6 Proven Ways a Hiring Platform Combats Recruiter Burnout

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Working hard without playing hard is never a great idea. But when you’re wearing a hundred and one hats trying to find, engage and hire top talent – sometimes it seems like there’s no other option.

Nowadays, recruiters are striving to do too much, too fast, and with little to no resources. This leads to loss of productivity, regrettable hires, and above all, recruiter burnout.

Recruiter burnout is no joke. It can lead to long-lasting effects on the recruiter and organization alike. So if employers want to flip the script and revive recruiter burnout – they’ll need to leverage a hiring platform. A hiring platform can help recruiters jump back on the bandwagon and avoid recruiter burnout when the hiring wheels are in full motion. And nowadays, a hiring platform became to a recruiter what a paintbrush means for a painter: essential to their success.


Here, we share 5 incredible ways a hiring platform can help mitigate recruiter burnout.

Curbs and eliminates unnecessary recruiting stress

a recruiter drained on her desk

Many recruiters struggle with a handful of challenges on a daily basis. From manually posting jobs, shortlisting candidates, screening hundreds of resumes, assessing candidates, to making tough hiring decisions. Not only is that debilitating, but it also ramps up stress levels. Which all too often leads to undesired recruiter burnout.

With a hiring platform though, recruiters can let it do the heavy-lifting and chasing.

For example, a hiring platform like EVA-REC curbs recruiter burnout by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. It also frees recruiters from the task of tracking candidates at each stage, identifying the most lucrative advertising sources, and streamlining communication. This way, recruiters don’t need to clock in every morning with flying stress levels, wondering if they should skip their lunch break just to squeeze enough time to send out a bunch of rejection letters.

Instead, they can rely on a hiring platform that automates the admin and frees their time for high-level tasks.

Automates pipelines with zero effort

A recruiter automating pipelines

Managing and optimizing pipelines manually is more than just a headache. With an influx of applications flowing into the recruiter’s inbox on a daily basis, what’s the best way to organize them into pipelines, without blowing away four working days on this pesky little task?

Two words: hiring platforms.

Hiring platforms can help you automate pipelines and cut through your hiring time like a blade. It tells you at a glance, which candidate has what it takes and which one doesn’t. It also neatly organizes candidates into pipelines that are built around your preferences and needs. Need 6 hiring stages? No worries. You can do that in seconds with a hiring platform, along with specifying the automated stage actions.

So instead of jumping on Gmail to whip up an email to a candidate, the hiring platform will automatically notify the candidate as soon as he or she moves from one stage to another.

Not only does this save 90% of the recruiter’s time, but it also allows their productivity and morale to skyrocket. Because the next time they boot up their laptops, they’ll see organized pipelines, instead of outdated spreadsheets. And recruiter burnout will cease to exist!

Screen for quality candidates without the hassle

Recruiters using a hiring platform

Recruiting is hard to predict. One day you can’t find a single qualified candidate, the next you’re overwhelmed with a huge inflow of resumes. You must have heard many times that a recruiter spends an average of 6 seconds on a resume. But is that really enough time to weed out the best talent? We think not.

When you’re caught in this maze, a hiring platform is your best bet out.

A hiring platform helps you accurately screen thousands of resumes in a fraction of time. Where in seconds, you can filter candidates based on pre-set requirements and filter out those who don’t meet them.

So for example, with a hiring platform like EVA-REC, you can seamlessly drag-and-drop thousands of resumes and it will automatically parse the information then create a profile for each candidate. A matching percentage will also appear next to each candidate’s profile. This matching percentage signifies how well the candidate’s profile matches the job requirements.

Then, with a click of a button, you can match these resumes with pre-existing job posts or job descriptions that you have. This way, you can effortlessly screen candidates without blowing away half the working day for a tedious process!

Makes team collaboration a breeze

hiring team collaborating together

Team collaboration is important for a reason. Everyday conversations help recruiters streamline information while simultaneously improving the way they collaborate.

But nowadays, hiring teams are too busy to even communicate with each other. Many of them no longer share feedback, comments, or their thoughts on candidates. Hiring suddenly turned into a one-man job. Which is not the right way to go about it. And what does this mean? It means that hiring will take forever and losing top talent to competitors becomes recurring.

A hiring platform, though, brings out a hiring team’s A-game.

A hiring platform like EVA-REC allows hiring teams to tune in and collaborate together. It seamlessly involves all teammates in the recruitment process, where they can leave comments, add notes, ask questions, and rate candidates together. This makes managing tasks, scheduling, and assessing candidates much easier because each teammate is contributing to the collective decision-making process. What’s more, this significantly saves time spent arranging meetings and the process of reviewing candidates. Which ultimately reduces stress and helps in combating recruiter burnout. You know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work.

Devotes more time to what you’re passionate about

Laptop showing a hiring platform

Many recruiters get into HR because they enjoy working with others, developing relationships, and connecting candidates with the right opportunities. But spending endless hours sourcing, shortlisting, and hiring candidates is never part of the plan. Manual work doesn’t fulfill these passions. It just becomes another time-consuming aspect of the recruiter’s job which can definitely be streamlined through automation.

With a hiring platform, you can effortlessly communicate with candidates in real-time through automated follow-up emails. This way, you don’t have to worry about searching your inbox for a candidate’s response. Instead, the hiring platform will keep track of that for you. It leaves you with more time to spend on the meaningful parts of recruitment. Such as nurturing great relationships with candidates, identifying hiring needs, making better hiring decisions, and optimizing recruitment strategies.

This leaves recruiters with more time to remind themselves of what initially drove them to enter this field. Which is the pure joy of helping candidates land their dream jobs.

Helps you zip through the hiring process fast

recruiters working together in an office

We’d love to tell you that speeding the recruitment process is as simple as ticking boxes and following a step-by-step guide. It’s a bit more complex than that.
When hiring for a role or two, it’s feasible to calculate recruitment metrics and carry out the entire hiring process manually. But when you’re tasked with hiring hundreds of candidates, that’s when it truly turns into a challenge. Spreadsheets get chunky and emails get lost in an inbox pile. And the next thing you know, you’re trying to combat severe recruiter burnout.

A hiring platform automates and centralizes all your core HR processes in one place. First, it automates resume screening which involves keyword analysis that enables you to focus on the right candidates. Second, another big plus, you no longer need to manually tailor outgoing emails to candidates. Instead, you can quickly automate communication and save valuable time. Lastly, a hiring platform like EVA-REC makes your sourcing efforts a breeze. It helps you seamlessly post jobs to 2,000+ job boards, channels, niche sites, and social media platforms. Also, you can effortlessly select the channels you want, and post all your jobs – hundreds of them – in one single click.

Say goodbye to jumping between tabs just to post a single job ad. Instead, you can use our hiring platform to centralize the entire process in one place. Where you can collect candidate information from job boards and see how many candidates came from each source. This way, you can organize and manage all your candidates from multiple sources effortlessly. The faster you sail through the hiring process, the less likely you’ll experience recruiter burnout again.

Bottom line

In the war for talent, recruiter burnout is never the right answer.

Recruiter burnout is the reason HR has the fifth highest turnover as a job function. Because with so little time, resources, and technology – recruiters can’t perform their jobs the way they’re supposed to. But the biggest culprit of recruiter burnout is the lack of a hiring platform. A hiring platform like EVA-REC helps recruiters take their time back, stop feeling like living machines, and help them restore their love for recruitment again.

Interested in preventing recruiter burnout? Give recruiters a hiring platform they’ll love.

Avoid recruiter burnout with a simple hiring process‏

Source and hire top talent, wherever they are. Whether you're looking to streamline the recruitment process or create a stand-out hiring experience, we got you covered.
Start automating your tasks ‏

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