How to Build a Wonderful Candidate Journey With Recruitment Software

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We’re sure you’re well aware of the incredible benefits of recruitment software.

But did you know that it can monumentally create a wonderful candidate journey?

So, what do we mean by that?

A candidate’s journey is no different than a buyer’s journey. Buyers look for services and products to purchase, whereas candidates look for compelling job opportunities. This is ultimately why candidates need to be treated just like customers.

The same way you choose your candidates, your candidates are choosing you too.

To create a wonderful candidate experience, you need to have a solid understanding of what the candidate’s journey should look like. Nowadays, companies and talent acquisition leaders need to focus more on the candidate experience, as the failure to do so could have negative implications on the brand image. This is because a large percentage of candidates share their negative experiences online and it’s very easy for such stories to spread like wildfire on social media channels.

Now, let’s take a look at the stages of the candidate journey and how recruitment software can provide a wonderful experience for your candidates.


Candidate reading about a company

The awareness stage is the initial stage of every candidate’s path. This is when the candidate gets to know more about your job opening – which can occur in several ways. Such as through LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, or your career page.

Attracting the right talent saves you and the candidate valuable time. But to achieve this, it is essential to have an ideal candidate persona and develop a strategic plan to attract talent with the desired skills. Your ideal candidate persona can be strategically infused into the job description that you create with the recruitment software.

Consideration and interest

Candidate showing interest in a job ad

The two phases of consideration and interest can sometimes overlap and be addressed as one. In the consideration/interest stage of the candidate journey, candidates get a better sense of your company as a whole. For instance, they learn more about the company’s values, work culture, mission, and so on.

Therefore, it’s essential to employ the principles of employer branding at this stage. Companies that implement the principles of employer branding are consistent across all communication channels – such as company pages, career sites, job descriptions, social media, and even word of mouth. These characteristics help organizations attract top talent and help candidates get past the consideration/interest stage to apply for the job opening.

With a large percentage of candidates combing through the company website and social media pages to find relevant information about an organization, it is very crucial to have a clearly defined employer brand that makes a great first impression. For example, a modern branded career page created with the help of recruitment software can be the go-to place for candidates to find useful information about a potential employer.


Candidate applying to a job ad via recruitment software

This is one of the important stages of the candidate journey. Lengthy job applications can frustrate top talent and negatively impact the candidate’s experience. In fact, according to studies, candidates won’t complete an application if takes them more than 20 minutes to complete.

Modern recruitment software is an efficient way to keep the job application process as brief as possible. With this software, you can allow candidates to sail through the application process fast, and only answer the most important questions.

Another important thing to consider is whether or not your application process is mobile-friendly. When candidates can apply to jobs on the go, you can instantly boost their hiring experience.


Recruiters having a video interview with candidate via recruitment software

At the selection stage of the candidate journey, it is important that you are as transparent as possible. In this phase, candidates are likely to compare potential employers by gathering more detailed information, particularly during the interview process.

To properly convey what it’s like to work at your company, you can show candidates a video that showcases your company’s work culture and how the workforce is structured. This video can also be attached to the email invitation for the interview.


Candidate receives mail of job offer

All the previous phases aforementioned will determine the decisions to be made in the hiring stage, by the employer and candidates alike. Candidate experience in the previous phases of the candidate journey can either have a negative or positive impact on the candidate’s willingness to accept or reject an offer.

Therefore, you must treat the candidate journey funnel as a holistic and unified one.

The fast application process, consistent communication, and transparency from the recruiter’s end – will mirror your company’s culture and values. It will also tell the candidate whether or not your company is organized, professional, and an attractive place to work. Recruitment software is a valuable means of keeping all these factors in check to foster a positive candidate experience in all stages of the candidate journey.


Onboarding session of candidate via recruitment software

How well can you remember the few days leading to the first day you started to work with a new company?

Not many recruiters consider the onboarding stage as part of the candidate journey. But how quickly your new hires fit into the workflow and culture is just as important as other stages of the candidate journey.

For example, 28% of new hires leave their positions within 90 days due to struggles they have with the new workflow or company culture. All in all, an efficient onboarding process can reduce the risk of losing new hires as it helps them feel welcomed, before day one.


Identifying the weakest links in your candidate journey can be quite elusive, no doubt. But that’s where feedback comes to play. Reaching out to candidates at various stages in their journey to ask for actionable feedback can help you identify the weak points that you need to improve. Doing so will automatically give room for a positive candidate experience and help you achieve hiring success.

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Attract and hire top talent faster

Attract and source candidates, automate manual tasks, and streamline the hiring process with our award-winning recruitment software. And never lose top talent to competitors again!
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