6 Fantastic Ways an Applicant Tracking System Can Grow Your Business in 2022

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The world is in a constant state of flux. At this very moment, businesses and HR departments are pivoting their strategies to cater to the ever-changing economic and health issues spreading around the globe.

But there’s one thing we know for certain.

Tough times don’t last, but applicant tracking systems do.

If you feel like other businesses are growing and securing top talent faster than you, it might be because you haven’t found the perfect hiring technology yet. Or maybe you already have one, but your entire team resents using it because it’s too old school.

But if you want to grow and achieve greater ROI in 2022, it might be time to ditch the old and embrace the new. And by that, we mean an ATS.

Still looking for a reason to leverage an applicant tracking system in 2022? We have 6!

Keep tabs on all candidates at all times

laptop showing an applicant tracking system

When you first bought your hiring technology you must have thought “Thank God, the spreadsheet days are over.” And the next thing you know your teammates are still asking you to send over spreadsheets because they can no longer keep tabs on candidates. You know it, we know it: the technology failed to live up to standards.

A modern applicant tracking system helps you get a birds-eye view of where each candidate is, and at any time. You’ll never lose a resume or spend endless hours looking for it on your computer. Instead, an applicant tracking system enables you to create a candidate profile automatically, with a simple drag-and-drop feature.
It allows recruiters to smoothly usher candidates through organized pipelines. This way, you no longer need to enter fake data just to move a candidate to the next step. Modern-day applicant tracking systems are intuitive. They can automate communication steps and show you at a glance the candidates who made it to the next round and the ones who got disqualified.

Get your lost time back

A recruiter who looks drained

As cliché as this may sound: time is money. Especially when you’re a startup or small company scrambling to find the optimal way to recruit top talent. Perhaps your recruiting team wants to devote more time to meaningful tasks like building connections with candidates and sending offers. Without an applicant tracking system, all your processes might turn into an utter mess. If your recruiting team looks like a group of recruiters who are drained, exhausted, and haven’t had a proper lunch break in months – then it’s time to leverage an ATS that will get you your time back.

A strong applicant tracking system spares recruiters from administrative tasks. Like managing spreadsheets, manually tracking candidates, sending emails, and posting job vacancies. Alternatively, an ATS can help you save more than 90% of your time and consequently automate and optimize all your hiring steps. In fact, an applicant tracking system is also easy to set up, implement and deploy as well. Which saves you endless hours that you would otherwise spend on setting up an alternative hiring technology.

Reduce errors and automate processes

recruiter automating the hiring process

Whether your inbox is flowing with unsuitable candidates, your career page isn’t performing well, or you’re struggling with lackluster team collaboration – you’ve most likely had to deal with a lot of errors and challenges along the way. Also, you might be losing out on top talent because of these setbacks. Keep in mind, that candidates today are treating job vacancies like an online shopping experience. So if they’re not really happy with the hiring process, then they’ll write a bad review or have a mouthful to share with their network. But an applicant tracking system will make sure that candidates won’t get lost in the hiring process.


It optimizes, automates, and speeds up workflows. It also centralizes information and communication effortlessly!

Allowing you to automate and customize your hiring pipelines according to your own preferences and needs. You can also easily move candidates between stages and instantly update them on the next step through automated follow-up emails. Therefore, an applicant tracking system gives recruiters the time they deserve to center their focus on hiring the perfect fit faster, rather than draining their energy on the tasks that are needed to make it happen. Which inevitably reduces errors and ramps up productivity levels instead.

Screen for excellence and hire in-demand talent

Recruiter and candidate shaking hands

At the end of the day, hiring processes that are more effective result in better candidates. And recruiters know that quality-of-hire is one of the most important metrics for hiring success. An applicant tracking system can be easily configured and customized to help you screen resumes for relevance, and see at a glance the candidates who are most qualified.

For example, with an ATS like EVA-REC, recruiters can identify and hire top talent with ease. They can filter and find exactly who they are looking for by assigning weights to the criteria most important to them. This criterion can be related to location, skills, willingness to travel, experience, or industry. Afterwards, our AI-powered applicant tracking system will filter through the candidates and help recruiters spot the most qualified ones in seconds. At last, each candidate will get a certain matching percentage.

This percentage signifies how relevant the candidate’s profile is to the job requirements. To make the process even easier for recruiters, our ATS will rank the candidates from highest to lowest match with a single click. Therefore, our applicant tracking system, EVA-REC, has helped recruiters reduce the cost per screening by 80% and improve the quality of hire by 75%!

Integrate with the tools you use on a daily basis

A recruiter using Zoom to interview candidates

Do you have a list of tools that you can’t go a day without? A strong ATS can integrate with them! For example, our applicant tracking system is integrated with world-class technology providers and the most popular tools in HR. Such as LinkedIn, Google Meet, DocuSign, Glassdoor, and Zoom. This means that recruiters can have access to everything they need in one centralized place. Helping them find, attract, filter, shortlist, and screen candidates without the need to jump from one tab to the other.

This way, you can manage, automate, and optimize all your hiring workflows without the hassle. Plus, our applicant tracking system allows you to integrate and post your jobs to over 2,000 job boards. Where you can integrate with a broad range of free and paid job boards. So instead of logging in and out of each platform, you can alternatively attract the best candidates from all around the world – with a single click. You can also choose to post on renowned channels, niche websites, and social media. Such as Monster, Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – and thousands more.

This will substantially help you attract more candidates, increase traffic to your career page, and give your job vacancy more exposure.

Craft a rich candidate experience

A candidate enjoying the hiring process

A poor candidate experience will cost you more than just losing top talent. It can also negatively impact your employer brand. It’s easy for candidates to get lost in the shuffle and lose trust in your company if the process is too lengthy and disorganized. Think about it this way, the money your company loses because of a negative candidate experience can have serious adversary effects on your business growth and outcomes.

On a brighter note, an applicant tracking system turns your hiring process into one that is more flexible, fast, and intuitive. Which doesn’t only make it easier for recruiters, but for candidates as well. And before you even know it, you’ll be turning prospective candidates into brand ambassadors through a wonderful candidate experience.

Given that an applicant tracking system automates and optimizes the hiring process from start to finish – it means that candidates will undergo a fast and smooth hiring experience that hits the mark. Especially since it also enables them to complete the application form easily and zip through the interview stages fast. Which will irrevocably give them the impression that your company is agile, innovative, and super-advanced.

Tying it all together

The moral of the story, don’t spend too much time or effort on outdated processes when there are award-winning applicant tracking systems waiting for you out there. Why worry about a disgruntled hiring process and an influx of candidates when you can manage them all with an ATS?
Not only will this incredible hiring technology support you in growing your business in the upcoming year, but it will give you more time to get to know candidates on a deeper level. Will an ATS magically remove all chances that you might make a bad hire? Probably not. But can an ATS increase your odds of making an incredibly great hire? You bet it can!

‏Make great hires fast

With our advanced ATS, build a fast, friendly, and exceptional hiring process. See how hiring top talent at scale and getting started couldn’t be any easier.
Start hiring globally today

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