4 Easy Ways to Evolve Your Hiring Practices with an ATS Recruitment Software

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Decades ago, hiring practices were quite different.

Before the internet, if recruiters wanted to post a job, they’d usually post in local newspapers, billboards, and magazines – or maybe even spread the word with their friends.

But today, things are quite different. A recruiter who is looking to hire top talent, can simply boot up their laptop, log in to an ATS recruitment software, and get the entire job done from a single tab. Long story short? Recruiting is no longer a complex and tedious process.

ATS recruitment software, AI, the internet, and technology have massively revolutionized hiring practices. While this used to be a farfetched dream for recruiters in the past, it’s now becoming the very real reality for modern-day recruitment.

Still wondering how hiring practices have evolved for the better with ATS recruitment software?

We got you covered.

Let’s go over them together!

Leverage advanced AI and automation

recruiters using an ATS recruitment software

With the advancements in AI and technology, one can only admit that they are now one of the most important tools in a company’s arsenal. Why? Because many ATS recruitment software is actually powered by advanced AI and cutting-edge technology. Through this powerful duo, streamlining the hiring process has now turned into a simple, easy, and enjoyable process.

For example, in the past recruiters had to individually reach out to each and every candidate to update them on their application process. Can you just imagine how exhausting that could be if these recruiters had hundreds of candidates waiting around for a response? The mere thought of finding their contact information, scrolling through endless email threads, and sending emails manually to hundreds of candidates – is enough to make our heads spin.

Luckily, an ATS recruitment software puts an end to that.

For starters, an ATS recruitment software allows you to automate communication with candidates. Where you can customize hiring pipelines and set up automated actions and triggers. This way, once you move candidates from one stay to the other, they will instantly receive an automated email updating them on their application status – or the next steps.

By simply automating communication, the ATS recruitment software keeps candidates in the loop and updated all throughout.

Streamline workflows and approvals with ease

a talent acquisition specialist streamlined workflows

Automating communication with candidates is just half of the battle. Streamlining workflows is the other.

Years and years ago, recruiters had to manage their workflows manually, or even worse, through Excel sheets and papers.

It used to be incredibly challenging – and debilitating – to manage the entire hiring process without the right tools, resources, and technology.

On the bright side, ATS recruitment software takes the hassle of that.

First, it allows you to customize unlimited dynamic hiring pipelines that meet your requirements and needs. Then, you can effortlessly set up different workflows (for different roles) and assign specific teammates to them. Not only that, but it also puts team collaboration at the heart of your hiring and becomes a useful internal communication hub. Where everyone can share comments, feedback, thoughts, and ratings in one single place. In fact, teams can reach a consensus faster, solicit feedback, and make more accurate talent decisions in less time.

What about approvals and requisitions?

We’re getting to that next!

An ATS recruitment software allows you to easily create all your job requisitions in one place, assign the right approvers, and get the approval process moving faster. After adding all the information related to the requisition and specifying the conditions, you can then easily manage and set approval workflows by adding the users authorized to make approvals on the designated workflows. Also, you can even nudge approvers and send them automated reminders. Which ultimately makes the approval process more streamlined and effortless than ever before.

Highlight your brand with a modern career page

improving the employer brand with an ATS recruitment software

Years ago, candidates would wish to learn more about the company they were applying for in the easiest way possible. Unfortunately, many companies didn’t have LinkedIn profiles, branded career pages, or Glassdoor accounts. Which essentially meant that prospective candidates wouldn’t be able to learn more about the company’s culture, work environment, or services.

But here’s how an ATS recruitment software has changed that altogether.

An ATS recruitment software enables you to make your first touchpoint with candidates (your career page) a memorable and powerful one. Where you can completely brand it and design it with a few clicks – without the need to hire a group of designers or put a strain on your recruitment budget.

Through this career page, you can seamlessly highlight what makes your company unique. Where you can add visually appealing graphics, corporate videos, team testimonials, perks and benefits, and of course, all your open vacancies. This will generally give top talent a better idea of what it would be like to work at your company, and whether or not they see themselves fitting in.

Create an exceptional candidate experience

improving the candidate experience with an ATS recruiting software

The same way recruiters are pretty selective with the candidates they choose for their open vacancies, candidates are doing just the same.

The candidate experience plays a big role in the hiring process. If candidates get a smooth sailing experience all throughout, they’ll be more enticed and excited about joining your company. Not only that, they might even tell their friends about it too.

So, how can an ATS recruitment software help with that?

ATS recruitment software automates the hiring process from “hello” to “hired”. It makes it far easier for top talent to apply to jobs, communicate with recruiters, conduct interviews, and sign offers – all on the go.

It takes candidates through a quick and easy application process that takes no longer than a couple of minutes to fill. It even recommends online courses based on any missing skillsets required for the job! Not only that, but it also keeps candidates loops in candidates and notifies them instantly on the next steps.

When the hiring process takes no longer than a couple of weeks, it gives candidates the impression that you are a nimble, innovative, and modern company. Plus, it shows that you are leveraging the latest in technology to make the lives of recruiters – and candidates – a refreshing breeze!

Keeping it short

In today’s digital world, implementing an ATS recruitment software is no longer a “nice-to-have’’ but a must-have! Not only does it serve as a catalyst to evolving your hiring practices, but it also makes your recruitment feel less of a chore, and more pleasant for everyone involved!

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Streamline your recruitment process today‏

See how our ATS can help you create a fully optimized and streamlined recruitment process so that you can source, attract, and hire the right candidates for the job – every time.
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