4 Important Reasons Why You Should Automate Employee Assessments with Video Interviewing Software

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The word is out: remote work is here to stay.

Things have dramatically changed in the workplace, and so have employee assessments.

In these times, you have to make the right software your friend. We’re talking about video interviewing software that can automate the entire assessment process for you, wherever you are in the world.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of evaluation tools out there.

But are they working for you? Are you able to assess your employees’ performance efficiently?

If you’re looking for an easier way to assess your employees and actually enjoy the process, then don’t worry. We got you covered!

In this article, we are going to spill the tea and share with you why you need video interviewing software like ours to automate your employee assessments.

How long does it usually take you to assess your employees? 2 weeks? A month? A year? If you’ve been struggling to automate these pesky and time-consuming processes, then it would be wise to make our video interviewing software your friend.

In only seconds, you can set up and conduct performance reviews through videos, so you can capture real performance and identify skill gaps. Our video interviewing software can help you automate your employee assessments, and cut down the process by an unbelievable 90%! All you have to do is pre-set the assessment questions in advance and send them out to your employees in one click. Then, sit back and shift your focus to other tasks.

It goes without saying that unconscious bias can severely distort performance reviews. One of the most common forms of performance review bias, is the recency and spillover bias. This occurs when managers assess their employees based on their most recent performance, completely neglecting their past performance records.

With video interviewing software like ours, managers can keep a record of all their performance reviews in one centralized database. With this database, they can instantly identify skills gaps and track performance progress. Managers can also use their model answer as a benchmark when comparing answers, and get a relevancy percentage that dictates how well their team performed in their employee assessments.

Did you ever feel like no matter how many times you assess your employees; you can’t seem to get the best insights? It’s quite natural to feel that way when your assessment methods are outdated. With our video interviewing software, you can get in-depth personality insights than can help you learn more about your employees in a matter of minutes.

From their video assessments alone, you can unravel various personality traits and insights that can make the performance review a breeze! You can instantly spot which of your employees work great with customers, their preferred learning or communication style, their programming aptitude, and other behavioral traits that are hard to extract from paper alone.

Let’s face it. Not all employees get excited for performance reviews. Employee assessments can be a frightening experience, and almost every employee gets anxious about getting sacked. With video interviewing software, this atmosphere of high anxiety and stress seizes to exist.

Employees can take the assessment from a comfortable setting of their choice, and at a time that suits them best. Perhaps it’s from their own couch when their kids are napping, or straight after a relaxing meditation class. With our video interviewing software you can also give your employees all the time they need to properly prepare themselves for their employee assessments.

By simply specifying the number of retakes allowed, you can give your employees the chance to retake their videos if they feel like they didn’t do so well the first time. Such as if a school bus was honking in the neighborhood, their kids were running around in the background, or they accidently slipped off the chair (it happens).

Therefore, this helps your employees feel more relaxed and comfortable during their video assessments and instills a memorable applicant experience!


Video interviewing software transforms employee assessments from a nerve wrecking experience, to a smooth and automated one. From making the process incredibly faster, reducing unconscious bias, unraveling accurate insights to instill a memorable journey – video interviewing software can help you measure performance in detail and upskill the entire workforce with ease!

By engaging your team with an easy-to-use software, you can heroically steer your business towards greater success, and ensure your team delivers outstanding work, every day.

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Join the hundreds of companies who are already hiring successfully with our award-winning hiring platform.
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