5 Great Ways Employer Branding Impacts Remote Recruitment

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A group of candidates who are admiring a company's employer branding in the remote recruitment process

For as long as we know, a company’s brand and reputation play a pivotal role in attracting top talent. When tying employer branding to remote recruitment, you will be able to effortlessly attract and engage the best-of-the-best talent.

Employer branding is important in remote recruitment because once positioned correctly, it will align with the candidates’ aspirations and strongly appeal to their interests. When you successfully manage to attract top talent, you will simultaneously nurture their experience and pump some lifeblood into your employer brand.

So in what other ways is employer branding taking center stage in remote recruitment?

We answer your question in this article!

Let’s dive right in.

Attracts top talent and retains existing ones

A recruiter using his phone in the remote recruitment process

We all know that digital talent has the power now. After all, they are the ones who decide on whether they want to move forward in the hiring process or not. If your company doesn’t stand out to them, then the stakes are high and they will most likely pursue an opportunity somewhere else. Therefore, make sure you establish a solid online presence on social media and build a career page that truly reflects who you are.

Candidates will always take a peek at your social media accounts before applying, so make sure your content appeals to their interest and grabs their attention. What’s more, when you have a strong employer brand, your current employees will be beyond thrilled and proud to be part of your organization, and therefore, you’ll successfully retain your top stars with ease.

Turns your employees into your brand advocates

A recruiter updating the career page on the recruitment software EVA-REC

Did you know that more than 60% of candidates rely on employee testimonials and reviews to make a decision? So when your best employees share their positive experiences at your company, you can guarantee that you will turn them into your brand advocates. Not only will this support your remote recruitment efforts, but it will also empower your brand and influence more potential candidates to apply to your open vacancies.

Therefore, encourage your employees to tweet, post, or publish their personal accomplishments, achievements, and experiences at your organization.

Boosts candidate engagement like never before

A female talent acquisition specialist watching video interviews

Providing a rich candidate experience and pairing it with a strong employer brand, will give you that recruitment boom you’re looking for. When you incorporate video interviews, video assessment interviews, psychometrics, and fun game-based assessments, you can definitely boost the candidate’s experience, and give them an interview process that is memorable and unlike any other.

Also, an AI hiring platform like ours can provide candidates with a consistent and engaging experience, as it automatically moves them from one stage to another without any delays in the remote recruitment process.

Reflects your unique identity and culture

A male recruiter adjusting the colors of the branded career page

It goes without saying that candidates are looking for a vibrant and diverse company to join. This means that you’re going to have to reflect your company’s culture on your career page. Therefore, talent acquisition teams need to be quite tactful when designing their branded career page. In addition, a branded career page should give candidates a good glimpse at the company culture, perks and benefits, employee testimonials, and work environment. With a branded career page, you can convert top talent by 70%!

Reduces recruitment costs

An employee meditating on her desk

Once you have a strong employer brand, you don’t need to spend any extra time on finding the best candidates. Instead, you’ll start attracting them like a magnet! Also, if you’ve already established a strong employer brand, you wouldn’t need to spend more money on remote recruitment marketing either. This means that with extra money at hand, you can improve other aspects of your remote recruitment process, such as your offerings, and stay ahead of the competition!

Takeaway thoughts

Your employer branding is crucially important, as it can help you entice top talent to apply to your company, and help you retain the talent you already have. With a stand-out employer brand, you can give your company a competitive advantage and position your company in a very attractive way. So don’t forget to reflect your company’s identity, culture, and atmosphere in a very compelling and eye-catching manner. This way, you’ll make your employer brand authentic and irresistible to candidates worldwide.

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