6 Brilliant Ways a Hiring Platform Can Maximize Your Company’s Growth

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The human resources department is the heart of any organization. It’s more than just paperwork and filing. It plays a key role in securing top talent, improving retention, managing employees, and cultivating the company’s culture.

Now imagine pairing this powerful department with a powerful hiring platform.

This brilliant duo will undeniably steer your business towards explosive success. But for that to happen, you’ll need to find the right hiring platform that suits your needs (and your wallet). Think of this hiring platform as the catalyst that will boost your HR department – and most importantly – your company’s growth.

There are numerous ways that a hiring platform can maximize your company’s growth. Let’s see them together in more detail.

Increases the efficiency of the HR department

talent acquisition team

Things like approving leaves, certifying absences, and chasing down managers to complete performance reviews – is not only time-consuming, but also draining. It’s technically why we see many talent acquisition specialists slumping at their desks with exhaustion in the early afternoon. Can you blame them?

On the bright side, a hiring platform eliminates and takes over these menial tasks. It saves your company valuable time that could be better spent on other high-level tasks. Now, all these manual tasks can be delegated to the automated hiring platform. Allowing HR teams to democratize the hiring process and save more than 90% of their precious time.

Since a hiring platform can swiftly screen resumes, shortlist candidates, optimize communication, and improve decision-making – recruiters will feel more engaged and efficient throughout the day. This will ultimately make them feel more self-reliant and independent. As a result, it will make them feel more productive and engaged to your company, giving them a gratifying sense of achievement and accomplishment. And you know the drill – the more productive your employees are, the better the results your company will attain.

Conquers all geographical barriers

recruiter using a hiring platform

Given that Covid19 drove many companies to operate remotely, a hiring platform helps HR teams tune in together in one place, even if they’re working from different locations. By eliminating geographical constraints, HR teams can collaborate and communicate in real-time. For example, an AI hiring platform like EVA-REC, allows you to invite your entire team to help you out in the hiring process and give them access to the information they need.
Want to give a certain teammate the greenlight to move a candidate between stages? Simply grant them the permission from the platform. You can also share comments, ratings, feedback, and evaluations with your teammates, for a more collaborative decision-making process.

Streamlines and improves workflows

laptop showing a hiring platform

Hiring workflows can be challenging without the right technology. Let’s suppose hundreds of applications flow into a recruiter’s inbox for a single job vacancy.

These applications need a human eye to screen through the resumes and select the right qualifications. A hiring platform though, can filter out and whittle down candidates to the winning shortlist. By streamlining the screening process, recruiters can closely examine the shortlisted candidates to make more accurate hiring decisions.

But that’s not only it.

A hiring platform automates basic functions such as scheduling interviews, applicant tracking, and resume parsing. What’s more, a hiring platform like EVA-REC also integrates with world-class technology providers to help HR teams build, optimize, and improve their hiring workflows in one place. Where they can integrate with tech providers such as SAP, Oracle, DocuSign, Zoom and 2,000+ job boards to streamline all their HR functions with ease.

Improves your approach to security and compliance

Laptop showing GDPR

Simple errors in the hiring process can cost your company tons of money. There’s no doubt about that. And it’s an entirely new ballgame when it comes to compliance and achieving regulatory standards.
Nowadays, it’s obligatory for companies to meet various different compliances to remain credible, legitimate, and avoid heavy fines. This stands true for enterprises that must continuously deal with sensitive data. Including those in the healthcare and financial industry.

Luckily, the majority of hiring platforms such as EVA-REC are compliant with existing data protection laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This aims to strengthen the user’s privacy and protect his or her personal data. With more fairness and transparency in the hiring process, it builds trust and security within the candidates and users. By becoming GDPR-compliant, you will give your company the chance to improve its employer brand and boost the candidate experience beyond just the hiring process.

Helps managers and employees achieve hiring goals

recruiter goals

Every HR department should have a list of short-term and long-term goals. And when HR teams successfully meet their goals, it will help other departments in the company improve and contribute towards the organization’s goals too. To simply put it: if you set the right goals, you’ll see the right results.

But what good are goals, if you don’t have the necessary tools to achieve them?

A hiring platform will help keep everyone on track with their hiring goals and objectives.

For example, recruiters who use EVA-REC, can easily track all their recruitment metrics through an advanced analytics feature. With their own personalized dashboards, they can see at a glance the success of the hiring process. Such as whether they were able to hit their hiring goals and KPIs. If metrics such as time-to-hire and time-to-disqualify are way off the charts, recruiters will instantly take note and make the necessary adjustments. By quickly spotting bottlenecks in the hiring process, managers and recruiters can together meet and achieve all their hiring goals effortlessly.

Eliminates unwanted business expenditures

recruiter calculating recruiting costs

Whether it’s a global pandemic, a recession, or a dip in sales – HR teams never stop their incentives on lowering hiring costs. But the trick lies in doing it the right way.

A hiring platform can simultaneously cut costs while improving your organization. Simply put, it exceptionally improves decision making and efficiency. Which in turn, mitigate costly hiring mistakes. And by reaping such benefits, it makes up for its price tag.

Not only does it lower unwanted business expenditures, but it also gets the right talents pooled in. This ultimately boosts productivity and reduces expenses that accrue over time in recruiting. Secondly, the automation found within the hiring platform helps in reducing the number of recruiters that need to work on the hiring process. So if it used to take four recruiters to get the job done, it can now take only one. By using the recruiters’ time cost-efficiently, your company can irrevocably save a huge chunk of its costs and boost business productivity as a result.

To conclude

A hiring platform is more than just a wizard tool. It’s the core foundation of every HR department. By leveraging a platform that is designed specifically to perform the more mundane aspects of hiring, recruiters can seamlessly perform their roles as they should. These are just a few ways that a hiring platform can maximize your company’s growth. But when you put one to work – you’ll see other splendid benefits that your HR department and company will be more than happy to reap.

Hire the people who will grow your business ‏

Our award-winning hiring platform is designed to help you hit all your hiring goals and maximize your company's growth.
Make great hires for free ‏

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