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In this competitive job market, providing a good candidate experience is more important than ever before. Today’s candidates are increasingly selective when looking for an employer and make career decisions in the same way a consumer chooses a product.

While a strong candidate experience can boost your ability to land the best talent, a bad experience can have an adverse effect on the company’s corporate brand and employer reputation.

So how can companies enhance the candidate experience?

By implementing video interviewing in their recruitment process.

Let’s dive into how video interviewing will improve the candidate experience:

Engage The Candidate Through An Interactive Experience

recruiters using video interviewing

Keeping candidates engaged from the first moment in their application process is important. This makes them more likely to be productive, passionate and motivated to continue the application process.

You can keep candidates engaged by video interviewing them rather than going for the traditional interview. Video interviews allow the hiring manager to ask questions of the candidates. Meanwhile, the candidate can respond with a video recording, making the first stage of the application process more interactive.

Not only that, seeing the candidates’ video interviews reduces the time spent on conducting traditional interviews. This accelerates the pre-selection process for both recruiters and candidates. If your pre-selection takes too long, candidates can lose interest causing recruiters to miss out on good talent. So engage your candidates by video interviewing them to ensure that the best ones are hired by you!

Non-biased Hiring Through Standardised Questioning

Awesome Video Interviewing to Optimize Your Hiring Workflows

By video interviewing candidates, you ensure each of them receives the same questions and the same amount of time to answer them. This makes the application process as unbiased and as objective as possible. You will be comparing the answers of multiple candidates to the same question while also sharing the recordings with other recruiters for a second opinion.

This method provides a great candidate experience. This is because the candidates know they are not discriminated against since everyone is receiving the same questions. This will also give the candidate more confidence going forward.

For example, EVA-SSESS generates a psychometric report for each candidate, that is validated by modern science. This report is called the Five-Factor Model and reveals valuable insights into the candidates’ core personality traits: agreeableness, consciousness, openness, extraversion, and emotional stability. This report also helps them learn more about the candidates behind the screen, such as how they learn, communicate, conduct sales, and their programming aptitude. Through scientifically-backed insights, recruiters will not have to worry about relying on their gut feeling, intuition, or individualized opinion when evaluating candidates.

Convenience In Travel And Cost

Video Interviewing to interview candidates

Sometimes, scheduling an interview can be a hassle because the candidate’s and the recruiter’s time don’t align. If you take too long to schedule an interview, your candidate may end up losing interest. This is because, in today’s job market, candidates prefer for the hiring process to be easy and hassle-free.

To make things exactly like that for candidates, video interviewing is a great way to go for. By inviting candidates to do a video interview, you eliminate the travel time and cost and allow them to participate immediately in the selection process.

Using a pre-recorded video interview like EVA-SSESS to screen candidates will provide you with all the information you need without the hassle. Where candidates can easily respond to your questions comfortably and on their own time. This eliminates the need for candidates to face-to-face during the first round, saving them valuable time and money.

Gives Candidates Time To Shine

Candidate receiving an email through video interviewing

Given the huge amount of applications recruiters receive, it is impossible to meet all of them. Because of this, a huge chunk of candidates will get rejected based on their resumes alone. The rest get screened through other methods before making it to the interview stage.

So if you value your candidates and want to ensure they had a good and positive candidate experience, use video interviewing in the recruitment process. Pre-recorded video interviews will let you meet all the candidates in the screening phase, thus giving equal chances to all candidates to present themselves.

This results in a good and positive candidate experience, as they will feel that they had a fair shot at getting the job, making them feel good about the process, even if they get rejected in the end.

Concluding Thoughts

Video interviewing could go a long way towards providing a great candidate experience – and this might be just what you need to set your company apart from the competition. Having these elements in place will turn candidate experience into fewer drop-outs and no more talent to waste.

And EVA-SSESS is the perfect video interview tool to do it with!

EVA-SSESS is a next-generation video interviewing software that enables you to pinpoint and hire top talent fast by testing and evaluating the key skills and abilities through secure and unbiased video assessment interviews.

Request a free demo and see EVA-SESS give your candidates a satisfying experience.

Pinpoint and hire great candidates at top speed!

Our video interviewing software can help you identify and secure top talent fast with unbiased and secure AI-based video assessment interviews.
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