Hiring Tools: Writing the Best Employee Referral Program Email

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Recruiters dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to finding, assessing, and recruiting the ideal candidate for a position, especially when many positions must be filled.

How burdened do you feel after posting positions, receiving resumes, sending emails and contacting candidates to organize interviews, preparing for them, and then making the appropriate decision? A lot, right?

Still, all of this can be overwhelming, especially when done in an outdated, traditional way.

The best solution? Hiring tools?

With the most recent advancements and innovations, most businesses are integrating hiring tools to accelerate and streamline the process. These hiring tools, such as the award-winning EVA-REC, will streamline all administrative tasks on a recruiter’s plate – including emailing candidates! Yes, an email can be sent immediately and automatically through hiring tools, and all you need to do is prepare a template that we have already prepared for you!

Below, you’ll find an employee referral program email template for you to customize and use, as well as some useful information for employing top hiring tools!

All about employee referrals

Employees collaborating together using hiring tools

When you’re looking for a candidate to fill a position or when a client suggests a candidate – that designated person is considered an employee referral. Most referred candidates do not go through the typical hiring process.

The hiring team will decide whether or not the candidates are a suitable fit by reviewing their resumes,experience, performance on specific assessments, and interviewing them for the position. If you’re using automated hiring tools, the process will be far more easier and less time consuming, especially when an employee referral program is set.

What are employee referral programs?

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An employee referral program is one that organizes how your company seeks and collects employee referrals. When you don’t have an employee referral program in place, team members can still recommend possible good candidates, but you can’t rely on referrals for your hiring efforts if it happens occasionally.

When you implement employee referral programs, you add another element to your hiring approach. In other words, you’re one step closer to finding the ideal candidate.

What to include when sending employee referral program emails?

Employee writing email template to use on hiring tools

A well-structured employee referral program can highly enhance your hiring time, reduce cost, and improve the quality of hire. So always be sure to customize the email template and announce the details of your referral program.

Here’s what you need to include in the referral program explanatory email:

  • Why referrals are important for you
  • How should employees suggest candidates
  • What information you need
  • How long will the process take
  • A brief job description of position (roles and responsibilities)
  • Needed requirements and skills
  • Department they will be working in

Also, it is important to mention your employee referral program rules and any employee referral bonus programs you may have.

Here’s an email template that you can customize and use through hiring tools

Subject line: We’re hiring! Do you know a great (Job title)?

Hello team,
We are glad to announce that we are currently looking for a (Job title) to join the team and work with our (X department)!

This person will be responsible for (mention briefly duties and tasks responsible for). The ideal candidate for this position should be (add top requirements for the position) and share the company’s values.

If you know someone who you think would be a good fit, and would like to refer them to us kindly let them send an email to the recruiting team mentioning that they’re referred to and adding their contact details.)

Thank you for your help,



You must ensure that all guidelines and candidates’ job requirements are clear to find the ideal candidate through referrals. Maintain an organized and well-established employee referral program to save costs and boost hiring quality.

To maintain the brand’s identity, always customize any email template before adding it to the hiring tools. Make the hiring process easier and more efficient with our #1 award-winning end-to-end hiring tool!

EVA-REC is an award-winning hiring tool that automates and improves the hiring process through next-generation AI technology. It makes it far easier for recruiters to find, attract, and hire the right people, every time. With world-class integrations and AI features, EVA-REC creates a rich and immersive hiring experience for HR teams and candidates alike.

Did you find this email template helpful? For more email templates and HR resources, visit our HR resources blog where you will find a vast range of useful advice, tips, and resources for you and your HR team! And if you’d like to try our award-winning hiring platform, book a free one-on-one demo here!

Recruit top talent without the hassle

Want to learn how a hiring tool can help you, source candidates faster, recruit top talent, and slash your hiring costs in half? Find out with EVA-REC, the award-winning and leading hiring tools.
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