Hiring Tools: Use This Excellent Email Template For Global Hiring

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HR professionals and hiring managers should know the value of connecting and hiring diverse candidates. The days of communicating with potential candidates over phone calls and writing each email on its own are long gone. Email templates sent through hiring tools have become a necessary communication tool, particularly with global hiring.

Having bilingual employees will certainly benefit the company and your connections.

Bilingual employees are effective at multitasking and have outstanding communication abilities. Many people prefer to communicate or do business with companies that are familiar with their language rather than being constrained by language barriers. These bilingual employees also understand the culture of their country, which is advantageous when working with international clients.

Also, did you know that our hiring tools are designed to attract bilingual candidates? This way, we motivate candidates from all over the globe to apply and be a part of our team!

So, if you’re using hiring tools to find bilingual candidates, use this template to reach out and save time on sending informative, professional, and engaging emails.

Where and how to find bilingual candidates?

Using hiring tools to connect with global candidates

Finding multilingual candidates may be difficult, especially if recruiters are unfamiliar with this type of global recruiting. It’s challenging but not impossible! Recruiters can find bilingual candidates by contacting:

  • Companies that provide translation services
  • Career services offices in universities
  • Offices that deal with immigrants
  • Leaders of expat gatherings or other events

You can also use social media to find bilingual individuals and promote your job vacancies (e.g., to a relevant Facebook group or LinkedIn). Remember to include language proficiency in the job description!

How to write an effective recruiting email to bilingual candidates?

recruiting bilingual candidates on hiring tools

When seeking bilingual candidates, check if your email has all the elements that will attract and motivate a candidate to apply to your company. Keep in mind that your goal is to grow and expand globally!

First, explain how you found them and why you contacted them — you do not want to come off as suspicious. Following that, write briefly about the requirements and responsibilities of the job. Include all the benefits candidates will have (e.g., training, college tuition assistance, travel reimbursement, insurance) before sending it through hiring tools.

Also, ensure you include relevant information such as your name, firm, and contact information before adding and sending it using hiring tools. If this is an EU candidate, add a link to the privacy notice required by the GDPR.

Recruiting bilingual candidates email template to use through hiring tools

Subject line: Interested in joining the (company’s name) team? / (company’s name) is hiring!

Hi / Dear (candidate’s name),

My name is (your name), the (job title) at (company’s name]. I found your profile on (website or social media app e.g., LinkedIn) and I was impressed with (achievements, experience, skills).

We are currently on the lookout for someone with your skillset, and we have an opening for a (job title / add link to the job description.) We are looking for someone to (mention the main role).

Your language skills along with your (experience/skills) would be great assets to our team. At (company’s name), we offer plenty of benefits. Our benefits package includes (mention benefits).

I’d love to connect to tell you a little more about this position, get to know and also learn about your career goals. Are you available (date and time)? If so, I’d be glad to schedule a call.


Bottom line

By using this excellent email template you can effortlessly lure in top talent and boost your diversity and inclusion efforts. Not only that, but with the proper hiring tools, you can streamline your hiring process, attract bilingual candidates and build a diverse workforce fast, without the hassle.

EVA-REC is a hiring tool that automates and improves the hiring process through next-generation AI technology. Small businesses to industry leaders rely on hiring tools such as EVA-REC to find and recruit diverse workforces.

Did you find this email template helpful? For more email templates and HR resources, visit our HR resources blog where you will find a vast range of useful advice, tips, and resources for you and your HR team! And if you’d like to see our award-winning hiring platform in action, book a free one-on-one demo here!

Hire and recruit a diverse team today

Attract and source diverse candidates, automate manual tasks and streamline the hiring process effortlessly with our award-winning hiring tools.
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