4 Easy Ways a Hiring Platform Transforms Recruitment in the Sports Industry

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Sports play a huge role in our society. People flock from all over the world to enjoy sporting events with their loved ones. Whether it’s for the Olympics, Euro Cup, or Wimbledon – there’s no doubt that sports help us escape the daily stress of our lives and come together as a community.

But since the rise of Covid19, it went from game on to lights out. And for a very long time, we were no longer able to watch our favorite games again.

However, over the past few months, things started to slowly get better. Now we get the chance to watch our favorite athletes run down the courts and fields again.

But raging fans and athletes aren’t the only ones who are ecstatic to be back. The workers in the sports industry are over the moon too. These workers are the ones who run the teams, federation, sports medicine, sporting bodies, and more. There’s also the technology specialists and those who run the on-the-ground logistics.

But most importantly – we can’t forget about the recruiters and talent acquisition specialists charged with hiring these sport professionals, with a hiring platform.

Today, technology has advanced various aspects of our society, including sports. As we’re slowly starting to ride out the wave of Covid19 restrictions, we dive into the world of future-focused HR professionals.

These HR professionals are looking to transform recruitment in the sports industry with hiring platforms. And in this blog post, we show you how.

Curbs career anxiety

talent acquisition team

2020 put a lot of careers on hold. Especially those in the sports industry. Career anxiety started to spurt out of junior and senior professionals in charge of making these sport events happen.

This severely impacted their motivation and career optimism. Where many of them weren’t confident they’d ever be back, some were fired, and others started to look for alternative career paths.

This put recruiters in a critical stance. How can they motivate their staff, or even hire demotivated sport professionals now that the industry started to boom again?

It’s easy. They use a hiring platform to curb everyone’s anxieties – including theirs!

With a hiring platform, recruiters can create a seamless and frictionless hiring experience. One that encourages fairness and equality amongst all candidates. One that makes the hiring process fast, agile and super user-friendly. This way, recruiters can create an environment that makes candidates and employees feel connected to the organization.

For instance, a hiring platform like EVA-REC can help recruiters cultivate warm relationships with candidates – both active and passive. Where they can communicate with candidates in real-time and give them a real glimpse into the company culture through branded career pages.  In tow, this will help recruiters build great talent pools and give all sport professionals a fair chance to delve back into work again.

Supports high volume recruiting

A recruiter using a hiring platform

Since the sports industry is slowly booming back again, recruiters are now faced with the challenge of hiring a lot of talent in a short amount of time. This means that they’ll be getting an influx of applications from different types of sports professionals. An end-to-end hiring platform like EVA-REC can help recruiters easily manage, optimize, and organize a mass number of applications in no time. Where all the recruiters need to do is simply drag and drop these applications from their desktops into the system.

Then, it will seamlessly parse the information, create a profile for each candidate, and match these candidates to the right jobs. Plus, recruiters can also match candidates from highest to lowest match, which invariably helps them pinpoint the right talent at a single glance. This way, recruiters can turn volume recruiting into a piece of cake, and save 90% of their time.

Even better, a hiring platform arms recruiters with the hiring technology they need to prepare themselves for any ambiguities or challenges that may rise again in the future. Such as facing a new wave of outbreak. A hiring platform reassures recruiters that no challenges can get in their way again, as they can always make remote hiring a breeze with advanced and cutting-edge features.

Encourages diversity in the workplace

A recruiter writing a job description

Diversity continues to be a huge issue in sports. Remember the Black Lives Matter movement?
It got athletes from all around the world ‘take a knee’ in support. Where US teams in the NBA boycotted games to protest in support of the shooting of Jacob Blake.

This means, that sports professionals seek for diversity. Even in the recruitment process. Especially since many believe that candidates with white diversity have an evident advantage.

Not with a hiring platform though.

Recruiters nowadays are leveraging a hiring platform to craft a hiring process that is fair and unbiased – through AI talent matching.

Talent matching means that the technology can match candidates to the most suitable jobs in seconds. Simply by taking into account the candidate’s skillsets and experience, and matching them to the job requirements. Which means, a hiring platform doesn’t just factor in age, gender, and race.

As a result, this can help hiring teams discover top talent without invoking any biased decisions. Because talent matching automatically and objectively matches the right candidates to the right jobs.

Whether a recruiter is looking to hire a National Team Manager or a Sports Scientist and Athletic Development Coach – a hiring platform like EVA-REC allows recruiters to assign weights to the criteria most important to them. This criterion could be related to their willingness to travel, years of experience, job type, skills and more.

After assigning the weights, the recruiters will notice that each candidate will get a certain matching percentage. This percentage signifies how close the candidate’s qualifications match the job requirements. Not only will this tool help you reduce bias, but it will also help you build a diverse talent pool and an inclusive hiring process.

Writes clear and thorough job descriptions

Recruiters are now in a rush to get back to the new ‘normal’ and jump straight into filling positions, fast. Maybe you’re in a rush to hire a new Brand Marketing Manager for the World Cup 2022, or you need to hire a physiotherapist for the world’s best tennis players.

But before you make any hasty decisions, make sure you’re crafting the right job descriptions that clarify the job requirements precisely. At the end of the day, you want to give prospect candidates all the detailed insights into the role. In essence, you want to define all the duties they need to accomplish. However, new skillsets are always emerging in the marketplace, which makes it relatively hard for recruiters to stay up to date with these changes.

Luckily, a hiring platform like EVA-REC can help with that.

Our hiring platform can innovatively help recruiters write job descriptions with full accuracy. All recruiters have to do, is simply write the job title for the position, and EVA-REC will instantly generate the skill sets required for the job – in seconds! This way, recruiters won’t elicit any hiring bias. As they can rely on EVA-REC to use the right language that is proven to communicate more successfully with candidates.

Bottom line

The impact of Covid19 continues to ripple through the HR and sports industries alike. Not only did it accelerate changes in the recruitment industry, but it also gave sport professionals the opportunity to overcome these challenges and jump back on the bandwagon. A hiring platform like EVA-REC can help sports professionals from all around the world find the right job in no time. It also helps recruiters enthusiastically transform and fine-tune the hiring process like never before. It also offers world-first AI features and technology that are fully customizable – and help create a rich and immersive hiring experience for HR and sports professionals alike. Start your 14-day free trial and see how it can make that happen for you too.

Attract and hire top talent at top speed‏

Source and hire top talent, wherever they are. Whether you're looking to hire sports professionals or create a stand-out hiring experience, we got you covered.
Start sourcing candidates for free‏

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