4 Things That are Guaranteed to Help Talent Acquisition Teams Win Over Dream Talent in 2021

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A picture of a talent acquisition specialist who is actively trying to find dream talent

There are motivated talent acquisition leaders out there who are hoping to crack the hiring code. How can one engage and retain top talent? What’s the easiest way to win them over?

Talent acquisition teams are looking for the golden key that will help them seamlessly hire superstar contributors for their organizations. Or in other words; dream talent that will become a cornerstone for impact and change.

By placing such heavy focus on finding and hiring top talent, that human element (that is crucial for forming such beautiful bonds) is fading away.

If you want to become a talent acquisition professional, that candidates will never forget, then these great tips are guaranteed to help you win over dream talent like never before!

Treat them like they’re your friends

Being super professional with candidates is the easiest way to dry out the human bond between you two. Candidates often leave interviews feeling like they nailed it, only to be left in the dark. Hearing crickets. Not a peep back.

Think of this for a second.  Candidates don’t want to feel like they are in a sinkhole second-guessing themselves, wondering where they went wrong. By creating an amicable friendship with candidates, we mean giving them the space to feel comfortable and express their views freely. Maybe even let them talk about their passions and hobbies. This way, you’ll simply lay the foundation for a long-lasting relationship that will most definitely help you win over your dream candidates with ease.

Make things easier for them

Nothing great spurts out of a lengthy and complicated recruitment process. Especially one that overly complicates the life of the candidate. And that’s the number one way talent acquisition teams lose top talent. This is why our AI hiring platform makes the life of recruiters and candidates as blissful as a walk in the park. It streamlines the recruitment process and helps recruiters engage, retain, and attract their dream candidates. With a beautifully branded career page, timely communication, personalized emails, and a memorable candidate experience, talent acquisition teams can
make their candidates feel relaxed, intrigued, and interested enough to continue in the remote recruitment process.

Go the extra mile for them

In the midst of trying to win over top talent, recruiters can get lost in the plot. Some may try hard to sell the position but pay little attention to what the candidate is truly seeking. By going the extra mile, we mean asking candidates what they seek in a working environment, what helps them thrive, and what they aspire to work in next.

Going the extra mile also means being available in late hours to respond to candidates, being polite, dealing with unexpected delays, and understanding their situations. When recruiters show their empathy, understanding, and patience to candidates, they help them feel less distressed and more engaged in the recruitment process.

Create a candidate experience worth talking about

Creating a great candidate experience is everything. Every touchpoint your candidate has in the recruitment process is a chance for talent acquisition teams to contribute to a memorable candidate experience. A candidate’s experience will undeniably make candidates feel good about your company, especially after seeing how you’re treating them.

What’s more, a great candidate experience allows candidates to move through the recruitment process smoothly, with no hurdles, just timely updates. This way, not only will you win over their hearts, but you’ll also get them excited to speak positively about their experience and spread incredible word of mouth that will boost your employer brand.

In conclusion

Attracting your dream talent doesn’t need to become a hard game. Or a maze. It’s as simple as 1 2 3. Sometimes we get lost in the hustle, we forget about the little things that make all the difference. All you have to do is treat them like they’re your friends, make the recruitment process easier for them, go the extra mile, and create a candidate experience that they will want to tell their friends about.

Our recruitment software is designed to take care of all the hard and mundane work the recruitment process entails, to help you focus more on hiring your dream candidates. Take a tour of EVA-REC and see it for yourself!

Become a leader in hiring today!

Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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