5 Hiring Platform Hacks That Make Recruiting More Successful

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recruiter using a hiring platform

The increased demand for skilled talent has created a whole new challenge for talent acquisition teams. It’s not easy to find great candidates. Especially when there’s a talent crunch out there. With no innovative approach or hiring platform, recruiters are finding it equally hard to reach out to candidates without new job listings, structured interviews, or an outstanding career page.

To simply say it, the more you drag your feet in the hiring process, the harder it becomes for you to secure top talent. When you move slow, the competition will move faster and scoop up the candidates you were trying so hard to hire.
But it’s not only about moving fast. It’s about finding that hiring platform that gives you that sweet mix between agility and innovation.

Here, we explore 5 hiring platform hacks that will change the way you hire!

Write creative job descriptions that convert

recruiter writing a job description

The best way to optimize your recruiting, is to start at the beginning: your job descriptions.

The true purpose of a job description isn’t only to tell candidates about the job. Its purpose is to also set clear expectations for candidates regarding your company and vacancy. It’s technically the magnet that attracts top talent.

Still writing job descriptions on Word documents? Stop right now! That’s like trying to carve a turkey with a butter knife.

To make the role compelling, you’re going to need to be accurate and somewhat creative. Here’s how a hiring platform like EVA-REC can help with that.

Our hiring platform can help recruiters write accurate and relevant job descriptions that bust gender-biases. It brings more structure to the way job descriptions are created and maintained. By only typing in the job title, EVA-REC will automatically autofill the skills section based on emerging jobs and up-to-date job requirements in the marketplace. Therefore, allowing you to post accurate job posts that will help you attract the right candidates for the job. Without even misguiding them with false information.

Here is a pro tip: avoid over-the-top language in your job descriptions. Words like ‘’superstars’’ and ‘’ninjas’’ tend to prevent candidates from applying. Instead, be creative in different ways. You can always add a video that showcases your work environment and tells candidates more about the position.

Use 2,000+ job boards to source candidates fast

recruiter using a hiring platform

Now that you created a buzz around your job descriptions, it’s time to post your jobs online. But remember, posting them on social media is not enough. You’re going to need to expand your reach and post your jobs on premium, niche, and renowned job boards. The point is, you want to get noticed by active and passive candidates.

Luckily, a hiring platform makes job advertising less complicated and more easy.

EVA-REC, our advanced hiring platform, provides an efficient way for recruiters to attract quality candidates by integrating with over 2,000 job boards. Where recruiters will have easy access to a global portfolio of job boards that target job ads based on industry, job function, region, and job title. In a few seconds, recruiters can purchase credits and advertise their jobs across a variety of channels. And with a more targeted approach, it becomes seamlessly easier to attract and convert candidates.

This makes it much faster to optimize job listings without even leaving EVA-REC. And now, with quick access to a diversified set of job boards, it’s even easier for recruiters to identify top talent across multiple providers, with competitive pricing and pay-as-you-go flexibility.

Keep the application process short with AI

talent acquisition specialist

At some point, we’ve all come across job applications that demand a lot of patience. One page, after one page, after another. Only to reach page 7 and find yourself completely losing interest in filling the application altogether.

This is a true story for candidates today. Where they spend an average of 45 minutes filling out a form or even worse – rewriting their entire resume in individual fields.

Don’t be that employer! You can do better with a hiring platform.

A hiring platform like EVA-REC automatically fills in the required fields and offers a simple resume upload option. This means that you don’t have to overwhelm candidates with an endless process. Rather, a hiring platform like ours makes the application process simple and straightforward. Where candidates who sign up on your career page can sign in through LinkedIn or their Google accounts. They can also upload their CVs and their profiles will be automatically generated. All the information will be instantly parsed as well!

What’s more, candidates can also view a matching percentage for every job, which signifies how well their qualifications match the job requirements!

With our hiring platform, recruiters can turn the application process into an extremely fast and smooth one. It also doesn’t take more than a few clicks from the candidate’s side. Job posts and descriptions are also easily navigable and locatable to candidates on all devices. Also, with a hiring platform like ours, you can reduce the time to apply from 45 minutes to a few minutes only!

Invite your team onboard without the hassle

recruiter collaborating with teammates on the hiring platform

Collaborative hiring is a growing trend in recruitment. The goal of collaborative hiring is to bring together teammates to source, screen, make decisions, and hire top talent. When teammates work together, it puts less stress on the individual recruiter and improves the chances of hiring cultural fits.

Onboarding teammates to collaboratively hire with Elevatus’ hiring platform is easy. You can simply invite teammates to support you throughout the hiring process and specify their permissions on the platform. Where in one place, teams can share feedback, comments, ratings, and engage in discussions that flow in real time. You can invite as many teammates as you wish, and even get feedback from other departments as well.

When more voices are added to the recruitment process, a broader range of opinions will be heard. And when teams work together, it leads to a higher level of efficiency when evaluating potential candidates. Therefore, recruiters will view candidates from multiple perspectives to obtain a more complete and thorough assessment. As a result, this mitigates the impact of hiring bias in the recruitment process.

Automate candidate screening with smart filtration

recruiter manually screening candidates

Screening candidates is a dreaded task for many recruiters, if not the most time-consuming task.

Imagine getting at least 250 resumes and spending over two weeks screening them. Only to shortlist them down to 20, who then go for another round of recruiting. We can all agree that it’s pretty hectic.

But screening candidates with a hiring platform is smarter and faster. It is not your plain vanilla screening tool. It uses advanced technology and AI to make the magic happen.

Let’s take EVA-REC as an example. Recruiters can seamlessly turn their offline database into an online and searchable one. Where all they’ve got to do is drag and drop the mass number of resumes into the system, and all the candidates’ information will be immediately parsed from their resumes. A matching percentage will then appear next to each candidate’s profile which signifies how closely the candidate’s profile matches the job requirements.

Then, with the click of a button, recruiters can quickly match these candidates to pre-existing job posts or job descriptions that they have. This helps recruiters make the right hiring decisions, as only qualified candidates can proceed to the next steps of the recruitment process.

Takeaway thoughts

In today’s challenging HR landscape, hiring top talent is the lifeblood of all growing and successful companies. If you’re a busy recruiter who’s struggling with the recruitment process, we understand the challenges you’re facing. Our hiring platform has been designed to offer recruiters like yourself a plethora of benefits. From posting jobs, attracting qualified candidates, streamlining the recruitment process to hiring top-notch talent – we got you covered. Start your 14-day free trial today and see the great results yourself!

Make the right hires faster! ‏

Our end-to-end hiring platform helps you source and attract top talent, deliver a great candidate experience, and make the right hiring decision, every time.
Start sourcing top talent today ‏

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