Top 5 Ways Using Recruitment Software can Make Your Hiring Process Painless and Engaging

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A picture of a recruiter who is trying to make the hiring process more painless and engaging with a recruitment software.

There’s a startling trend of top talent dropping out of the hiring process. Why’s that?

Because some companies aren’t using the right recruitment software to keep candidates engaged!

We know that attracting the right talent for your business is an ever-growing challenge, especially if you’re still operating and working remotely. But even if your best candidates drop out of the hiring process, there’s still something that you can do about it. For instance, you can simply create a painless, engaging, and fast hiring process with innovative and advanced recruitment software like EVA-REC.

If you’d like to leverage AI, recruitment software, and innovation to turn your remote recruitment process around, then you will love these 5 awesome tips!

Fine-tune your job postings

A recruiter using EVA-REC on his laptop to adjust job descriptions

We all know that job postings play a critical role in attracting the right type of candidates for your business. This is why the best way to lure in top talent, is to create job descriptions that entice, excite, and grab their attention. The great news is, our AI recruitment software can help you autofill the skills section in your job descriptions to make them more relevant and accurate. This way, you can boost your credibility with an honest and clear job offer. Last but not least, our recruitment software can help you expand your exposure and reach out to top talent around the world, by simply posting your jobs to over 10,000 boards with a single click and on a beautifully branded career page. By distributing your job posts to renowned job boards, you can make it easier and faster for you and your recruiting team to find and engage with the best candidates.

Make it effortless and easy to apply

A candidate applying to a job on Elevatus

We all know how dreary lengthy applications can be. They drain candidates and leave them with no motivation to continue through the talent acquisition process. So to make the way you hire easier and simple, we recommend you use an AI hiring platform like EVA-REC to automate each and every step of the hiring process. Therefore, sparing you and candidates from the tiresome effect of time-consuming processes. Using AI for hiring can also help candidates apply to positions with a few clicks and with little to no effort. In addition, it optimizes the application process and allows them to apply to jobs faster, and from any device!

Turn candidate screening into a breeze

A recruiter easily screening candidates on EVA-REC

Screening candidates is one of the most important steps in the hiring process. It helps you instantly eliminate unqualified candidates, so you can focus more on the ones that are the best match. Using AI for hiring makes it humanly possible for recruiters to screen thousands of resumes in a few minutes only. How? You can simply drag and drop a mass number of resumes into our recruitment software, and it will immediately filter and show you the candidate profiles that match your requirements! What’s more, our recruitment software can also intelligently help you match these resumes to pre-existing job posts or job descriptions that you have. To make it even easier for you, the AI engine can also rank candidates from highest to lowest match, so you can instantly spot the most qualified ones with just a single glance!

Use structured and effective interview questions

Recruiters reading and asking interview questions

It goes without saying that structuring interview questions can pave the way for a standardized method of evaluating candidates. This way, a recruiter can assess and evaluate all candidates fairly. By developing a bank of powerful interview questions, recruiters can use these pre-set questions to focus on the candidates’ skills, knowledge, experience, and characteristics required for the job. By using effective interview questions in the hiring process, recruiters can cut-to-the-chase, ask all candidates the same questions, and ensure that their hiring decisions are based on job-related information, rather than irrelevant details.

Boost candidate engagement

A picture of a male candidate that looks engaged and happy

The way you treat candidates in the remote recruitment process will ultimately paint an accurate picture of how you will treat them as employees in the future. By ensuring that your hiring process is fast, efficient, and straightforward, you can wonderfully boost candidate engagement, even when you’re hiring in high volume. The great news is, you don’t need to worry about losing and disengaging top talent. Our recruitment software can help you create a personalized candidate experience, engage in conversations that flow in real-time, automate communication, and keep candidates in the loop on their application status. Therefore, allowing you to boost candidate engagement by a massive 85%!

Final thoughts

An AI recruitment software can effortlessly allow you to bring innovation and digitization into your hiring process. Where it can help you design a fun, interactive, and engaging experience for both candidates and recruiters! Helping you enhance your job postings, simplify the application process, make candidate screening a breeze, boost candidate engagement, and standardize interview questions with ease! Any of these tips can delightfully help your candidates feel excited, prepared, and eager for what’s coming next.

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Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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