the previous talent acquisition tips carefully, you will be following the same steps that many enterprise companies are using today to remotely hire employeesthat are the best cultural fit.



Become a leader in hiring today!

Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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