10 Reasons Why You Should Add EVA to Your Team!

Have you met EVA? She’s our extremely intelligent Matchmaker. EVA is on a quest to make everyone’s life so much easier. From extracting to analyzing data, she can help you make decisions with the snap of your fingers. Are you getting recurring headaches from complex processes? Are you getting anxiety from all the difficult decisions that you’re hesitant to make? Then EVA is just what you need. Just like a summer breeze, she’ll refresh your mind and unleash your full potential.


Do you find yourself constantly racing with time? Well that’s no way to live!

When you add EVA to your team, you’ll never have to perform any repetitive tasks again. Instead, she’ll allow you to focus more on high level tasks and most importantly… the things that you love! With all the extra time on hand, you can bet a 90% increase in your efficiency and productivity.


The Covid19 breakout drove many businesses worldwide into a wave of panic, especially when it came to retooling their budgets. With all this financial uncertainty, cutting costs is crucially important. EVA will help you reduce the long dreadful hours that you previously spent on hiring, training, assessing, educating, developing, and making decisions. Having her on board, means that you can effortlessly enjoy reducing costs by 80%!


One-on-one interviews can be just as stressful as exams sometimes. Understanding an applicant’s behavioral and cognitive characteristics is a maze on its own. This is where EVA jumps into the rescue! When you give the applicant a questionnaire to answer through short videos, EVA will generate a thorough personality report for you. From analyzing micro expressions to voice tones, the insights you will get are 85% accurate.


Who would want the hassle of jumping from one platform to the other? Imagine if all the platforms you need are integrated with your favorite tools? From joining a Zoom meeting, to sending signatures and offers by DocuSign, to even posting on 10,000 job boards (in case you’re hiring) With our A.I technology…everything is seamlessly integrated!


Did you know that effective communication between team members can rapidly escalate your journey to success? With EVA, you can allow your team to virtually discuss, rate, or comment on any particular task. You can also assign them into various groups where they can contribute in evaluating applicants across various pipelines. Now your team can effectively communicate with each other even from the comfort of their own homes. Therefore, EVA paves the way for a smooth digital transformation among all team members!


Are you growing bored of lengthy processes? Are your working hours unbearably long and tedious? EVA will end your sorrows by creating automated and user-friendly processes just for you! From highly efficient pipelines to personalized tracking boards, you can move applicants with ease between various stages.


What if we told you that with EVA, you can drag and drop a pile of resumes and she can rank them for you from most to least ideal? Based on the weights that you assign to specific criteria, she will find your perfect applicant within seconds! Better yet, she bridges any matching gap with her semantic recommendation engine by simply matching the optimal vacancy with the optimal applicant. Amazing, isn’t it?


Creating a professional branding page is how you can showcase your culture and instill a sense of belonging to your ideal applicant. With EVA by your side, you can create a beautifully well designed page within minutes, rather than weeks! And hold your horses for the best part – you don’t even need to hire a team of experts for it.


Do your applicants feel lost? Do they need to enroll in online-classes to strengthen their   skills? Introducing online learning to your company’s culture is crucial to your success! This is where EVA pitches in, and makes your life and applicant’s life so much easier.  She will suggest relevant online courses by known educational institutions, organizations and industry experts. These courses are linked through world-class providers.


Are you losing your marbles trying to figure out how to fill out a job description? Don’t feel helpless just yet! With our artificial intelligence and automation, nothing is impossible. With new job roles constantly rolling into the market, she’ll intelligently suggest the appropriate skills and requirements for you so you won’t have to figure it out on your own.

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